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24 Headband Advantages


Coach Dan Ghessling on Big Brother With Head Band

Coach Dan Ghessling On CBS Big Brother


Coach Dan Ghessling currently playing on CBS TV's popular Big Brother is found of wearing headbands. Headbands never go out of style and offer many advantages.

There are at least 24 headband advantages listed below in this article. They include:

1. Headbands are unisex and can be worn by male and females.

2. They're worn by all races and ages from infants to people over 100 years old.

3. Bands work for all types (fine/thin, medium, thick, very thick) and textures (straight, curly, wavy, kinky or coiled).

4. Headbands can be worn equally by people with any hair lengths from super short to very long.

5. These versatile accessories can instantly change the mood of any fashion outfit.

6. Headbands are designed for every fashion event from hanging at the beach to walking down the aisle or dancing in the moonlight.

7. Fashionable since the beginning of time when cave people used leaves and tree branches, headbands never really completely disappear from the fashion scene.

8. Bad hair days are less traumatic when contained with an all purpose headband fix which can instantly contain out-of-control hair or camouflage a bad case of hat hair.

David Beckham Wearing Comb Headband

David Beckham Wearing Comb Headband


9. Headbands can be worn on a wide range of positions on the head from right above the eyebrows to positioned at the back of the crown.

10. They may be designed to perform an actual hair styling functions (securing bangs, creating instant volume at the crown) or simply as a form of hair adornment.

11. Headbands are the perfect hair accessory for competing in a range of sporting events when it's important to keep hair off the face and out of the eyes.

12. Some types of headbands can be used to camouflage root re-growth lines.

13. Headbands can range in prices from very affordable to very expensive. The key is to find bands which fit your needs at the price points you desire.

14. From a functional viewpoint headbands worn down around the hairline can help to keep the forehead dry.

15. Headbands offer a chance to show off unique personal style.

16. When worn in combination with clip-in or fusion extensions, headbands can provide a great camouflage where the real and add-on hair meet.

17. A plain headband can be easily and instantly altered by clipping a fresh flower on one side.

18. Headbands may be used to anchor overgrown bangs which may be hanging in the eyes.

19. A band can instantly add a look of softness to any hairstyle.

20. The right headband can enhance highlights and lowlights by working in harmony with the hair's hues.

Soft Scarf Style Headband From Soho Beat

Soho Beat Headband At


21. Headbands are a well-known celebrity bad hair day fix. Celebs use headbands to disguise botched hair color or overall bad hair days.

22. Bands work well in combination with other hair accessories such as sleeper clips, tiny jaws and claws or decorative bobbies or grips.

23. Easy care. Many headbands are very easy to clean or launder. Instructions are usually provided.

24. Headbands are easy to put on and remove.

24 Headband Advantages - Types Of Headbands

Listed below are the types of headbands to select from:

1. Hard headbands made into a traditional U shaped band.

2. Soft headbands made from a wide range of materials in all shapes and widths

3. Combination hard and soft bands where a U shaped band is covered with material and/or has streamers, tails or long ties.

4. Scarf headbands which may or may not have a hard under shell.

5. Headbands made from elastic which hold a firm shape but are soft when not worn.

6. Bandeaus headbands made without an adjustable elastic back strap.

7. Stretchy bandeaus style headbands which have adjustable back or side straps.

Headbands With Teeth

Fabric Covered U Shaped Headband

Soho Beat Gypsy Headband


8. Headbands with visible or invisible teeth which help to anchor the band to the hair. David Beckham has been spotted wearing bands with a teeth.

Note: Although teeth are mostly found in traditional hard U shaped bands, sometimes they can be found in modified bandeaus to help anchor the headband to the hair.

9. Hard headbands can be hand made or made from hot plastics poured into metal molds. When handmade they may consist of cellulose or a higher end of plastic. Mass produced headbands are most often made of some form of plastic.

10. Some headbands are made from hard or soft metals. Chain link style headbands are also available, but may tend to pull or tear hair.

Other Headband Options

1. Headbands created from the latest colors, fabrics and patterns offer an instant fashion statement.

2. Headbands can range in width from very skinny to very wide.

3. Single headband styles have just one band while double and triple bands have 2 or 3 attached together. Although more rare, some headbands can be found with more than 3 bands interconnected together.

4. Headbands are available in solid colors, an array of patterns from animal print and snake skins to polka dots, stripes and checkerboards.

5. Depending upon the current trends headbands may be adorned with flowers, feathers, bows or other adornments.

Soft Bandeau Style Polka Dot Headband

Soho Beat Headband Polka Dot Bandeau At


6. Designer headbands are unique although much more costly than mass market bands.

7. Headbands might also be made out of real or faux leather, real of faux snakeskin, lambskin or suede.

8. Select headbands to either complement or contrast with your current hair color.

Why Headbands May Not Work For You

Listed below are the most common reasons headbands may not be great for everyone:

1. The shape of your head may be too large or too small to hold headbands. Even the headbands which are advertised as no-slip just may not work for your head size.

2. They trigger headaches. Although rare, some people just can't wear headbands of any kind (hard or soft) without getting headbands.

3. Although they may not trigger headaches, they may cause pain around the ears.

There are some companies that make no headache bands. These types of band may or may not trigger headaches in people who are prone to have head pain from wearing band. Softer bandeau bands usually don't cause ear pain.

Other reasons might be that hair is too short, too slippery or has too much texture. In some cases, people just don't like how headbands look on their head. A good enough reason to eschew the popular hair accessory.

Karina No Headache Band



Headbands offer many different advantages to men, women and children of all ages and races.

Whether you wish to wear a headband as a functional hair tool to hold your hair back, keep sweat off your forehead to grow out some shaggy bangs, the right headband can accomplish your hair styling goals.

There are a dizzying array of headbands on the hair market today. Not all of them will work equally well for all hair types, textures, conditions or styling needs. Some of the headbands work magically, others may not.

When in doubt about purchasing a headband be sure to ask questions and look at all the options and alternatives.

- Revised Publication Date: 08/03/12, 05/01/2021


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