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1960s Bob HairStyles: Updated For 2006


The Bob hairstyle never really goes out of style. It just keeps cycling back into fashion on a regular basis. Anyone who loves the Bob knows that movie star Louise Brooks caused a major stir when she appeared with her shiny black hair coiffed into a short, blunt cut. It was an instant fashion success much like Jennifer Aniston's Rachel.

Recently I was discussing the Bob hairstyle with world famous celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell who recently created a chin length bob cut on his long time client Lucy Liu.

I asked Robert to explain what a bob is defined as and he said that according to Vidal Sassoon, the creator of the current bob, it is a hairstyle cut completely without layers. In essence, the Vidal bob is all one length around the entire head.

From the discussion about what really constitutes a Bob we moved into a dialogue about the Dorothy Hamill Wedge and how that fit into the Bob world. Robert informed me that the Hamill Wedge was not a traditional bob because it had different hair lengths. He did tell me that he knows how to cut that traditional Hamill look which is very good to now.

Over the years I receive a lot of emails from hair consumers that wish to find a stylist that can cut that wedge. Since Dorothy made news with her hairstyle the art of recreating it has been lost to the majority of hairdressers.

1960s Bob Hair Style Updated For 2006

Four decades ago Vidal Sassoon was in London popularizing the 1960s bob hair style. For 2006 hairdressers have actually revived the bob, pairing it with updated touches.

Since 2006 is all about the romantic look, Bobs can be cut to have a softer more romantic edge. Hair color can also be used to soften a traditional Bob.

Whether they can really be called a true classical Bobs, the Bob inspired haircuts of 2006 come in every possible length, texture, color and shape. They may be deconstructed, shattered, razored or cut with a wide variety of asymmetrical layers. The are also "inverted Bobs" where the cut is tapered all around the perimeter line hugging the neck line in the back. Cut with fullness and height around the crown, the back of the style is slightly stacked and somewhat tapered. Bobs can be worn with a dizzying array of parts, bangs and textured. They can be angled, chipped, flipped and textured.


The Bob is back in fashion for 2006. Inverted and angled Bobs are especially popular with a zillion ways to customize a Bob in vogue.

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