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A New Bob Guiney - Bachelor 4 Is Over The Top


Yes, it's true that the focus of is hair, beauty and related info. And yes, I am totally out of the closet about how nuts I am about reality TV, specifically the romance variety. (Image of Bob at Bachelor Premiere Party - Byron J. Cohen - ABC - all rights reserved).

I loved Bachelors 1, 2 and 3. I was totally addicted to the Bachelorette shows. And yes, I watched Who Wants To Marry My Dad, Married By America, Joe Millionaire and For Love Or Money 1 & 2.

In all fairness I have to say that I depend on my faithful Tivo to record the episodes for me. Even better, I manage to do some "light work" while listening with one ear....well at least to some of the shows. I keep my Tivo speeder nearby and speed through as appropropriate. I don't really surf but I do maximize my Reality TV (RT) viewing experiences since I am usually pressed for time.

I also must confess that I use the my RT time to deep condition my hair, apply the various face masks and creams, and do my manicure and pedicure. (Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter w/Charlie Mahar - at the Premiere Party for The Bachelor - Byron J. Cohen - ABC - all rights reserved).

If I am so blessed to have several reality shows taped then after I am done with all the beauty stuff, I will pause the Tivo, rinse off all the beauty gook and then settle into my favorite jammies to watch from the glow of my getFresh candle infused bedroom. Then I drift off to sleep dreaming of new reality shows that would be even cooler.

But I digress.

When it comes to the Bachelor series, I pay 100% attention to everything that happens except for the commercials, unless they include singing animals or it is the commercial where the mouse, cat and dog conspire to suck up all the clueless master's food and thus sell a stain proof carpet.

A New Bob Guiney - The Ultimate Bachelor

Last night was the first two hour episode when America's brand new Bachelor, Bob Guiney. A newer, thinner, more suave, Bob returned as Bachelor 4. The promos for the show as well as the clips from the producers pointed out that Bob Guiney is nothing like the original three bachelors.

That's the good news. And yes, Bob doesn't have the suaveness and sophistication of the ultimately unfaithful Alex Michel the hot body or ultimate cold hearted behaviors of Aaron or the money of Andrew, the best bachelor to date before Bob.

(Image above from left to right, Ryan Sutter, Trista Rehn, Chris Harrison, Aaron Buerge, Bob Guiney, Alex Michel, Jennifer Schefft, Andrew Firestone - Bachelor 4 Premiere Show - ABC - Bryon Cohen - All rights reserved).

Andrew not only found love with Jen, he is making good on his promise and wedding plans are being formulated for the happy couple from Bachelor 3.

The bad news? By the time the 25 hand picked bachelorettes arrived on the show to meet Bob they were whipped into an over-the-top mating frenzy unparallelled by any other reality dating show. Bob is the ultimate bachelor because he was selected as a direct result of fan demands. He is definitely America's favorite as well as Oprah's favorite bachelor guest.

When host Chris Harrison reminded the 25 lovelies that they could turn down the rose I was thinking, yeah right. Like these 25 women who beat out an unprecedented horde of salivating singles are going to voluntarily give up their seats on the dating bus.

No way.

And I was right. In fact, I was waiting for a catfight to break out at any minute. Even during the very first episode the beautiful bachelor babes were screaming Bob's name in the limos, aggressively grabbing Bob's limbs.

(Image above of Kelly Jo and Bob Guiney during first meeting on The Bachelor 4 - Craig Sjodin - ABC - all rights reserved).

The brazen ladies were filmed pulling him away from each other. The very bubbly Kelly Jo (shown above) was filmed planting the episode's first sultry kiss smack dab on Bob's surprised, but willing lips. Did Bob mind? Obviously not since he confessed the kiss to Harrison before Bob made his final cut. He also kept Kelly Jo in the first elimination.

Bob also discussed the "first series kiss" in his online diary at the official ABC Bachelor site. He said that "Kelly (she's) very attractive and she's got a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy. I didn't initiate kissing her but we certainly did have an opportunity to kiss one another and it was quite nice".

So maybe boys do kiss and tell as well as rewarding the ballsy lady with a rose. Kelly even won the first rose of the evening which could be a bad omen based on past Bachelor shows. Stay tuned as Kelly makes her moves in the next episode.

While Kelly Jo made quick work of Bob's lips, another bachelorette grabbed his hands. Others hugged him and were touching him at every chance they could get.

There were points in the first episode where Bob had that deer in the did this happen to me.... look. With good cause. Although Bob confessed to being "flattered" by all the attention, he seem babe-bombarded.

So Bob - What About JLO?

Geez, the way the Bachelorettes were reacting to Bob I think that Bob should dump them all and go for JLo. After all, even though Ben showered her with jewels and furs, he proved to be a big bad dog in the stripper world. And big stars are rumored to be hot for the bachelors boys. Sandra Bullock was reported to have contacted Bachelor 2, Aaron Buerge and was thought to "have a crush on him".

If Sandra could go for Aaron, who dumped Helene at a Starbucks, then how could JLo pass up Mr. Nice Guy Bob Guiney? On the first episode Bob expressed sincere concern about "not hurting anyone's feelings" which is something he pointed out he cares very much about not doing.

You could just see that Bob was upset that he had to send 10 of the rowdy ladies home after the first night. And yes, Bob admitted to host Harrison that "who doesn't love a pretty girl?" but you just know that Bob is the solid faithful type.

JLo wouldn't have to worry about Bob hitting the strip clubs. Although she might have to worry about leaving Bob alone to grocery shop. He would probably be assaulted at the grocery store in the frozen food aisles by Bob-hungry dames.

So Bob, if you are reading this, consider the possibilities. Even better, your good friend Oprah is connected and could introduce you to any star studded lovely you might fancy. And of course for the younger rocker chicks Sharon Osborne could help you out.

But if Bob is anything like he seems and he found love on the Bachelor 4 show, I know he won't even consider more lovelies. He just seems like the true blue loyal kinda guy. Which is probably why American babes are bonkers for Bob Guiney.

OK OK - The Hair

As I predicted in a previous article, Bob looked perfectly touseled and coiffed for the debut of Bachelor 4.

There was a clip during the opening episode where Bob's clothing stylist was filmed showing Bob the vast collection of hot threads he had to chose from. (Image above of Bob and Nora "mom" Guiney - ABC - Craig Sjodin)

In addition, there were also a few clips of various hairstylists and makeup artists preparing the ladies for the Rose Ceremony evening. In one clip a frazzled bachelorette was nervously explaining why she hoped she would get a rose in the first ceremony.

Bob's mom Nora Guiney (shown above) made a surprise appearance to size up her potential daughter-in-laws. Bob's mom looked stunning with her blonde highlighted hair done in a soft, yet chic, longer bob style. If Bob's mom wasn't happily married to Bob's hard working dad back in Detroit, she would be a perfect candidate for Who Wants To Marry My Mom?

Mom Guiney, when asked by Bob, recommended Kristin, Lee-Ann and Karin (pronounced CAR-wren), but advised her son to pick the women he gets "along with best". Yes, Bob paid attention and selected all three ladies for the first fifteen.

We also got a few glimpses of Bob's blonde sister who obviously adores and supports Bob's quest for love in front of America.

Many of the new Bachelorettes had gorgeous coifs. And the beautifully coiffed Shae was mentioned by Bob to Host Harrison as someone that he immediately noticed exiting from her limo. In fact, Bob makes a point of mentioning in his online diary at the ABC site that he thought he might be hanging out with Shae.

Everything happens for a reason but sadly the gorgeous firefighter did not make the final cut. Geez Bob, with all the talk about Shae, why didn't you keep her? What gives? He also admitted that he "felt awful" about letting some of the ladies go. From the look on his face you know he was honestly hurting.

Blonde and beautiful 24 year old Heather from Illinois (shown to the side - courtesy ABC - all rights reserved) definitely was feeling the pain of being cut.

Usually the sobbing exhibited by Heather when she was left behind does not usually happen in the first show but later on in the Bachelor series. Unlike all the other bachelor shows, the bachelorettes knew that they were meeting Bob from the Bachelorette.

This fact seems to account for their over- the- top frenzy. It also would account for the fact that the lovely blonde Heather took her first cut so hard.

Shelly who was pretty in pink also got chopped and was one of the first to graciously walk over to say goodbye to Bob after she was cut. (Image of Shelly and Bob - ABC - all rights reserved).


One thing is for sure, the hair and makeup will definitely be done to perfection for Bob, Host Harrison and the ladies at the Rose ceremonies. Even better, Bachelor 4 looks like it will be full of explosive human emotions, scorned women and lots of potential catfights. It should be some season. Meow.

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