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Alexa Vega - Evolving Hairstyles


Alexa Vega - March 2006

Alexa Ellesse Vega, a former experienced gymnast, is a fabulous 17 year old actress (DOB August 27, 1988) who has grown up in front of her audiences. Starting her career at the tender age of 5 in 1993, she played Emily Newton on TV's Evening Shade with Burt Reynolds.

She started working in films in 1994 with Little Giants. A series of guest appearances on TV shows like ER and Chicago keep Alexa busy in-between film roles such as Twister with Helen Hunt, Nine Months with Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore. In 2001 she played junior secret agent Carmen Cortez in the blockbuster hit, Spy Kids. She was such a hit that she appeared in two sequels. By February 2004 the 15 year old budding superstar was recognized as a full fledged hottie and placed fourth in the hottest female teen stars.

In 2005 she took on a starring role in Odd Girl Out which was a Lifetime Original Movie. This month (March, 2006) Alexa, who is known as Lex by her close friends, is starring in the film, Walkout, which is based on the true story of student activist Paula Crisostomo who staged a walkout at five East Los Angeles high schools in 1968 based on racial and educational biases.

Alexa's Natural Texture

Alexa Vega - March 2002

Alexa has transformed dramatically over the past five years. Born half Columbian and half Italian in Miami, Florida, Alexa was blessed with very wavy thick tresses. Since 2001 her hair color, style and texture has changed dramatically. Part of the metamorphis can be directly related to various roles that she has played in her busy TV and film career over the past 12 years.

Alexa has commented to the media that her hair, as a result of her movie roles is "always changing."

She has reported that "after dying it so many times, because the last four movies, they wanted me to dye it brown or black. So I decided I’m just going to let the sun bleach it out back to my blonde, so I’m just letting it go.”

Not only has Alexa changed the length and hue, she has transcended several different hairstyles that range from looks that include center and side parts as well as a brief run with bangs that worked well with her face shape.

Sleek Sassy Pony With Layered Bangs

Alexa Vega - July 2004

Depending on the camera angles Alexa appears to have a face shape that straddles the diamond and heart characteristics. She definitely has a prominent chin but a wider forehead. In some images she appears to have a slight widow's peak.

At the World Premiere of A Cinderella Story in July 2004 Alexa appeared with her natural waves straightened into a sleek milk chocolate hued ponytail. The front was coiffed into a long layered side-swept fringe that cascaded from a soft side part. The sides were worn with lots of volume. Not only did the lighter hair color look beautiful, the style completely softened the angles of her face and perfectly balanced her wide forehead and minimized her chin. The style was a wonderful change.

Alexa's Blonde Winged Hair Period

Alexa Vega - March 2005

When Alexa strolled down the red carpet at the Sin City Premiere in March of 2005 she was very blonde (which she has told the media is her natural hue) and was sporting a more prominent side part that flowed on either side into a modern version of Farrah's famous hair wings.

With her Colombian and Italian heritage Alexa was blessed with magnificent dark eyes. The 2005 style appears to put more emphasis on her prominent chin while the side wings appear to add extra width to her forehead and cheek area. Alexa is a gorgeous young woman but I definitely preferred her July 2004 hairstyle to her blonde look.

Alexa's Messy Ponytail

Alexa Vega - March 2005

By February of 2006 Alexa had dumped the winged style that she wore in 2005 and traded it in for a very sleek ponytail with a messy crown.

Her blonde streaks were darker but she successfully managed to look completely different. If you look at the progression of images of Alexa from 2002 to 2006 it is amazing at the diversity of her hairstyle looks.

The image from her March 2005 Aquamarine appearance (image to the side) shows off the slight widow's peak along her hairline. Her eyebrows assume a major role in this casual messy pony look. Alexa has definitely gone through many different hairstyles in just four short years. Of course like all other actresses, Alexa has constant access to the best colorists, hairdressers and make-up artists that Hollywood has to offer.

Has Alexa had any hair scares during her many years in Hollywood? Yes, in fact, she shared that during the filming of Odd Girl Out she is supposed to cut her hair off. She told the media that "I thought they would put a wig on me". But instead they "added pieces of hair" to her own hair. When she got into the scene, she couldn't look at the fake hair and wound up accidentally "chopping off pieces of my own hair". Being a true professional Alexa confided to the media "it wasn't too bad - it's growing back".


Alexa Vega's star is on the rise. Currently the talented actress is filming a new movie known as Marrying God. She has had a very successful acting career that started when she was five and shows no signs of slowing down. Even better, she is a budding hair trend setter with a fabulous sense of style.

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