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9 Types Of Hair Limbo

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Introduction – 9 Types Of Hair Limbo

GinaMarie Zimmerman - Long Blonde Hair Extensions - CBS - Big Brother 15

Long Blonde Hair Extensions GinaMarie Zimmerman Big Brother 15 All Rights Reserved CBS

Although Limbo is not an official doctrine of the Catholic Church or any other Christian denomination, theologians from medieval times loosely defined Limbo as a temporary state a soul might enter before being green lighted into heaven or hell.

Believe it or not, many people experience their own form of Limbo when it comes to their hair challenges.

There are 9 types of hair limbo many people may experience at some time in their life.

Although there is not a historic or official term for hair limbo, in general, it means a time when your hair is on the edge of heaven and hell.

Hair Fringe – A Type Of Hair Limbo

A good example of a type of hair limbo is the forehead fringe.

When a fringe is first snipped into place, cut correctly it can snuggle perfectly against the forehead and fall in beautiful harmony with the eyebrows.

When a fringe grows past a certain point it is on the edge right before it extends to the point where it becomes a type of bang hell. The fringe may take on a life all its own and become increasingly difficult to control.

During the time the fringe is in hair limbo, hard decisions must be made regarding whether to have them trimmed or suffer the hair hell of growing them out.

Long Fringe Hair Limbo - When Hair Bangs Grow Out

Hair Image Courtesy Of Schwarzkopf All Rights Reserved 06-09-13

Growing out a long fringe to the point where it merges with the rest of the hair can literally take many months.

List Of Hair Limbo Situations

Although I’m sure there many hair limbo situations besides the fringe limbo, listed below are some of the most common:

1. Hair color limbo – When gorgeous custom created hair color grows out to the point where the roots are just days away from sliding into the bad root re-growth zone.

There’s always that limbo time when the roots progress from borderline to over-the-top bad.

The key is to figure out when the roots have passed out of limbo into hard core hair color hell.

2. Chemical straightening and/or relaxing limbo – Bone straight chemically treated strands offer many with natural textures a temporary vacation from constant hair challenges.

Hair limbo may begin when the chemicals begin to wear off and hair starts to bend, pouf or spasm out of control.

The limbo progresses to hair hell when mostly straight strands are encroached upon by a halo of frizzy, curly, coily or kinky roots.

Long Curled Hair Extensions - GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15 - CBS

Long Curled Hair Extensions GinaMarie Zimmer Big Brother 15 All Rights Reserved CBS

3. Growing out a horrible hair cut – From the moment anyone sees a horrible hair cut in the mirror they’ve most likely entered into their own hair limbo.

Whether someone is trying to grow out a bad haircut, grow out an awkward length or just grow their hair longer, it can be a frustrating time.

While it’s always possible to exit from bad haircut hair limbo by shaving all the hair off or investing in fusion or clip-in extensions, there are limited options.

Usually, the best option is patience and a box full of hair accessories which can help with the awkward growth stages.

4.When fusion extensions are getting stranded – Even when fusion style hair extensions are meticulously maintained, there’s always the hair limbo moment when the bonds start to fail.

Even the biggest celebrities such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson haves suffered through the embarrassment of leaving behind a trail of falling strands.

The key with hair extensions is to figure out the best way to maintain them so they last as long as possible without slipping into a type of hair hell.

5. Transitioning to natural texture – This happens for some people who decide to embrace their natural hair texture.

Whether this means learning to embrace natural curls, coils or kinks, the transition time can be an ongoing hair limbo.

Long Straight Side-Parted Blonde Hair Extensions

Long Straight Side-Parted Blonde Hair Extensions GinaMarie Zimmer Big Brother 15 All Rights Reserved CBS

For some, hair limbo may even feel like a type of hair hell, until the transition period settles in and a new care system is established.

6. Going gray – Some people decide to embrace their gray, silver or white strands and stop coloring their hair as a result. They may go through hair limbo as their natural color grows in gradually from the roots.

The gray hair limbo can be challenging for some people since the gray growing in at the roots may be a long and tedious process.

For most people, their hair grows 1/2 inch per month. Gray hair may also grow in with a rainbow of colors rather than just one primary hue.

Some people decide to speed up the gray hair transition by asking their hairdresser to color their hair a shade which blend with the incoming gray.

Others decide to hang in there and just patiently wait it out.

7. End of hair product life cycle – If you’ve ever found yourself hoarding bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, or hair dye you know what I’m talking about. I went through this myself when my beloved ARTec products started to disappear after the company was purchased by L’Oreal.

The actual period of hair limbo may begin when every last drop of the hoarded hair product is gone. At that point the long and challenging process of finding a substitute product begins.

Sadly, due to the long economic downturn which has been occurring for the past few years, many hair care products are no longer manufactured with the same quality or mix of ingredients.

Britney Spears With Long Blonde Fusion Style Hair Extensions

Britney Spears With Long Blonde Fusion Style Hair Extensions All Rights Reserved

As a result, some people may find themselves in an extended hair limbo while searching for replacement lines.

8. Hair loss – Whether hair loss begins gradually over time or happens overnight, there is a period of limbo when the causes and solutions are being sought.

Hair loss can occur due to a wide number of reasons ranging from aging or hormones to chemotherapy, thyroid disease, or drug side effects.

There may or may not be an instant or easy cure. During the time a solution is being sought, the hair is definitely in limbo.

9. Recovering from hair damage – There are many reasons why hair becomes damaged.

Once it happens, there are limited options ranging from having all of the damage removed to undergoing intensive conditioning treatments.

Damaged hair may be in a limbo state for months or even longer as the strands slowly heal and recover.


Limbo can also be defined as a status where something is held up or and nothing can be done until another action happens.

Hair limbo is a temporary state many people may experience during different times when their hair is transitioning from one situation to another.

Original Publication Date: 07/03/13 – Revised Publication Date: 07/04/13

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Bangs – The Straight Scoop

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Introduction – Bangs – The Straight Scoop

Geena Davis With Sleek Side-Swept Bangs

Geena Davis DC Media All Rights Reserved

Most people prefer to wear their bangs super sleek, smooth and straight.

There’s nothing worse than having bangs “do their own” thing by forming fat waves, crazy curls or wings.

I know better than anyone since I have naturally curly and wavy hair. Before I learned how to successfully straighten my bangs I struggled with taping them to my forehead. I even tried setting them on large rollers to smooth out the waves.

Eventually I got the hang of it and now I always have wave-free bangs.

Of course there are a lot of other bang problems I can think of ranging from when they are unevenly cut, too short or limp.

More Info: To see more hairstyles for Geena Davis visit her Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery

Geena Davis – THE OSCARS® (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

While it’s always a great idea to address all the known bang problems in the universe, the goal of this article is to discuss getting bangs straight.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair it doesn’t mean that you have to forego bangs. To the contrary. It just means that you have to plan for perfection.

Oscar and Golden Globe winner Geena Davis has naturally curly hair. This does not prevent her from wearing bangs on a regular basis. She loves side swept bangs (as shown) which enhance her beautiful eyes and facial features.

Start With A Good Cut

The first part of the perfectly straight bang equation is getting a great cut from your hairdresser.

Of course you can try cutting your own bangs yourself but if you have heavily textured hair (natural curls, waves or combo) or cowlicks and swirls, I’d recommend you entrust your challenging fringe hair to a hair expert.

Maybe you can get some good tips from your hairdresser about how to maintain your bangs long term, but initially start with a professional trim.

More Info: Hair Tips: Trim Your Own Bangs

For curly and/or wavy hair it’s important to remember that the bangs must be cut long enough to allow for curl and wave shrinkage. This is true for the entire hairstyle but even more true for the bang area. Remember hair does shrink, even more so when the texture is naturally curly or wavy.

Geena Davis With Deep Side Part & Side Swept Bangs

Geena Davis DC Media All Rights Reserved

If bang hair decides to ultimately curl or wave it can make the bang area look out of kilter.

Once you decide whether you’re opting for blunt bangs, baby bangs, side-swept bangs or some other variation, you’re on your way to styling them straight.

If you have natural cowlicks, be sure to explain this to your hairdresser so they can maneuver their scissors properly to weigh down the swirls with top hair. If that’s not possible, don’t despair there are more tricks to come.

Styling Bangs For Stick Straight Results

Once you have a great haircut to naturally control your texture complete the following steps to achieve stick straight bang results:

1. Shampoo Appropriately

Cleanse your detangled hair in lukewarm water with your normal product designed for your hair type, texture, current condition or other conditions.

If your hair is chemically treated, damaged or excessively dry, select a product to address these conditions. If you prefer, use a dilution or conditioner only method of washing.

Geena Davis With Side-Swept Slightly Wavy Fringe

Geena Davis DC Media All Rights Reserved

2. Conditioning Treatments

Rinse shampoo products completely from your strands. If your hair is fine or thin, apply a diluted version of a rinse-out conditioner to your bang area.

If your hair is medium to thick in texture, you may either apply a diluted rinse-out conditioner or go with a full strength formulation.

3. Rinse Well

Rinse all leave-in conditioners from your hair. Make sure that no product remains which can make hair limp or flat.

4. Cool/Cold Water Blast

Whether you rinse your entire head with cool/cold water or not, try to do so for your bang area which will help to close the cuticle and seal the conditioning properties.

It also helps to build in shine.

5. Towel Blot

Once you have completed your final rinse, blot hair with a water absorbent towel.

6. Bang Product Cocktail

Once you have towel blotted completely, apply an appropriate hair product cocktail that might consist of a light leave-in conditioner and detangler and/or a straightening balm or defrisant product.

7. Separate Bang Strands

Geena Davis With Brushed Back Fringe

Geena Davis DC Media All Rights Reserved

Blow dry the bang area first before working on the rest of the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to separate the bang hair into 1 1/2 to 2 inch sections.

Starting at the roots, use fingers to pull band strands straight. Direct blow dryer air down the hair shaft from the roots to the ends of the bang.

If desired use a small 100% boar’s head flat paddle or natural round brush to help straighten. For extra volume at the roots, apply a volume enhancing styling product before you begin to blow dry.

8. Continue Until Finished

Working from side to side of the bang area, continue to blow dry until the bangs are 100% dry.

9. To The Finish Line

Once bangs are completely dry and stick straight, blow dry the rest of your hair. Apply a light hairspray to the bangs and the rest of the hair. Use only a small amount of styling products on the bang area which may tend to easily attract oil and grease.

If you decide you wish to add a slight shine to your bang area, add a dab of Rene Furterer’s Spray Gloss or similar to the palms of your hands. Rub it in well and then lightly swipe the palms of your hands over the top of your bang area.

Remember some gloss products can attract dirt and oil if too much is used. So only use a teeny amount.

Other Bang Straightening Tips

Geena Davis With Wavy Side Swept Bangs

Geena Davis DC All Rights Reserved

Bangs cut to enhance your face shape and in harmony with your hair’s type, texture and condition, can be wonderful. However, there can be drawbacks in other areas.

If you wish to accentuate your eyes, wear bangs which are cut just to the brow line in order to draw instant attention to your peepers.

If you wish to accentuate your nose have them cut into super thick bangs which aren’t too long.


Nothing is worse than bangs which take flight and land with wings, flips, dips, massive curls, frizz or similar bang nightmares.

To get stick straight bangs which look sleek and elegant, start with a great hair cut, the right styling products, a blow dry and some practice.

You’ll get the straight scoop in no time.

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Clip In Bangs: Celebrity Bang Hairstyles

Saturday, February 6th, 2010


Katy Perry At Premiere of ‘This Is It’
Los Angeles 10-27-09 All Rights Reserved.

Bangs, also known as fringes in Europe, come and go into hair fashion with predictable regularity along with the regular cycles of long, short, straight and curly tresses.

While bangs and fringes can be glorious when they are first created, once they grow to a certain point past the eyebrows, there is a do or die situation.

Do you trim the bangs and continue to rock them or are you tired of them and want them to die off as they continue to grow down towards the bottom of your nose?

Even worse, if you decide to let your bangs die a graceful death, there is no such thing as instant fringe grow out. It is usually a long and annoying process.

Yes there are many ways to grow out a fringe without losing your mind but an even better plan is to not cut them in the first place.

What to do when you crave bangs? Reach for the latest in clip-in hair technologies, clip on bangs.

A few years ago only celebrities with a highly skilled hairdresser on their speed dial could instantly add or erase bangs through fusion or custom created clip-in fringe style extensions.

52nd Annual Grammy Awards Arrivals Katy Perry
01-31-10 All Rights Reserved.

Celebrity hairdressers have been minimizing the pain for their celeb clients by instantly adding and subtracting bangs.

Clip-in hair technologies have advanced so rapidly over the last few years that clip-in bangs are impossible to detect, can be gently heat styled in many cases (depending on the type of human hair hair utilized) and can offer a quick bang trial run.

If you don’t like yourself in clip-in bangs, you probably won’t like fusion bang extensions either. Plus fusion bang extensions can be more challenging to apply by yourself.

The beauty of clip-in fringes is that many hair consumers can pop them in all by themselves for an instant no-muss, no-fuss fringe.

Since they can be styled you can play with a Katy Perry blunt fringe or a Lady Gaga style side-swept bang.

Although several hair companies now make clip-in bang systems ranging from human hair to synthetic.

Lady Gaga All Rights Reserved.

Consider some of the following bang growing tricks:

1. If you have bangs shorter in the center than at the sides, wait until you can pull the center strands below your eyelashes.  Then get a teeny tiny trim (1/16th of an inch) to even out all of the fringe hair to the same approximate length.

Keep in mind that bangs which are all one length will be easier to manage as they grow out.

2. Use hair accessories to help you manage your unruly fringe pieces. Adjustable elastic headbands or ones with teeth which allow you to place the band at various positions adjacent to your hairline.   You can position headbands from right at the hairline to midway back, which allows you to control renegade strands.

Experiment with matching baby barrettes which will clip rebellious strands up and off your forehead.

3. Play with hair paste, gel, molding mud or wax to smooth fringe hair out of your eyes.  Use styling products to direct hair to one side or back from the forehead towards the crown area.

Start with a small amount of styling product and experiment. Add more if appropriate.

Lady Gaga All Rights Reserved.

4. Separate the bang hair into individual one inch sections. Twist each section clockwise and then click back off the forehead with a small claw clip, bobby pin or tiny alligator clip. Create an evenly spaced row along the front of your hairline for an edgy look. No one will even know you’re growing out your bangs.

5. Experiment with different parts to control the bang hair as it grows. Start with a middle part and clip the hair back on either side. Or play with side parts that allow you to sweep the hair and clip it to the side.

6. Braid the bang area when it is damp. Create a side part and then tightly French braid across the hairline near the forehead. Mix in longer strands from the sides to control the braid. Tie off the end of the braid with a lovely ponytail elastic, clip or barrette.

7. Use a clip on braid worn right at the headline to hold bangs straight back.

8. Backcomb bangs into a mini-quiff. Use a good setting or volumizing spray and a rat tail comb. Tease or back comb the bangs to get lift. Direct the quiff up and off your face. Use a great hairspray for great hold.

9. Wear creative headgear. Throw on a baseball cap worn backwards as a statement. Try on a cool beret, cowboy hat or newsboy to hide your straggly fringe.

10. Use bobby pins to secure your bangs up and off your forehead. Add one of the silk ribbon headbands worn right at the hairline and over the pinned strands. You will be at the height of hair accessory fashion and will have a beautiful fringe, all in one simple action.

Gradual Bang Recovery

Los Angeles Premiere of ‘This Is It’  Katy Perry
10-27-09 All Rights Reserved.

One trick that many hairstylists use with their bang challenged clients is to help them grow their bangs out in stages rather than going cold turkey.

Instead of having their hair clients grow the entire bang area out at once, hair stylists will separate the fringe hair into two different horizontal sections.  The top section is allowed to grow out with the use of hair clips and other accessories.

Meanwhile, the bottom section of the bangs are trimmed so it stays static just above the eyes.

When the top section is completely merged into the rest of the hair, the bottom section of the bangs are grown out in a similar fashion as the top section.

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Best Blow Drying Tips

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006


Best Blow Drying Tips

Image Courtesy Of

I’m not a big fan of blow drying or hot hair styling because of the potential long term hair damage to delicate strands.


Not everyone feels the same way I do or has to worry about heat damage.

Sometimes, especially if performed in moderation while using the best products and techniques, a blow-dry is a perfectly acceptable way to style hair at home.

A great blow out starts with the very best wet washing techniques, products and post-wash hair care.

Know your hair type, texture, current condition and styling goals. Address those issues appropriately to pave the way for the very best possible blow-dry at home.

It’s very important to start with the very best hair styling products and tools which includes, but isn’t limited to:

1. Best shampoo, conditioner and styling products for your hair type, texture and condition.

2. Depending upon your hair type, texture, condition and styling goals, your ideal blow dryer should offer a range of 1,800 – 2,000 wattage settings. 

When it comes to selecting blow dryers, it’s about the motor and not about the wattage. Most people don’t need major wattage or they may risk burning their hair.

What does ceramic, ionic, tourmaline features provide?

Ceramic dryers have been finely tuned to emit an infrared heat which is as non-damaging on the hair as possible.  Ions help charge the hair and provides a faster blow dry.

A hairdryer with tourmaline features, like ceramic dryers, emit an infrared heat providing a more gentle heat source on the hair which results in a shiner and less frizzy overall hair finish.

Volumizing For Maximum Fullness

Blow dry hair by directing airflow up the hair shaft on the sides and in the back to create maximum volume.

Always allow hair to completely cool to let the desired style, shape and body completely set.

Good hair looks good no matter what.

Creating Straight To Curly And From Curly To Straight

Getting hair straight and keeping it straight is important.

Use styling products, but don’t over do it.

Use shine serum with silicone sparingly.  Shine serum can be especially beneficial during in hot summer months to assist with keeping hair straight.  I’s a great benefit for adding shimmer and shine.

From Straight To Very Curly Hair 

Use a small round brush throughout the head. Wrap hair in self-adhesive rollers.

Triangulations Collection Short Season Collection From Zano Salons Hair Collection

Photographs by Gary Trantasel All Rights Reserved Zano Salons & Spas

If you wish to extend the life of your blow out, remember to sleep on a satin or silk pillow case.

Spot correct oiliness with a tiny dab of dry shampoo


To achieve the best blow drying experience at home it’s important to be realistic.

Of course it’s definitely possible to achieve near-salon results at home.  However, please keep in mind that blow-dry salon experts have lots of secret professional tips they utilize.

Besides their blow-dry industry secrets, if they do a lot of daily blow-drying (or did before the 2020 Pandemic), they have some serious shoulder, upper arm and wrist strength.

Most non-hair professionals have no idea how much hard work it is to do lots of daily blow outs on clients. Never mind standing on your feet.  Practice really does make perfect.


If at first you don’t achieve the hair blow-out of your dreams, be willing to practice, practice, practice.

If you have some snags and can’t seem to ever achieve your perfect at-home blow-dry, then ask your professional stylist or dry bar expert to share some of their tips for the very best results.

If you’re a regular customer, chances are good they will spill some of their blow drying secrets.

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Hairpins: History & Practical Application

Sunday, June 15th, 2003


Linda Levinson Swarovski White Diamond Crystal Bobby Pin Hand Crafted Silver Bobby All Rights Reserved.

Most of us take hairpins for granted since they have been around forever.

Recently someone asked me to create a description for a hairpin and I had to stop and think about how to describe this common hair tool that has been around since the very beginning of any hair accessories.

So what is a hairpin? They are not as simple to describe as you might suppose. Historically the term hairpin could be used to reference a one or two point pin ornament.

One Point Hairpins

Modern hair sticks that consist of one long stem or cylinder that ends in a point at one end in an ornament or knob on the other end was known throughout history as a one point hairpin. The unadorned pins might end in a sharp or very soft point, depending on the overall design of the sticks.

The single stemmed hairpin was in existence in early Greek, Roman and Egyptian times although some anthropologists believe that even the very earliest cave dwellers used everything from thorns, sticks, bones and stone to fashion crude hair pins.

The point hair pins have been documented as being worn in China in the earliest days of the Chinese empire. The single stem hairpins from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries were elaborately adorned with flowers, animals, artistic figures or even versions of human heads made into miniature busts. The pins were worn both to help anchor hair into place as well as to add decoration.

Mei Fe Ariana HairStyx Hand Crafted Hairpins/Hair Sticks All Rights Reserved.

Besides an assortment of end adornments, the actual pin stems were made of a wide variety of materials ranging from wood, stone, horn, a range of metals and bone. It has been recorded by historians that a wooden hair-pin was found among Roman remains at Uriconium. The London Museum has a collection of Roman hairpins whose stems were made from hand carved bone.

Sticks were used both to hold an elaborate hairstyle in place as well as to decorate it. The Etruscans and Romans were known to adorn their single hairpins with fruit motifs. Anglo-Saxons loved to utilize birds and gemstones with a special fondness for garnets.

Single hairpins from the Orient were longer than the pins favored by the Greeks.

Note: Some of the most beautiful hand crafted hair sticks or single hair pins with decorative toppers are The Mei Fa Hairstyx which were one of the first of its type on the marketplace. There have been lots of copycats but Mei Fa remains the best and most consistent in quality.

Japanese versions were very long and were created without pin head adornments. They were also worn in pairs with the stick’s ends projecting for an impressive distance from opposites of the scalp. Often the pins were crossed in the middle.

A type of hairpin known loosely as a Bodkin was worn during the Renaissance period and was made of gold or silver and richly adorned with diamonds, pearls, emeralds and other gemstones to denote wealth.

Double Point Hairpins

Jane Tran Hair Pin w/Flower Vine Rose Quartz All Rights Reserved.

Unlike the single point hairpin known as a hair stick, the double point hairpin was a U-shaped cylinder that was sharply bent at the head so that the two cylinders or pin pieces extended in a parallel and equal length. The two pin’s pieces, or shanks may or may not touch.

Double point hairpins that have shanks that touch in the middle (as shown below) and at the ends are known in modern times as Bobby pins. Pins that do not touch (as shown to the side) are known as French hairpins, chignons or hair picks.

Double point hairpins originated in very ancient times being recorded in the 3rd and 8th centuries in China.

Similar two prong hairpins were recorded in Korea during the 12th and 14th centuries.

The earliest Chinese and Korean pins were very delicate unlike the modern versions. The ancient pins had thin and fragile shanks. As the double point pins evolved through the ages they became more sturdy with thicker shanks, rounded ends and adornments that were designed to fit at the U shape of the pin.

The earliest pins were made of precious metals such as gold and silver. Some double prong pins were made with wood and bone although metal pins were favored for their ease of bending at the intersection of the pin.

Along with hairpins was the eventual appearance of the Aigrette which first appeared in the 17th century and was popular until well into the late 18th century. It reappeared in the late 19th and early 20th century. Modern day hair barrettes often resemble the Aigrette.

Conair Accessories – Bobby Pins – 60 pc – Silver All Rights Reserved.

The Aigrette was a gold or silver hair ornament that was shaped like an egret plume. Aigrettes were almost entirely set with gemstones and were enameled. It was held in place in the hair by means of a slide or vertical hair pin.

In modern times the two prong pin is very popular and comes in a range of shapes, sizes, colors with a dizzying array of head adornments.

Hairpins remain extremely popular because they not only fasten hair, they instantly decorate it. Korea and China are still the top producers of two prong hairpins worn around the world.

Although some users struggle with the proper use of one pronged hairpins or hairsticks, most people have no problems using the two prong chignon pins, French or bobby hairpins.

Wig Hairpins

Pins that are used to penetrate hairpieces or wigs are often referred to as T-pin or wig hair pins. Hairpins that are designed to penetrate through a wig or thick hairpiece into the head block are designed differently than pins used with human hair.

Wig pins are small and usually have a sharp point at one end to help the pins penetrate the wig piece. They are also usually made of metal that is chrome plated so that they never rust and can remain in the wig while it is being shampooed or styled.

Hairpins In The 40s, 50s & 60s

Back in the era of WW2 hairpins sold for approximately ten cents for a card that held an average of 24 pins if they could be found. During the war hairpins were scarce, along with everything else. The number one problem with pins in the 40s, when they could be acquired, was that they might rust over time.

During the fifties hairstyles were created around ponytails that often utilized bobby pins to help hold back errant stands and bangs that were growing out.

Jeweled Bobby Pin Cara NY Available In Marketplace All Rights Reserved.

Soft curls were also the rage and were created by a nightly ritual of making a head full of pin curls held in place with open hair pins.

It was a known fact that using tight bobby pins to hold pin curls in place could cause creases in the hair. Unfortunately there were no blow dryers back in the 50s and more elaborate styles required sleeping on a head full of curlers help in place by the traditional metal hairpin.

As hair rollers evolved from the small foam rubbers numbers through the brush numbers to large plastic rollers, hair pins and bobby pins were a major hair tool used to hold the rollers in place.

During the 60s, to achieve large bouffant looks, many women endured the torture of sleeping on recycled orange juice cans held in place with giant oversized bobby pins.

Hairpins And Bobby Pins In 2009

Hairpins are more popular then ever. You only need to tune into Sex And The City to see Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie wearing an assortment of bobby and hairpins as part of her latest hairstyles.

In fact, in some episodes, Carrie was spotted in several scenes wearing very obvious bobby pins to anchor her ponytail and in another scene to anchor her half up/half down casual style.

(Shown to the side – Petite Bobbies – decorated double bobby style pins from France Luxe).

Although the one prong hairstick has waned a little in popularity over the past year, two prong chignon pins are sizzling hot.

Decorated two prong French and Bobby pins are also sought after. Not only are they easy to use, they add instant sizzle to just about any hairstyle.

Image of Karen Marie Crystal Heart Chignon Pin/Claw – Smoke & White Diamond Hue All Rights Reserved.

Pearl and jewel encrusted French pins are often utilized to adorn a hot hair twist, knot of updo giving the illusions that tiny pearls and gems are “floating” aimlessly on top of the strands. Austrian crystal and pearl bobby pins are often favored by brides as a way to add a touch of glamour while holding their bridal hairpieces in place.

Hairstylists still favor metal bobby pins to anchor elaborate French twists and updos although often they are used in hues that match the hair color to camouflage their existence as part of the do.

Hairpins have been around since the beginning of time and they will continue to be around for many years to come.

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Hair Mask Spa Secrets: Or How I Became A Banana Head

Saturday, January 26th, 2002



I originally wrote this article back in 2002.

Since that point I’ve received a lot of feedback from people who’ve tried the various banana masks listed below.

I’ve also found copies of the various recipes I originally wrote about more than 15 years ago below, all over the web.

What a great compliment, obviously my banana recipes have been a big hair  hit.

Recipes For Beauty And Hair Conditioning

Since the beginning of time people have concocted various all natural recipes to promote beauty, anti-aging and conditioning for their hair and skin.

Documented skin and hair softening formulas for ancient Egyptians included hippopotamus fat, gazelle dung, writing fluid and ground donkey teeth mixed with honey.

Seriously?  Ground donkey teeth mixed with honey?  Yes. Exactly.

The ancient Romans used finely ground narcissus bulbs, honey mixed with wine to prevent wrinkles and soften the hair.

In the 17th century women slept in special hair and face gloves which were actually made of silk, linen or leather stretched over various creams and oils to iron out skin wrinkles and soften hair.

Modern day beauty spas have adopted their own form of special recipes made with a wide range of fruits, honey and other natural ingredients.

When I visited a spa where they offered me a choice of “custom”, all natural, beauty recipes. I decided to try a few of the treatments with hopes of gleaning enough information about the various ingredients so I could repeat the treatments at home.

My spa beauty consultant was enthusiastic about my request to get the recipes to perform on a regular basis.  She gladly shared all the pertinent treatment details.

Honey & Banana Beauty Benefits


The Egyptians and Romans must have been on the right track with their use of honey in their beauty recipes.

My spa consultant informed me that honey is a fabulous natural moisturizer for hair and skin.

Bananas contain tryptophan, a rich amino acid that is known to be extremely beneficial for hair and skin.

They are chock full of potassium which adds super softening properties to the hair shaft. Along with vitamins A, B, C and E bananas contain rich natural oils and carbohydrates.

All these goodies shore up the natural elasticity of the hair and prevents split ends.

Besides all the softening and beautifying properties bananas smell wonderful.

The aroma of bananas was found to be the most popular aroma in a study published in 1988. The trend continues.

Spas are the only ones that know about the great beauty benefits of bananas.

The Taiwano Indians use heated extract of banana as regular softening scalp treatments.

Banana Hair Mask Recipe


A custom recipe was blended for my hair that included the following ingredients:

1 organic (if not available a regular banana will do) ripened banana
2 tablespoons plain organic yogurt
2 teaspoons organic wheat germ oil
1/4th teaspoon of lecithin
1/8th teaspoon of organic honey
2 teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk
2-4 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

The Ylang Ylang essential is used to give a special relaxing and soothing effect.

Not only does this magnificent oil calm emotions and soothe raw nerves, it is famous as a softening agent for the hair and scalp.

My spa beauty consultant explained that she buys all of her organic banana products at the local health food market when possible.

If you’re not able to find organic products or buy from a health food, you can still try this great honey/banana recipe with normal grocery store products.

Using a high speed blender the consultant mixed the ingredients until they were the consistency of a thick fruit drink that had a fabulous sweet aroma.

The consultant told me that she is often tempted to drink the mask mixture for breakfast.

A detoxifying shampoo was applied to my hair to remove any possible product build-up.

It was followed with a warm rinse and a towel blotting.  The thick gooey golden mixture was brushed onto my slightly damp hair with a color application brush that looked like a type of paint brush.

The conditioner was applied one inch from my hair roots down to the very ends of my hair.

Banana & Avocado Facial Mask


My hair was wrapped in a plastic cap and then in a hot towel.

While I was waiting for my “hair to cook” the consultant applied a gentle cleansing facial followed by a

Banana-Avocado Face Mask.

Although I was beginning to feel like a complete banana head, I welcomed the opportunity to try yet another special banana related beauty recipe.

Since I have mild rosacea of my cheeks I wanted to avoid any treatments which might aggravate my skin or cause breakouts.

Even though the spa also offers a couple of different fruit juice mask options (apple, papaya & peach)

The consultant suggested the gentle softening properties of a Banana-Avocado Mask.

Banana Avocado Facial Mask Ingredients

The banana/avocado facial recipe included the following ingredients:

1 small organic (when possible) ripened banana 1 small organic ripened avocado 2 tablespoons plain organic yogurt 2 drops of Vitamin E oil

The banana and avocado were mashed together to form a thick lime green paste. The yogurt was added. The mixture was massaged onto my newly cleaned and steamed damp skin.

The mask was left on my skin for 10 minutes. Although this beauty treatment can be left on up to 25 minutes, because of my sensitive skin, it was decided to minimize my face time.

After the face mask was completely removed and rinsed off, a light moisturizer that is “rosacea friendly” was applied. My skin felt velvety soft and refreshed.

My rosacea was not disturbed and my skin glowed. I later tried this mask on my hair and it was great.

Removing The Hair Mask

Phyto 7

After my facial was finished it was time to remove my hair mask that had been on my hair for close to one hour.

I was told that this mask is wonderful as a regular weekly treatment for severely damaged hair.

If you can stand the drippy messiness this hair mask can even be slept in overnight.

Note: If you wish to sleep in the hair mask apply it at least one hour before bedtime. This will give the mask time to dry on your hair and prevent terminal drippage.

Wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap and be sure to protect your bedding with towels. Shampoo first thing in the morning.

My hair was first rinsed with warm water to remove the mask.

Phytotherathrie’s Phytojojoba shampoo (one of my favorites) was used to shampoo my hair. Phytojojoba is a restoring shampoo. It is perfect for conditioning because it contains nourishing coconut & jojoba oils which restores and fortifies damaged hair. A perfect follow-up for the banana hair mask treatment.

After a complete warm water rinse my hair was sealed with a quick cold water rinse.

After towel blotting my hair, a leave-in conditioner was applied to help detangle and seal in the results of the mask. My hair was braided, while still wet, into a single three strand braid and allowed to air dry.

Banana Beauty Results


After my hair was completely air dried I removed the braid to discover lush, very soft waves with amazing shine. I felt wonderful and my hair and skin looked terrific.

One side effect of all the aromatic banana treatments was a newfound craving for eating bananas. I surrendered to a healthy, but yummy, honey banana after-dinner dessert.

Karen’s Warm Honey
Banana Recipe (For Eating)

1 organic ripened banana honey to taste crushed nuts (pecan, walnuts, almonds, etc.,) cherries and/or raisins optional

Place peeled banana on shallow baking dish. Place in oven pre-heated to 350 degrees for 8-12 minutes. If you prefer you can heat the banana in a microwave oven until warm.

Remove the banana and drizzle with warm honey. Sprinkle with crushed nuts, cherries or other toppings such as coconut.



Karen Marie Shelton’s Hair after Banana Hair Mask

All natural hair and skin recipes can be a wonderful way to treat yourself to a home spa experience.

If you want to avoid the muss and fuss of drippy treatments, head for your local spa for the full treatment.

When you schedule your appointment ask about the spa’s custom beauty recipes for hair and skin. Some spas also offer complete body masks and wraps made with all sorts of exotic ingredients.

When in doubt, Bring Your Own Bananas (BYOB) and the recipes above to enjoy a custom tropical beauty treat.


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