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Caitlin Wachs' Hair: Commander In Chief


Caitlin Wachs (pronounced Wax) is only sixteen years old (March 15, 1989) but she is already a seasoned actress. The beautiful right-off-the-beach blonde currently has one of the most coveted roles on prime time television. She plays First Daughter Rebecca Calloway on the hit series Commander In Chief (CIC) starring Geena Davis.

(Image of Caitlin Wachs - - all rights reserved).

At the tender age of three, Caitlin got her start as little Jeannie Donovan on the famous soap opera, Days Of Our Lives. In 1995 she appeared as Penny Jillette in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and then followed up with a turn as Bridget Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. By the time she was seven Caitlin had landed a recurring role television's prime time series The Profiler which lasted two years.

Her ongoing work in movies has included roles in two of the Air Bud movies as well as a role in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. She is most frequently recognized by fans for her recent work in Family Affair and Inspector Gadget.

(Image of Caitlin Wachs - - all rights reserved).

The beautiful star also appeared in 2005's Kids In America participating in a famous screen kiss with Nicole Richie. Currently the busy teen is working on the film, Mary Worth, due for release in 2006.

As Rebecca, the oldest of two daughters on CIC, the lovely and talented Caitlin breathes energy and life into her character She is very believable as a teenager who is forced to deal with the normal angst ridden teen years, but in full view of the entire world.

(Image of Caitlin Wachs - ABC/Peter "Hopper" Stone - 2005 - all rights reserved)

When not dodging the eagle eyes of her Secret Service handlers, she is wrangling with her parents and siblings as she attempts to sneak in some alone time with her current crush (Matt Barr). And yes, it turns out that her blonde hottie is up to no good, Is it surprising? Not really. How could such a blonde boybabe be anything but a rat?

Since part of the draw of Commander In Chief is the viewers opportunity to peek under the covers into the family dynamics of a President who is also a wife and mom, Caitlin is a wonderful foil.

Not only does she express her displeasure at living 24/7 in a political fishbowl, she easily displays a wide range of emotions that you might expect any teenager to exhibit. She clearly telegraphs her onscreen struggles with the challenges of a working mom, boys, school and just trying to get through the daily challenges of being a teen.

The Hair Behind The Scenes

What most viewers may not realize is that every look worn by all of the characters in the Commander In Chief cast is carefully analyzed and planned out in advance. Each cast member's role in the overall show is carefully evaluated.

(Caitlin Wachs - ABC/Bob D'Amico - all rights reserved).

Once the appropriate "look" of the show is agreed upon, everyone from wardrobe to hair and makeup is responsible for providing a unified appearance for all of the cast.

Famous celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell is a pro at developing the overall hair themes for major television shows and films. Before he signed on as the head hairdresser for Commander In Chief, he held the same position for 2 1/2 Men starring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. For many years Robert has also worked as lead hairdresser on many other award winning top television shows and movies.

For the pilot of Commander In Chief Robert worked closely with the show's brilliant producers to define, design and consolidate all of the hairstyles for the show's characters.

(Caitlin Wachs - ABC/Bob D'Amico - Commander In Chief - all rights reserved).

Robert explained that Caitlin's look had to track with her role as a somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter who spends a lot of time on the show dealing with public school, boyfriends and classmates.

In keeping with her slightly wild and outspoken character, Robert highlighted Caitlin's naturally medium brown locks to show off her beautiful eyes, open up her face and give her a fun beachy look. Explaining that "even though Caitlin's hair is of a medium to fine texture she has tons of hair". He also confirmed that she has natural waves.

Steal Her Look

Because she is a full time high school student on the show, her hair is deliberately coiffed to be more casual and easy, like most similarly aged students would wear their hair.

To recreate Caitlin's long sleek look (shown below) complete the following steps:

STEP 1 Caitlin's hair has been highlighted and colored for years due to a variety of different roles.

(Caitlin Wachs - ABC/Bob D'Amico - Commander In Chief - all rights reserved).

Robert has Caitlin on a regular conditioning program. She uses Robert's love that shine treatment elixer. The rich mix of essential oils with hydrolyzed silk creates a perfect recipe for incredible shine! The product contains honey fruit complex for adding shine and moisture.

To protect bleached, blonde highlighted or colored tresses, start by dousing hair completely with lukewarm water. Keep in mind that hotter temperatures will speed up fading and dry hair even further. Select a super moisturizing shampoo formula like Robert Hallowell's Shine Booster Shampoo which Robert actually uses on Caitlin's tresses.


After one application of shampoo, rinse well. Keep in mind that if shampoo is not completely removed, a soap film will remain on your strands and cause them to be dull or hard to manage.

When you have finished rinsing your strands gently squeeze out any excess water with your fingers. Apply your favorite rinse-out conditioning product. Robert currently uses a small amount of Robert Hallowell's Prawduct - shine booster conditioner on Caitlin's hair because it has a perfect moisturizing balance.

(Image above - LR, Matt Barr, Caitlin Wachs, Commander In Chief - ABC/Peter "Hopper" Stone - all rights reserved).

Be sure to match the product to your hair type, texture and condition. Work the conditioner into the driest parts of your hair. Leave on for up to five minutes. Rinse well. Finish with a cool to cold water rinse.


Towel blot your strands to remove excess drippage. Apply your favorite detangling product or leave-in conditioning product based on your type, texture and current condition of your strands.

Keep in mind that if you have fine or thin strands, you will want to use a very light detangling spray. For medium to thicker strands, use a heavier conditioning product.


To recreate Caitlin's sleek straight style, be sure to either apply a straightening balm like Robert Hallowell's Flat Factor which Robert currently used on Caitlin.

Distribute a dime-sized dollop of the product into the palms of your hands and mix well. Use your fingers to work the product completely through your tresses.


Separate your hair into 2" sections and blow dry with a large paddle or flat brush, starting near the back of the head and working around to the front on either side.

(Image above - Caitlin Wachs, Commander In Chief - ABC/Peter "Hopper" Stone - all rights reserved).

Robert recommends a large paddle style brush because "it allows you to blow dry and straighten a large amount of hair at the same time".

Beginning at the back of your head, blow-dry hair in half-inch pieces using a large round brush. STEP 6

To create a super straight finish, use a hot flat iron to touch up any sections that require a smoother texture.


If desired, spray lightly with the hairspray of your choice. Finish with Robert's love that shine spray. Apply to the palms of your hands and lightly brush across the surface of your hair.


For a different look, follow Caitlin's lead and pull hair to one side for a saucy pony. Or separate into two sections and create a traditional set of pigtails. Add desired hair accessories such as accent clips.


(Tuesday, November 29 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. L to R as shown above: Jasmine Anthony, Caitlin Wachs, Polly Bergen, Geena Davis, Kyle Secor - ABC/Michael Desmond - all rights reserved).

Delivering the most-watched Tuesday drama series debut on any network in the last five years, “Commander In Chief” has remained a strong performer for ABC in one of the most competitive time periods on television. On average, “Commander In Chief” ranksNo. 1 in its hour.

Everything about this show in incredible from the producing and writing to the acting and hairstyles. Caitlin Wachs really shines in her role. Be sure to check out this talented young woman whose acting star continues to sparkle.

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