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Balding Men & The Women Who Love Them


Dear men who have lost or may be losing your hair, this article is for you. If you think that your lack of hair is making you less desirable, please think again.

Over the years I have had the same conversation with many other women about bald or balding men. Our conclusion: your hair does not define you.

My own survey, conducted over a five-year period with women ranging in ages from 17 to 75, yields some startling results.

Here, in order, are some of the attributes we find attractive in men:

Sense of humor Personality Acceptance of self Great eyes Good self-esteem Love to dance and don't worry about how they look doing it Affectionate Will paint your toenails Don't get freaked out over little things Like to cook

In addition women look men who:

  • Keep themselves healthy
  • Aren't afraid to pick up a baby
  • Cleanliness
  • Like pets
  • Remember special dates
  • Good manners
  • Mentally stable
  • Financially stable
  • Hair
  • What kind of car they drive

Men, please note where hair is on the list. Obviously it's pretty far down on the list which shows how unimportant it really is in the grand scheme.

Here's another list for you--these are famous men who are bald or balding (I personally find them irresistible):

Check out their greatest attributes according to my humble opinion:

Famous Balding (or balding Men) Greatest Attributes (per Jane)
Patrick Stewart Mellifluous speaking voice
Sean Connery Sexy accent
Avery Brooks Charm
Jimmy Buffet Music, personality
James Taylor Voice, smile
Montel Williams Great body
Anthony Edwards Cute face
Ed Harris Sex appeal
John Lithgow Funny, tall and handsome
Hector Elizondro Take-charge attitude
Kelsey Grammer Comedic timing

Some of the best-looking men I know are those who are completely at home with themselves--their bodies, their personalities, and their hair.

Their own ease makes me comfortable, and they don't waste time criticizing themselves or others.

No one likes to feel they are not as attractive as they could be--that's why the beauty business is as successful as it is.

I work with a man in his forties who is balding. I've seen pictures of him when he was younger, with beautiful thick, long hair.

He claims he will either get a hair transplant or just shave his head.

(By the way, who doesn't look in the mirror and see their own youthful image; unlined, fit, and with a full head of hair?)

But since I did not know him back then, I see a sweet, funny, attractive man with elfish eyes who has a bald spot in an otherwise good head of hair.

I have another friend who has lost most of his hair, but he is very good-looking and has wonderful green eyes. His wife says she married him for (among other things) his face. He is caring, kind, affectionate, and has a riotous sense of humor.

One of the most handsome man I ever saw in my life worked with me in a large computer company.

We were both writers, and we saw each other often in projects in which we were both involved. We also worked out in the company gym three times a week, so we saw each other in less than ideal conditions.

He was funny, personable, gracious, intelligent, and was in great physical shape. It wasn't until I was getting ready to leave the company that I noticed his hair was thinning! It didn't bother him, and I knew him for months before I even noticed.

I hate to think of all the fantastic men out there who, for the lack of some hair, think they are not attractive.

Forget about hair for a moment--how much else do you have to offer?

I was married for 10 years and recently divorced. Now that I'm up to dating again, believe me--men with good hair is not my highest priority!

If you feel you must get hair transplants, that's certainly your business. But if you think that no women are looking your way before you do, think again.

Often it's the things you take for granted about yourself that others find most attractive in you.

Whenever I hear a man making self-deprecating jokes about his own baldness, I feel sad that it bothers him that much.

I want to throw my arms around him and say, "Please don't run yourself down! It isn't your hair that makes you attractive, it's who you are!" (Bear in mind that I am 40-something, so my values are different than a younger woman's.)

I'm sure that you don't like to hear women run on and on about how fat/thin/lumpy/bumpy/frumpy/dumpy, and so on we feel we are. I've said it before, and I'll go on saying it:

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Men, stop counting hairs. We're out there, watching you, checking you out--and trust me, we don't just look at your head!

Really. I promise.

- Revised Publication Date: 10/07/11

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