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Accessory Of The Month: Mei Fa Hairstyx


Every accessory line that we carry at has its own little story. Mei Fa is no different but nevertheless it is definitely interesting how The Marketplace came to have a fabulous collection of over 350+ of the Mei Fa Hairstyx designs. (Image of Mei Fa Angel Hairstyx - Long version).

In the early days of, our very first hair accessories consisted of a tiny number of handcrafted hairsticks from an artisan who lived out West. Back in 1998 I was basically just beginning my hair accessory addiction phase. (Image of Mei Fa Angel Hairstyx - Short version)

I must confess that I had never even heard of Mei Fa until a visitor emailed me in 1999 and suggested that I consider adding the line to our spanking new store. The thoughtful visitor even sent me contact information for the Mei Fa company.

Timing is everything and for a variety of reasons definitely too boring to go into, I wrote the Mei contact name down and tossed it in my office desk drawer, which is akin to being exiled to Siberia. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Bangkok - Long Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

As the years flew by, I would spy Mei Fa in a variety of fashion and hair magazines. It would always trigger a brief memory spark and I would make a mental note to check Mei Fa out further. My world is filled with good intentions but definitely not enough time to fulfill them. The years ticked by and the Mei Fa information remained locked in piles of paper in my desk drawer.

In late 2003 I attended an accessory show where I finally saw the Mei Fa collection in all their splendor. Unfortunately, their booth was jam packed with buyers and I was unable to talk to any of the Mei Fa reps at the show. A few days later on the place home I opened a hair magazine to a Mei Fa reference. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Bangkok - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

The day after I returned home, I received a phone call from one of my editor friends asking me why I didn't carry the famous hairsticks in The Marketplace. I honestly didn't have a good answer but decided that the Universe must be trying to tell me something. Or maybe it was a divine intervention from some divine wisdom or possibly a nudge from Buddha.

I decided to rip apart my desk drawer and try to find the Mei Fa buyer information. I was literally five minutes into digging through my drawer when a phone operator walked into my office and handed me a message from Teppi, a manufacturer's rep, that was calling to talk to me about carrying Mei Fa at (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Budda Silver - Long Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

Ahhh, the Universe definitely works in mysterious ways. I immediately called Teppi and we had a lovely chat. Within a matter of minutes I promised to place my first Mei Fa. At that point, the only thing that slowed me down a little bit was the agony and ecstasy of deciding what Mei Fa sticks to order. They were all so gorgeous and yet all very unique. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Budda Silver - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

And speaking of Buddha.......I was beyond impressed to discover that Mei Fa had silver Buddha topped designs (see above). They became my first set of favorites and my first private purchase.

Shaune Bazner - Founder Of Mei Fa

Over twenty five years ago, Shaune Bazner took her passion for dance along with her love of beads and bead collecting and shaped the combination into a career. Today, she is one of America's leading fashion jewelers whose innovative creations have stood the test of time.

(Image of Shaune Bazner - creator of Mei Fa shown above - all rights reserved - Shaune Bazner).

"I see so many things that are just too visually complicated for my taste. That's what drives me to create. Everything I make has an element of serenity and ease because that's how I want to live," she says.

What started out as a hobby in her father's basement, quickly became the launching pad for her business. She began with the creation of Hairstyx, an Asian inspired hair accessory. Shaune's idea of using chopsticks to hold her hair in place came during her time teaching dance. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Calvin - Long Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

Using delicately shaped lacquered wooden sticks whose shape she patented in 1978, she adorned them with her beloved beads made from glass and semi-precious stones from around the world. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Calvin - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

The name Mei Fa was inspired from the Chinese language in which Mei Fa means “beautiful hair” or “beautiful method.”

Creating Hairstick Designs For 25+ Years

Several years ago in the late 1990s when hairsticks enjoyed a renewed interest in the hair accessory arena, new consumer hair ornament fans were delighted to discover that Shaune Bazner was one of the very first to create the concept of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, jewel topped hairsticks with her Mei Fa collections.

(Image of Shaune Bazner - creator of Mei Fa shown above - all rights reserved - Shaune Bazner).

Many of the hairstick designers and creators that arrived in the late 90s got a lot of their inspiration from what Shaune had been creating since the late 1970s.

(Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Vidalia Silver - Long Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

In some respects, Shaune can rightfully be considered the Mother Of Modern Hairsticks since she has been designing and creating hairsticks for over 25 years.

As a designer, sculptor, painter, Shaune Bazner continues to bring fresh concepts into her work producing items that are at once simple and stylish, fashionable and timeless.

Her hand-made designs are so clean and elegant that they enhance the beauty of women of all ages. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Vidalia Silver - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

Every item in the Shaune Bazner range is entirely handmade. The company takes great pride in the high quality of its craftsmanship, which it backs up with exemplary customer service and timely delivery.

Mei Fa At

Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Carnival 5.75" Hairsticks - (Set of 2)There are so many things I admire about the Mei Fa line and Shaune Bazner. The Mei Fa hairstyx are absolutely gorgeous. When we received our very first shipment, even the boys, as I call them, gathered around and were admiring the beautiful lacquered sticks with their exquisite jeweled toppers. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Carnival 5.75" Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Carnival - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2)Not only is every Mei Fa stick designed and hand crafted in the USA, but each set is an original and unique work of hair art. Every style and pattern of the Mei Fa Hairstyx come in a short and long version. Many people with slippery fine or shorter strands that might not normally be able to wear the stunning hair art in a long stick, find to their delight that the short sticks work just great. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Carnival - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

Everyone at from our photographer who takes all of our product photos, to our catalog writer, who writes the product descriptions, made a point of telling me how beautiful the new Mei Fa collection was.

Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Latte - Long Hairsticks - (Set of 2)Our customers also loved the collections and pushed us to add more of each style. Before we knew what had happened we had over 350 different styles of the little hairstick designs in both the short and long options. Since we always try to keep multiple sets on hand, at one point in the recent past we had over 1,000+ different sets of Mei Fa hairstyx stored in our warehouse in their carefully and lovingly bubblewrapped little nests. (Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Latte - Long Hairsticks - (Set of 2)

And yes, we will keep adding more and more of these little beauties in spite of the fact that the Mei Fa collections now have overrun a former headband collection in our accessories warehouse sections.

Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Latte - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2)Do I wear Mei Fa in my own hair? Absolutely. My biggest problem is trying to limit how many of the different sets that I buy for my own personal use. At the current time I have purchase over 24 sets that are my "favorites". Unfortunately I didn't have room in this article to display all of my favs, but I have shown a lot of them.

Mei Fa - Hairstyx™ - Latte - Short Hairsticks - (Set of 2) I only shudder to think what will happen as we add more of the line every season.

The best part about these stunning, versatile hair accessories? They are very affordable and come in a range of prices depending on the type of stick and the actual topper. Yes, you can go crazy and spend a lot for a set of sticks but you can also get a fabulous pair for a less than other similar brands.


If you thought that Mei Fa hairsticks were only for women with long hair or people with unlimited cash, think again. Not only can the spectacular Mei Fa sticks be worn by people with short or fine strands, depending on the style you select, they are very affordable.

Even better, they are handcrafted in the USA and will last a lifetime.

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