Prom Hair - Medium Length Hair

Prom Hair - Medium Hair

Revised: 02/04/12

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Beautiful New Medium Hair Styles - Prom 2012 - 2013

All of the articles below are being updated for Prom 2013 - 2013.  Come back and visit us so that you can get all the latest hairstyling tips for Prom 2013 - 2013.

Hottest Hair Accessory For Prom 2012 Is The Jessica Simpson HairDo.  Visit our Jessica Simpson HairDo Page.  Wear any Prom hairstyle you desire by going longer or shorter in an instant with any of Jessica Simpson's Instant Clip-In Extensions.

Diane Kruger Hairstyle - Elegance In A Side Hairdo - Diane wears a fabulous hairstyle which combines a gorgeous side pony with side-swept bangs which are spectacular.  Perfect for Prom or any other formal event this style can be dressed up or dressed down.

Gallery Of Hair Styles - Finding Hairstyles for Prom at

To see a complete listing of styles for Prom and Updo related dressy hairstyles complete the following steps:

1.  Go to the Gallery
2.  Select "Prom", "Formal" or "Updo" from The Interactive Style Selector selection list at the bottom of the page and select "All" to look at all the styles.
3.  Select the categories that you would like to see for age and other hair related features and then select the Prom, Formal or Updo category of styles.

For other Galleries check out the Barbara Lhotan Gallery, Patrick Cameron Gallery or the Gretchen Maurer Gallery.

Prom Styles For Medium Length Hair 

Hair Play Rule: Simply, Sexy Hairstyles & Hairdos On The Side - Whether you're floating down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams or down a winding staircase to dazzle your Prom date, simply sexy hairstyles and hairdos that combine lush waves worn captured on the side are a brilliant hair play. 

Beautiful braided up/down do!

Prom Updo - Messy Buns Look Stunning's Karen Shelton shows you how to create a spectular messy updo for your Prom.  This versatile and messy style can be unique and one-of-a-kind depending on the type of hair accessories you add at the end.  Check this out for some great ideas for medium to long hair. 

Prom Dos For Medium Length Locks  

If you can form a ponytail you can do these hot prom styles.  Karen gives step-by-step instructions.

Rachel Leigh Cook

Rachel had a stunning hairstyle as a Prom Queen Wannabe in "She's All That".  Read about Rachel's do and how to recreate your own version of a elegant, but hot Prom style.  Perfect for medium length hair or longer.

Romantic Prom Updos

If you want a sensual or romantic look for your mid-length hair, check out Karen's article on a 2001 version of the Gibson Girl look.  

Prom Styles - Knots Are Hot

"Uma Thurman looked stunning in hers. Knots are perfect for either dressing up or messing up the perfect Prom look.  Karen provides lots of examples & details.  Great for medium length hair."

Prom Styles  - Spiral Curls For Medium & Long Looks

Karen explains steps on how to create beautiful spiral curls for medium and long hair. Besides providing step by step instructions, Karen provides details on Olivia Garden spiral curler kits that will make your Prom curls come true.

Warrior & Goddess Braids Hit The Fashion Runaways

Check out some stunning new photos of the hottest braids from the recent Autumn 1999 fashion shows. Check out why they are called warrior or goddess braids.

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