Prom Styles - Short Hair

Prom Styles - Short Hair

Revised:  02/04/12

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Beautiful New Short Hair Styles - Prom 2012 - 2013

All of the articles below are being updated for Prom 2012.  Come back and visit us so that you can get all the latest hairstyling tips for Prom 2012 -2013.

Steal Paris Hilton's Short Braids.  The perfect dressy style if you have short hair.

How To Tease Hair!  Want a big beehive or just a nice big front quiff?  This article gives you step by step instructions.

Gallery Of Hair Styles - Finding Hairstyles for Prom at

To see a complete listing of styles for Prom and Updo related dressy hairstyles complete the following steps:

1.  Go to Interactive Style Selector Gallery
2.  Select "Prom", "Formal" or "Updo" from The Interactive Style Selector selection list at the bottom of the page and select "All" to look at all the styles.
3.  Select the categories that you would like to see for age and other hair related features and then select the Prom, Formal or Updo category of styles.

For other Galleries check out the Barbara Lhotan Gallery, Patrick Cameron Gallery or the Gretchen Maurer Gallery.

Prom Styles For Short Length Hair 

Prom Hairstyles: Dressing Up Short Hair 

Short hair doesn't have to be boring. You can slick it back, spike it up, crimp it, twist it, braid it and add jewels or flowers or other hair accessories.

Also, please see:

Prom's Hottest Hair Accessories - Glowbys! Read more or visit Glowbys on the Web.

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