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Bridget Fonda's Hair: Steal Her Hairstyle


Bridget Fonda 18th Annual International Palm Springs Film Festival Gala Awards 01-06-07 All Rights Reserved.

If you don’t know who actress Bridget Fonda is, just pop into the nearest movie rental store and rent a copy of Single White Female, which was a breakthrough role for the grand-daughter of Henry Fonda, daughter of Peter and niece of Jane.

Bridget was born January 27, 1964 in Los Angeles, California and started her acting career in 1969 as an un-credited child in the world famous Easy Rider film which made her father Peter a world sensation.

She also appeared in an un-credited film in 1982 before getting serious about acting in the late 1980s. From that launching pad she worked hard to develop her career which took off in 1992 as Allison 'Allie' Jones who is stalked by her very scary roommate.

As luck would have it, I actually experienced a Bridget Fonda sighting in Dallas at a Houston's Restaurant on Northwest Highway. Our waitress breathlessly whispered the news that the actress was sitting in a booth in the middle of the restaurant. Sure enough, Bridget, looking gorgeous but very tiny, was nestled into a booth with a group of people.

I must say, she looked beautiful in person, even with minimal make-up and wearing her hair casually pulled into a soft ponytail.

A few years after the Bridget sighting I had the great fortune to became acquainted with celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell who has worked with Bridget throughout the years.

Bridget Fonda 18th Annual International Palm Springs Film Festival Gala Awards 01-06-07 All Rights Reserved.

In fact, Robert reported coiffing Bridget for a special awards show that required an hour long limo ride from LA to Palm Springs for the accomplished performer and her husband, Danny Elfman.

For her appearance at the 18th Annual International Palm Springs Film Festival Gala Awards Robert created a gorgeous and classic hair twist with an elegant sweep of hair extending from Bridget's hairline, up and over her left ear.

The sweep of hair along the side of Bridget's hair captured her gorgeous highlights and added a beautiful finish to the twist nestled in back just below her crown.

Robert noted Bridget's preference for using hair care and styling products which are all natural, like Robert's line of hair care. Her Aunt Jane (Fonda) is also a big fan of using all natural options.

Although Bridget wore her hair up in Robert's gorgeous sweeping twist for the Palm Springs Film Festival, she has worn her hair in a wide range of styles, lengths and textures through the course of her acting career.

She has also morphed through a range of hair colors including brunette, blonde and even flirted with a version of strawberry red.

Bridget Fonda - Hair Texture, Face Shape & Styling Options

Bridget is blessed with a famous acting family as well as high cheekbones that frame her face which is a combination of oval and square shapes. She has well shaped brows as well as a square shaped forehead.

Her hair color currently consists of a rich honey blonde base with strategically placed lighter blonde highlights painted around her hairline to bring out her stunning eyes and open up her face.

Bridget's hair is currently worn longer, below her shoulders, and she alternates her parts creating a range of different styles.

Steal Bridget's Hairstyle

Bridget Fonda 18th Annual International Palm Springs Film Festival Gala Awards 01-06-07 All Rights Reserved.

Although Bridget had access Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell hairdressers for her array of perfectly finished hair styles, with a little time and practice it would be possible to steal her various on and off screen styles.

Follow the steps listed below to recreate Bridget's updo hairstyle:

1. Start by selecting a shampoo with a color safe formula to preserve any gorgeous blonde hues like Bridget's current golden highlighted shades. Otherwise, select a shampoo that works with your current texture, type and condition of hair.

Shampoo product to try: Rene Furterer Okara Repairing Shampoo. The Rene Furterer Okara line has been especially created for chemically treated hair (perms, colors, straightening). The Okara Extract (soy protein) restructures and tonifies the most damaged hair for a long lasting color or vigorous curls.

Other shampoo products to try: Phyto Colored Hair System, and J.F. Lazartigue Micro Pearl Shampoo for Dry hair.

2 Apply a rinse out conditioner that works for your hair's normal texture, type and condition. Consider trying a color co-ordinated mask to intensify your existing color.

Conditioning product to try: Okara Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask

Bridget Fonda Los Angeles Premiere of "Charlotte's Web" 12-10-06 All Rights Reserved.

3. Finish with a cool/cold rinse to close the cuticle and help add natural shine.

4. Towel blot (never rub or rough dry) to remove excess water.

5. Coat damp strands with a customized styling product cocktail containing styling tools such as a defrisant, volume building mousse, gel or other styling products that work best with your hair texture and type.

Anti Frizz products to try:

Rene Furterer Control Emulsion Anti Frizz

Styling products to try: Rene Furterer Anti-Dehydrating Mousse, Robert Hallowell Prawduct - super volumizing tonic - 8.5 oz (250 ml) or Paves Professional FLAWless Red Carpet Firm Hold Repairing Styling Mousse For Dry Damaged Hair.

6. Blow dry using a large round boar's bristle brush (like a Conair Round Brush) for strong, lasting support. Direct the air flow down from the roots towards the end to build in shine and smooth strands. 7. Use fingers to lift tresses at the roots for desired volume and lift.

Danny Elfman & Bridget Fonda World Premiere of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 10-16-06 All Rights Reserved.

8. Use a round brush to lightly roll the ends of the hair under.

9. Finish blow drying with blast of cold air, if possible, which sets the style.

10. Use a tail comb or brush to create the desired part off the hairline.

11. When hair is 100% dry separate one section of hair along the side to form the hair sweep. Clip this section of hair to one side.

12. Using a brush and/or your fingers, direct all the remaining hair back towards the crown. Pull all hair into a ponytail but do not tie off the pony. Instead, hold the base of the pony with your fingers.

13. Take the tail section of the hair that has been pulled into a ponytail and loop it up and over the base (directing hair from left to right), still holding the hair in place with your fingers. Loop the hair over the base once or twice until all of the hair has been pulled into a large loop.

14. Form the loop into the style of twist you desire. You can leave it loose or pull it tighter into a smaller bun. Use bobby pins the same color as your hair and pin around the perimeter of the bun to hold it snugly against the scalp area.

15. If you decide you prefer more height along the sides or the crown, undo the twist and lightly backcomb those sections that would benefit from more fullness. Reposition the hair twist as described in Step #12.

16. Spray the finished hair twist with a firm holding hairspray.

Bridget Fonda Screening of "The Hired Hand" 10-22-03 All Rights Reserved.

17. Take a wide barrel curling iron that is 1 1/2" to 2" in width. Unpin the side strand and use the curling iron to form one large curl. Let the curl cool. Take fingers and gently stretch the new curl from the front of the hairline to the back of the hair twist. Pin the ends of the curl into the bottom of the twist.

The finished look should consist of one large curved strand that gently sweeps from the hairline back to the twist.

18. Apply a small drop of shine serum and lightly brush over the top of the finished style. If you prefer, use a shine spray product and spray into the palms of your hands and then glide over finished style.

Shine Serum Products To Try:

Rene Furterer Spray Gloss which creates a soft mirror like shimmer when sprayed over hair. It also helps enhance hair's texture. Robert Hallowell Prawduct - love that shine drops - 2 oz (60 ml). Robert Hallowell Prawduct - love that shine spray - 4 oz (120 ml) 19. If desired, finish the look with a long lasting hairspray for a silky shine effect.

Hairspray to try:

Rene Furterer Mini Lacque Hairspray - Great hairspray that tucks neatly into any handbag or perfect for travel.

Geena Davis and Jennifer Love Hewitt love Robert Hallowell Prawduct - rawhold hairspray - 8.5 oz (250 ml).

Oprah loves Paves Professional - FLAWless Convertible-Proof Firm Hold Repairing Hair Spray for Dry Damaged Hair.

Other Styling Options

Bridget Fonda Screening of "The Hired Hand" 10-22-03 All Rights Reserved.

Bridget's twisted style offers additional options. If you prefer a more informal look, experiment with scrunching or use different sized hot rollers and break up the finished twist with your fingers or a brush.

Another option includes modifying the updo twist into a half up/half down tumble of texture or wrapped into messy twist with random strands pulled down around the nape of the neck.

1. To create lush waves and curls for the half up/half down style, after hair is completely dry separate it into individual 2" sections and set on medium sized hot rollers, or curl with a medium sized curling iron to add movement to the strands.

2. If curling with a curling iron, after working with each section, roll the newly formed curl with your fingers up towards your scalp and pin into place to allow the curl to cool completely. Work around the entire head until all sections have been curled and pinned to the scalp. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

If curling with hot rollers, let the curlers completely cool before removing. Once all the rollers have been released, let new curls dangle free before styling. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

3. Use your fingers and/or a boar's head brush to lightly break up the curls. Separate hair into two sections, from the ears up and from the ears down. Pull the top section into a soft ponytail with the base nestling just below the crown. Secure with a Bungee or similar elastic in the same color as your hair. Wrap the base with a thin strands of your own hair.

4. Arrange the remaining hair into a soft finished cascade of bouncy waves that terminate into a slight curl at the tips.

Bridget Fonda Screening of "The Hired Hand" 10-22-03 All Rights Reserved.

If desired use a small barrel curling iron to touch up the curls on the ends. Let the curls cool and then tousle lightly with fingers.

If you prefer, skip the half up section and wear your hair brushed into a full sweep on one side of your face, like Bridget at the screening of "The Hired Hand" in 2003 (as shown in photos above and to the side).

Let those newly created curls and waves cascade softly around your shoulders for a sultry style.

Adding HairDo Hair Extensions

If your natural hair is chin length and you want to re-create Bridget's hair twist or wear your cascading around your shoulders, consider adding a HairDo Hair Extension to instantly achieve Bridget's styles.

The HairDo Hair Extensions come in a wide range of colors, lengths and styles (straight, curl, wavy). You can purchase either a synthetic or a human hair version.

Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.

How To Add HairDo Hair Extensions

Follow the directions below to easily add one of the HairDo Clip-in Extensions. All HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts.

HairDo Extensions Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Makeover Shoot April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

1. Wash, dry and style hair as desired with waves, curls or a combination of both to match clip-in hair texture.

2. Using a comb with a long rat tail, create a vertical part just below the crown which extends from temple to temple. Pin the top section of hair up on top of the head with a large salon style clip.

3. Wrap the bottom strands of hair into a secure circular bun as shown to the side.

4. Unclip a few pieces of hair from the top of the head along the section where the hairpiece will clip into the natural hair. Lightly backcomb tresses where the extension is to be clipped into place.

5. Add any of the desired clip-in styles or opt for the 23" long wavy synthetic hair extension from the HairDo Collection attaching it right at the newly created part. The clip-in extension is part of the fabulous collection designed by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson.

6. After the color matched hair extension piece is clipped into place release the hair clipped on top of the head and all the hair to cascade down over the top of the clip-in hairpiece.

7. Use your fingers to carefully arrange and finish the newly created style. You can either pull the newly added clip-in back into Bridget's hair twist, wear it in a half up/down do, or let it cascade around your shoulders.

Note: The Synthetic HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems are available in a variety of color levels. These extensions have been specially processed so that they hold the gorgeous waves. The entire HairDo line is available at


Although Bridget appears to have fallen off the acting radar since her last role in 2002's Snow Queen, she has been focused on her private life, her recent marriage and the birth of her son.

As widely reported by the media, Bridget had a serious car accident in 2003 in Malibu. Shortly after her car incident, which resulted in minor back injuries, Bridget became engaged to award winning composer Danny Elfman who she married in December of 2003.

Bridget and Danny's son, Oliver Henry Milton Elfman was born in January of 2005.

According to media insiders, NBC ordered a TV pilot based on Candace Bushnell's book "Lipstick Jungle" for the 2007-2008 television season that was written with Bridget Fonda in mind. Candace Bushnell wrote Sex and the City.

NBC expects the Lipstick Jungle to be as big a hit as Sex and the City. As of this writing, it appears Bridget Fonda will not be part of the series even though the part of the woman designer was written with her in mind.

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