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Academy Award Winning Hair - 2002


As the beautifully coiffed Cindy Crawford proclaimed in a Diet Pepsi commercial during the Academy awards show - "Some things never change and some things do". As far as hair went, very few stars attending the 2002 Academy Awards show made significant new waves with their tresses.

Overall the trend for both male and female celebrities was towards much shorter hair lengths. Many of the male stars sported close cropped Caesar dos. The major hair trends for the female stars were soft curls and waves. Sleek chignons and buns were also popular along with the hot new razored shattered styles. It appeared that the male beret craze evident at the past Golden Globes award has faded.

Although Nicole Kidman lost the best actress Oscar to the completely shocked Halle Berry, Nicole looked pretty in ruffled pink with her shoulder length hair carefully arranged in a cascade of soft curls around her beautiful face.

Nicole was one of the prominent curly girls along with Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock who embraced curly updos. (Photo of Nicole Courtesy of ABC/CRAIG SJODIN). While many of the female stars opted for shades of pink and cream, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock looked splendid in sexy black.

Julia looked stunning with her natural curls pinned up into a soft ringlet enhanced romantic updo. Last year's dark chocolate brunette locks were ditched for a softer and romantic shade of ginger.

Sandra Bullock also brought her curls out of the closet and had them pinned up in a finished updo. (Photo of Sandra Bullock & Julia Roberts Copyright ABC/CRAIG SJODIN).

Jennifer Lopez followed the pink gown trend but made a unique hair statement. Jennifer's light brunette hair was heavily backcombed into a "big hair" look that ended in soft curls. Lighter highlights framed her pretty face and eyes. Although less daring then past looks, Jennifer looked marvelous. (Photo of Sandra Bullock & Julia Roberts (Copyright ABC/CRAIG SJODIN).

Best Actress winner for her stunning work in Monsters Ball, Halle Berry could do no wrong. She stole the entire evening starting with her pre-show Barbara Waters interview.

Halle caused audible gasps pf admiration when she appeared on the Red Carpet in a breathtaking gown with every gorgeous hair arranged in place. Her hair was styled in her very short signature crop with megawatt shine and carefully finished to create just a whisper of disheveled dazzle. (Photo of Halle - Copyright - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN). Halle's obvious shock and delight at winning the Best Actress award resulted in a speech that left very few dry eyes in the audience or in home audiences around the world.

In a rare Oscar historical event, two black actors, Denzel Washington, coiffed in a short Caeser do and the beautiful Halle won the two top acting honors as at the Awards. Although Denzel previously won a Best Supporting Award, he triumphed in the Best Actor category. Denzel escorted his beautiful wife who wore a gorgeous shade of lilac and a sleek soft bob. (Photo copyright - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN).

Berry is the very first black to win an Academy Award for a leading role. Denzel is only the second black man to get the Best Actor award.

Shattered, Messy Razored Dos

The currently shattered messy razored bob styles were in evidence with some of the stars. The platinum blonde hued Helen Hunt had a longer shoulder length choppy wavy style that flattered her face and eyes.(Photo of Helen Hunt copyright - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN). Legally Blonde presenter Reese Witherspoon also appeared on stage wearing a sleek and shiny shattered shorter bob.

Icy blonde Uma Thurman looked radiant next to husband Ethan Hawke, a nominee for supporting actor. Uma's hair was twisted into a soft yet hip messy updo.

Recovered from her recent health scare, Sharon Stone was dressed to the teeth for her presenter role. Sharon looked gorgeous in an elegant sleek black gown. The normally short cropped Stone had a much longer, softer flipped style that was sleek and very flattering. (Photo of Jodie Foster & Sharon Stone - copyright - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN).

Jodie Foster had a shorter but very finished shattered style that looked beautiful with her elegant features.

The Cherub faced awards presenter Cameron Diaz was one of the biggest hair shocks of the evening. In a style that looked like she confused her blender with her blow dryer, Cameron looked like she had just finished doing battle for Charlie rather than primping over her blonde tresses for hours. (Photo copyright - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN).

It was hard to figure out exactly what was up with her do but it almost looked like she had extensions that were whipped about in a 200 mile an hour wind and then pinned on the back of her head. Cameron honey, if you are reading this, you need a new do that is more flattering to your gorgeous face. (Photo of Cameron Diaz Courtesy of ABC/CRAIG SJODIN). Cameron wore a floral print Kimona type of gown in the hot fashion shade of pink but her bedhead-gone-bad do stole the show, but not in a good way.

Sleek Chignons & Bobs

Best Supporting Actress winner Jennifer Conley looked perfect in a soft ruffled cappuccino colored gown with her brunette locks pinned back in a soft chignon that nestled at the nape of her neck.

The brunette beauty always has a classc elegant look that she wears to offset her gorgeous face.

Marisa Tomei wore her hair pulled back from her face and neatly coiled into a soft bun that was pinned close to her head.

Although Marisa went with the more traditional black, her dress was a gorgeous with a full skirt. She had a slit in her long gown which allowed her to show a little leg.

Of course showing any skin appropriately on the Red Carpet always adds an element of sexiness.

Best Actress nominee Rene Zellweger's traded in her 2001 forties screen-goddess look, for a sleek bun pinned softly at the back of her head. The Bridget Jones Star wore a breathtaking black strapless gown that ended in a soft train.

Kirsten Dunst also opted for the pulled back soft bun style and had a gown in a shade of the pink family. Faith Hill was on the pink gown team and looked great with a medium length sleek light blonde bob.

The long stick straight locks of just a few years ago were nowhere in site. The closest thing to long and straight was Russell's Crowe's lady who appeared with her very platinum blonde hair pulled back in a very straight sleek ponytail.

Dreads & Braids

Of course the multi-talented Whoppi Goldberg was predictably coiffed in her trademark dreadlocks that were decorated with colored wrap. R&B singer, Eric Benet, husband to Halle Berry, was also resplendent in well-formed dreads.

Although accent braids are touted as the next hot hair accessory, only Gwenyth Paltrow seemed to be a pioneer for this new style.

Appearing on stage as a presenter, Gwenyth's normally buttery blonde hue appeared to be a much darker shade bordering on a less flattering shade of dishwater blonde Her hair was parted on the right and one French braid extended from the hairline on the left around to the back of her hair ending in a soft chignon.

In my opinion Gwenyth did not look her best but what do I know? The good news is that the very next time we see her we can count on a whole new look.

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