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A Good Banana Head


Every now and then even a rather disheveled young man like me needs to pamper his cranium. So when Karen Shelton asked me try out the new line of scented shampoos by 'Philou' I figured my dysfunctional follicles had nothin' to lose. Although I must admit when I heard that the shampoo I was going to try smelled like the banana section of the grocery store I thought that was just what Karen had gone - bananas.

Did it make me smell like bananas? No. The bottle definitely smells like bananas, and my current showering experience admittedly leaves me craving a banana split. But the smell goes away right after it is rinsed it out. Primates didn't chase me at the zoo, children didn't follow me with spoons when I walked past an ice cream parlor, and as far as I know I haven't received one more look of perplexity than usual.

Is it a good shampoo or is it just a gimmick? It's both. Of course it's a gimmick. What's not? But this gimmick works. It left my hair clean, soft, and easy to manage. Although I think I might have to watch a violent sporting event to refortify my masculinity after writing that last sentence. And if bananas aren't your thing 'Philou' makes several other eccentric flavors: bubble gum, chocolate mint, licorice (no I'm not kidding), and green apple.

I admit that I hide it when friends come over, but I think that's just a guy thing. I mean I do actually like the smell-does anyone out there remember banana fudgesicles? So give it a try. Find a place to hide it if you're weird like that. Better yet, get it for the kids. Maybe the little oppressors would be a little more motivated to bathe if they could do it with chocolate mint or the bubblegum.


Attention all you chapstick eaters: DO NOT DRINK THE SHAMPOO! -That is unless you've really been naughty. We don't want you getting any more lathered up than necessary.

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