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Updated: 11/14/08

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Do you ever ponder the very best ways to style short hair? Is versatility in your hair styles a goal that you strive to achieve? There is a vast array of fabulous styling products and tools available on the market today that will allow you to change your tresses in a snap.

Short Hair Cuts 411 - Karen shares reason to consider going short.

Short Hair: Angela Christian - Curly Strands Read about how to style naturally curly medium or short hair.

Steal Paris Hilton's Short Braids.  The perfect dressy style if you have short hair.

Short Hair Gallery of Styles

Visit our very special gallery of super short styles including latest short haired celebrities.  Are you looking for the perfect short hair cut? You just may find it here.

Breaking Short Hair Rules

Break all the hard and fast short hair rules that include selecting styles based on face shape, hair type or other shoulds and should nots.

Short Hairstyles:  Reasons To Consider

Tips on considering short hairstyles.

Short Hair:  Beveled Bobs

Bobs are always a
short hair style always in high hair fashion and can be custom cut and colored to enhance any type, texture or length of hair. 

  Short Hair Myths

Common myths about
short hair are exploded.

4/14/06 Short Hair:  Inverted Bob:

This head hugging "inverted"
short hair bob is a classic style that can be easily modified to suit any face shape.

4/14/06 Short Hair:  Cropped Haircuts

The short crop hairstyle is also referred to as a chop.  it is very flattering for some people with certain face shapes like the oval.

4/14/06 25 Ways To Jazz Up Short Hair

Short hair tricks. 25 Ways to jazz up short hair.

4/14/06 Short Hair Coloring Tricks

Short hair has some advantages over long hair when it comes to hair color.  Read this article that shares some short hair coloring secrets.

4/14/06 Short Hair: Sexy Secrets

Victoria Wurdinger reveals some short hair sexy secrets that are easy to implement.

4/14/06 1960s Bob Hairstyles - Updated For 2006

Four decades ago, Maurice Tidy worked with Vidal Sassoon in London popularizing the 1960s bob hair style. Now he has revived the bob, pairing it with the S Wave Thermal Set™ to update the look for the new millennium (see photos)

4/14/06 Prom Hairstyles:  Dressing Up Short Hair

Tips on dressing up short hairstyles.

4/14/06 Short Hair: Spiked Hairstyle Tips

Great short and spiked up hairstyles.

3/26/06 Honey Labrador - Short & Spikey Strands

Honey is famous for her short hair and wild strands.

3/26/06 Elizabeth Banks - Short Hair Goddess

Elizabeth Banks stars in the new horror flick Slither.  Her short strands are definitely a scream.

03/25/05 Lisa Rinna - Short Sassy Signature Hairstyle.

3/15/06 Secrets Of Instant Long Hair.  Steal Anna Kournikova's Long Pony.

3/5/06 Katee Sackhoff - Short Sassy Strands from Battlestar Gallactica.  Steal her style.

3/01/06 Hair Tips: How To Talk To Your Stylist & Finding The Best Affordable Stylist & Face Shapes & Style Tips.

4/13/06 The Short Hair Variety Show

Hair Boutique's short hair feature writer Jane Bullock Frasier covers all the essential things you need to know to have great looking short hair.

01/13/05 Sienna Miller goes for a short hair chop.

01/14/05 Crops, chops...short hair styles that are saucy and easy.

7/27/05 Allison Mack - Short Haired Sassy Blonde

Steal this Smallville's star style.

7/20/05 Hair Tips: How To Talk To Your Stylist

7/20/05 Hair Tips: Finding The Best Affordable Stylist.

7/19/05 Hair Tips: Face Shapes & Style Tips.

Teen Hair Trends For Guys & Gals

Jane Bullock interviewed lots of teens to see what they had to say about hair styles  and hair care patterns.  Both guys & gals expressed some interesting preferences.  A must read for teens, about to be teens or anyone else.

Hair Styling Snippets - Hairstyles For Round Faces

Not only does this article give you scientific instructions on how to tell if your face is round, it includes some great photos of styles for short, medium, long and curly hair. This info applies to guys & gals as well.

Eight Ways To Make Short Hair Ultra Feminine

Victoria Wurdinger has some great ideas to turn any short style into a soft sexy halo of curves, waves and curls.  Check out her latest article and get some great tips on how to make your short hair look smashing.

Jane Gets A Lift From ARTec's Volume Gel

Jane loved the way the ARTec Volume Gel gave her hair a giant lift and she adored the wonderful aroma.  ARTec makes a superior line of hair care products and this one is no exception.  A great product for anyone seeking more volume for their style.

ProVitamin FX Special Effects For Hair

Short hair report Jane Bullock continues to test and examine multitudes of hair care products. Her latest hair styling find comes from the nearest grocery store and costs a mere $5.95. Read her latest review. As always, Jane gives you the absolute scoop.

The Short Hair Variety Show

Hair Boutique's short hair feature writer Jane Bullock covers all the essential things you need to know to have great looking short hair.

Adventures In Becoming A Bed Head

Jane Bullock has discovered the joys of becoming a short haired "bed head".  Share her experiences on her journey to a brand  new hair look.  Enjoy"

A Review Of Matrix's Vavoom

The Hair Boutique is very honored to introduce Jane Bullock, our new "ace short hair" reporter for Hair Boutique.  Jane (pictured w/ Karen) takes on Matrix's Vavoom product and shares her findings.

Jane Bullock Continues To Test Hair Products & Recently Dipped Into American Crew's Pomade With Great Results

OK, OK, American Crew is marketed as a "men's product" but women have long discovered the fantastic results that the American Crew haircare products produce.  Jane, in her willingness, "to try anything" has put the Pomade to the test and she loves it.  Read her great review.

Hair Manners

Hair Boutique's Jane Bullock whips out her wit and explains how NOT to offend people with bad hair manners.  This article combines humor with practical advice.   And yes, please don't try the underwear on your head trick.  Move over Miss Manners.

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