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NBC TV's new summer series "Windfall" premiered on Thursday, June 8th at 9 pm. While the show is definitely a fun, fluffy summertime treat, it offers lots of interesting new characters to watch.

My first choice of focus was the lovely Lana Parilla who made her entrance as Nina Schaefer in a short sassy bob hairstyle that showed off her gorgeous features and telegraphed a saucy persona.

The premise of the show is that 19 friends plus a few bizarre strangers, including the pizza delivery lady and a Russian mail order bride, are swirled into a mix where a $386 million lottery is suddenly won.

Although the cast is packed with lots of different characters ala Lost or Invasion, Lana instantly captures attention and not only for her sassy short haircut. Lana's character, Nina, buys the winning ticket that creates overnight millionaires. She also shares a tortured interchange in the rain with her lost college sweetheart (Jason Gedrick) while struggling with her feelings for her hunky husband played by 90210's Luke Perry.

While the concept of the show is how the lives of the winners will change as a result of their new fortune, my initial focus was on the coifs of the primary characters besides Lana. It could prove to be quite a challenge to figure out all the primary characters and their hair habits.

From Spin City To Boomtown To 24

Ali Landryl 2001 - All Rights Reserved

Meanwhile, as I acclimate myself to all the various cast members, I chose my first study to be Lana whom I adored on Spin City and for her role in the defunct Boomtown.

Lana is a self professed "Latina" whose Italian mother is a painter and artist and her Puerto Rica father (now deceased) was a professional baseball player.

In her early years growing up in Brooklyn, the 28 year old Cancer (July 15, 1977) made her own home videos linking that period to her current love of acting.

Following her performing dreams right out of high school, Lana moved to LA to pursue a professional career in acting. She first won attention for her role of Angie Ordonez on Spin City opposite Charlie Sheen during the 2000-2001 season. In 2005 she joined the Women of 24 as CTU employee Sarah Gavin who was trying to locate terrorists. Additionally she has performed in a string of notable guest appearances on such shows as Jag and The Shield.

Lana recently won the Imagen Award for Oustanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Teresa Ortiz on "Boomtown" in its debut season. Dedicated to helping refugee children and victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka, Lana currently lives in LA with her two Bengal cats, Stanley and Lenny.

Short Pony Style In 2001 To Sizzling Look For 2006

Ali Landryl 2001 - All Rights Reserved

Unlike her female musical peers, Nelly has always adopted a more casual performance fashion. Understanding that Nelly's ultimate goal is to reflect the energy of her albums accounts for the appearance of her hair, fashions and overall image that she projected for her first two releases.

Nelly has gone with much a shorter, sleeker hairstyle and a very hot, sexy image that is very different from her past image when she was more casual and relaxed.

When questioned in the media about her new image Nelly has linked her sizzling new sexy look to the fact that she recorded in Miami and thus picked up the image of the city. She also mentioned the fact that her third album is a complete departure from anything else she has every done and her image change is honoring that new direction in her creativity.

Ali Landryl 2001 - All Rights Reserved

The world is eagerly anticipating Nelly's third album which is entitled Loose and is scheduled to be released in June.

For this third work, the very talented songbird and musician took a completely different direction. The new album features Furtado heading in a more R&B and hip hop direction than ever before.

On the BBC's Top Of The Pops site Nelly comments that the classic look for her "is the Adidas shell toes, the jeans, the tank top, the hoped earrings and the hair pulled back". After commenting that the classic look might not suit her now, she does say she "likes the gowns that you get to wear at award shows - all that fancy couture - I love that".

For a complete range of different hair pictures of Nelly, be sure to stop by and visit the Photo Galleries of styles.

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