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Celeb Hairdresser Ken Paves: Hair Notes


Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves 2005 All Rights Reserved

Like a fascinating insect species I have been studying celeb hairdresser Ken Paves for many years under my own personal microscope.

While I don't have a problem once I get this fascinating hairdresser in my sites, my biggest problem is catching up with him so that I can study him.

I have often teased him and told him that someday I want to shrink myself and hide in his coat pocket so I could travel everywhere with him and watch everything he does when he works with his celebrity clients.

Luckily I have managed to book time for multiple days watching him coif Jessica Simpson and some of the people on the HairDo video shoot in April of 2006.

I have been keeping a scrapbook of Ken Paves tidbits over the years and listed below are several things you may or may not know about Ken Paves:

1. Ken was born in New Baltimore a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. 2. The youngest of three sons born to Helen and Gary Paves. 3. Born under the astrological sign of Leo with a Libra rising sign as per his birth certificate time provided by his wonderful mom to me. 4. Had a natural gift for working with hair and beauty. Starting helping give his mom Helen Toni Home Perms when he was less than 10 years old. 5. Grew up in the snow shoe friendly part of the US where he developed a lot for the outdoors. 6. Favored plaid flannel shirts and fur boots as a young man. 7. Dreamed of being a special education teacher to help young children with hearing and related disabilities. 8. Gary, his father, helped Ken decide to be a hairdresser rather than a teacher. 9. Ken went to beauty school near Detroit, Michigan. 10. Ken's mother Helen was his model for his boards. As a result, he had to give her some men's haircuts for the test. He felt bad about it but Helen laughed it off. 11. Ken believes that one of the best perks of his job is "working with beautiful women". 12. Wanting to work in an "uptown" salon upon graduation from beauty school, Ken had a case of stage fright and hovered outside the door of the first salon he applied to with his mom urging him forward via Ken's cell phone. Ken was rejected for his first job but his mom would not let him give up. 13. He not only won a position at the 2nd salon he applied with (his mom still rooting him on via Ken's cell) but he was hand picked to the the salon owner's assistant. 14. Ken does not do men's hair, other than his own or family members, except in rare cases when asked as a special favor. "You know, I do get -- I do get requests for men. I did I think the cover of "Talk" magazine with Benicio Del Toro. But men do have -- there's special people that do men's grooming, where they do light makeup and men's hair styling".

Ken has cut the hair of Marc Anthony (husband of Jennifer Lopez), as a special favor on the evening of November 30, 2006. He also cut Nick Lachey's hair when he was married to Jessica on a special favor basis but not regularly.

15. Ken does not do hair color except his own and his mother's. 16. All of Ken's hair designs are rooted in fashion and from his work in Europe, New York and Florida where he worked with big name fashion designer's, creating hair for their shows. 17. The most important factor for Ken when he works with his celebrities is to start with "their idea" of what they want to project. He factors in their feelings, desires and ultimate hair goals.

"Just like when you have your hair done, it's so important to be comfortable and feel like you. So I don't try to impose myself too much on them. I try to take what they feel most confident about with themselves, or what they like the most, and then I, you know, influence it with my work". "I don't like to follow trends, because I think trends come and go. I like to make sure that the woman, most importantly, feels really beautiful, really sexy and really radiant. Sexy is good". 18. Contrary to media reports, Ken has never created the range of blonde or brunette hues worn by the Simpson Sisters. While he publicly declared his pride over Ashlee's "going brunette from a box" he did not actually color her hair. 19. While still working in the Detroit area Ken decided he wanted he "wanted to work for the very best celebrity hairdresser" in the United States as their assistant. Ultimately his goal was to be a celebrity hairdresser. 20. Ken researched extensively before settling on the name of The Celebrity Hairdresser (TCH) he wished to work for in New York City. 21. When Ken heard that the famous hairdresser was opening a salon in the Miami area Ken aggressively campaigned for the job. 22. It took a huge box of Valentine's candy with his resume attached to finally get the attention of the famous hairdresser which ultimately won him a position with the new salon in Florida. 23. After moving from Michigan to Florida Ken found himself in a brand new salon with no clients and few prospects. He hit the streets to drum up business. 24. Ken called all the modeling agencies in Miami and offered to do hair for the fashion shows. Ultimately he developed a great reputation for doing runway hair. 25. Ken worked with many designers include Betsey Johnson. 26. Without clients or work, Ken was struggling to pay his rent and hit upon a plan to spend his nights doing the hair of exotic dancers at the famous Miami clubs. 27. Ken built up a very loyal following of dancers whose business helped him eat and pay his rent. He became close friends with many of the dancers. 28. One fateful day a few of his regular clients roller skated into his salon in spectacular short outfits and caught the attention of TCH who had not paid any attention to Ken during his tenure at the Florida Salon. 29. The visitation of the roller skating glamazons melted the ice with the celebrity hairdresser who began accompanying Ken to the clubs to do fabulous night club hair. 30. From that fateful roller skating induced introduction Ken was ultimately elevated to the role of assistant to the famous celebrity hairstylist. 31. Ultimately Ken was sent to New York to assist TCH.

31. Ken is famous for being late and for sometimes missing appointments due to unforseen circumstances. In response to this well-documented quirk, actress Kim Cattrell, when Ken did her hair for a past award show made him sign a binding contract that he would not miss her hair appointment and would not be late. It also stipulated that he could only work on her hair for that awards show. 32. In the Spring of 2006 he did the hair of the wife of a famous billionaire and was had "stage fright" even though he had done the hair of some of the most famous women in the world. Ken never publicized the name of the wife to protect her privacy. 33. Ken also did the hair of the wife of a famous sports figure during a publicized legal entanglement. Again, he did not make that information public to honor his client's privacy. 34. His favorite hair care product lines include Phyto, Rene Furterer, Kerastase and his own line, Paves Professional Products. 24. One of his long term clients, Victoria Principle, introduced Ken to Oprah Winfrey for audience make-over shows. 35. Ken and Rita Hazan have done a series of audience makeovers since 2002. 36. To raise money for charity, Ken and Rita also did the hair of many of the Oprah producers. 37.Paulina Rubio loves the essential oils and aroma of the Paves Professional Hair care line that Ken had it made into a special fragrance just for her. 38.Ken loves board games and played Scrabble with Jennifer Lopez on the set of The Wedding Planner as her hairdresser. 39. Ken had a brief cameo appearance in The Wedding Planner. 40. He calls Jennifer Lopez "Jennifer" and never JLo. 41. When Jennifer was with Ben Affleck he was invited over to their house to "watch movies and eat popcorn". 42. One of his favorite Christmas cards was from The Dixie Chicks which he received in 2002.


Ken also advises people to consider not washing your hair daily, or washing at night and air drying to avoid damage and drying that can come from excessive washing and blow drying. For more information on Ken Paves, his namesake salon, and products, call 1-866-469-4247.

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