Prom Hair Articles

Prom Hair Articles

Revised: 02/04/12

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View all our Prom hairstyles by visiting the Gallery and selecting the Prom option on the Style selector.  You can also look under Updo or Formal for additional Prom hairstyling ideas.

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General Prom Hairstyle Tips

1.  As you approach your prom, follow a healthy hair care program.
2.  Keep your hair well trimmed and shaped.
3.  Avoid making any drastic hair changes right before the prom including color, cut, styling or texturing services (chemical straightening, relaxing, smoothing)
4.  Select hair accessories according to your style of Prom dress.
5.  Do your hairstyle research once you have your Prom gown.  Cut or print hairstyle photos you love. 
6.  Visualize your overall Prom theme and dress style (formal, semi-formal, romantic, edgy, etc.,) and co-ordinate your Prom hairstyle appropriately.

General Prom Hairstyle Tips For Prom Hair At Salon:

Remember to select a hairstyle which complements your face shape, best features and your gown.  Ask your stylist for their input if you're not sure the best hairstyle for you.

1.  If you wish to have your Prom Hairstyle done at the salon, make sure you have a confirmed appointment weeks, if not months before your Prom.  Ask to leave a paid deposit to guarantee your spot and get a receipt in writing for your deposit.
2.  Visit the salon as soon as your have your gown and either take a photo (front, back, sides) or the gown to show the hairstylist so you can pick your Prom hairstyle options.
3.  Have one or more Prom hairstyling sessions.  Take a friend or family member you trust and take photos.
4.  Build  Prom hairstyle book and attach photos of your gown and different hairstyles.
5.  If you wish to have hair extensions, fusion or clip-in, order them with as much advance time as possible.

General Prom Hairstyle Tips For Prom Hair At Home:

1.  A simple but elegant hairstyle often works best when you're doing your hair yourself.  Don't get hung up with overly complicated hairdos which may stress you out.
2.  Clip-in hair extensions, individual strands or caps, can work wonders for adding instant volume, highlights, lowlights or texture.  Just be sure to order in plenty or time.
3.  Once you have narrowed your Prom hairstyle selections to 2-4, try them on with your gown.  Ask friends and family to weigh in with their opinions.
4.  Build  Prom hairstyle book and attach photos of your gown and different hairstyles.
5.  Allow plenty of time to cleanse, condition, dry and style your hair.  Sometimes hair that has a few hours to settle after being washed is easier to style into knots, twists or updos.

Types of Prom Hairstyles

Always select a Prom hairstyle that feels comfortable and secure.  The last thing you need to worry about is crazy hair or hair that falls, flops or needs constant adjusting.  Wear your hair soft, simply and easy to manage and focus your attention on your date, your gown and having fun.  Remember, you will probably only go to one Prom your entire life.  Make it special and enjoy it.

1.  Stick with your normal hairstyle (short, medium or long in length), but amp it up with polish by turning up the shine or adding touches of texture (curls, waves, body, curves).
2.  Turn up the texture by starting with your normal hairstyle but add curls and waves if normally straight or go straight if normally curly or wavy.  Play with changing your parts, brushing hair off the hairline if normally worn down around forehead or changing up your fringe (pull it to a different side, add texture).
3.  Messy tousled twists, buns, or knots.  Easy to do if you have medium to long hair, they add a touch of glam and polish without lots of complications.
4.  Polished ponytails offer a myriad of looks from the popular low side pony to the sassy top knot pony.  Ponytails are fine for Prom if they are sleek, polished and work with your gown.
5.  Traditional chignons, buns or updos can work for a formal event.  Remember to keep it age appropriate and complementary with your gown.
6.  Long sleek curls and waves.  Nothing defines romance better than long curls or soft undulating waves. 
7.  Stick straight strands are less in style but if you opt to wear your hair without texture consider a half up/half down Prom hairstyle or a bone straight style with a sparkly headband, barrette or tiara comb to add a bit of glam.
8.  Short and sassy.  Amp it up with lots of lush volume built into the crown or lots of shimming shine.
9.  Any hairstyle which works for your current hair type, texture (naturally curly, wavy, kinky, combo) and length.  There are no wrong Prom hairstyles as long as they look great on you and work with your gown and prom theme. 

Beautiful New Styles - Prom 2012 - 2013

All of the articles below are being updated for Prom 2011.  Come back and visit us so that you can get all the latest hairstyling tips for Prom 2011.  (Photo courtesy of South Carolina Association of Cosmetology Schools).

Long Prom Hair Style Trends For 2010-2011 - Should you wear your hair up or down?  Follow your heart but consider the Gown you select for your ultimate decision.  Read here for some additional hints.

Diane Kruger Hairstyle - Elegance In A Side Hairdo - Diane wears a fabulous hairstyle which combines a gorgeous side pony with side-swept bangs which are spectacular.  Perfect for Prom or any other formal event this style can be dressed up or dressed down.

Prom Hair - Long Deconstructed - Kate Hudson Ringlets - What's more alluring than long, bombshell blonde shimmering tresses cascading in waves of deconstructed ringlets and waves? 

Prom - Sassy Messy Updo! - This updo style is spectacular in a number of ways.  The long side-swept bangs are highlighted with ribbons of highlights and lowlights providing rich depth and movement while the sides of this messy updo are swept back towards the middle of head creating a sassy profile.

Prom Hair: Pinned Up Ringlets - Follow the step-by-step instructions to recreate this gorgeous style.

Hair Play Rule: Simply, Sexy Hairstyles & Hairdos On The Side - Whether you're floating down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams or down a winding staircase to dazzle your Prom date, simply sexy hairstyles and hairdos that combine lush waves worn captured on the side are a brilliant hair play. 

Steal Hannah Montana's (Miley Cyrus) long straight rock star hairstyle.

Prom Hair: The O.C.'s Prom Hairstyles. Read about Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Autumn Reeser, Navi Rawat and Samaire Armstrong and what they wore to the prom and their matching hairstyles.

How To Tease Hair!  Want a big beehive or just a nice big front quiff?  This article gives you step by step instructions.

Gallery Of Hair Styles - Finding Hairstyles for Prom at

To see a complete listing of styles for Prom and Updo related dressy hairstyles complete the following steps:

1.  Go to Gallery
2.  Select "Prom", "Formal" or "Updo" from The Interactive Style Selector selection list at the bottom of the page and select "All" to look at all the styles.
3.  Select the categories that you would like to see for age and other hair related features and then select the Prom, Formal or Updo category of styles.

For other Galleries check out the Barbara Lhotan Gallery or the Patrick Cameron Gallery.

Prom Hair Articles 

Check out the latest Prom hair articles:

Prom Hair - Simply Elegant

This updo is simple, elegant and involves splayed hair twists that are fanned around a ponytail hair loop.  Perfect for chin to shoulder length tresses.  

Prom Hair: Pinned Up Ringlets

Create stunning ringlets.

Prom Hair - Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

This updo is simple, elegant Always in style.  Ballerina buns work great for hair that is chin to below shoulder length.   

Prom Hair - Prom Up/Down Elegant Hairstyle

This up/down do is simple and beautifully elegant.  Works great for hair that is chin to below shoulder length. 

Prom Hair Countdown

This article gives you a step by step guide to everything you need to do to have an absolutely fabulous prom. 
Prom Hair - 5 Styles For Long Locks - If you want to wear your hair long and straight, check out these five Prom hair styling options.

Prom - Hairstyles On A Budget

This article gives you a step by step guide to everything you need to do to have an absolutely fabulous prom.

Prom - Prom Hair Accessories

Check out the hottest hair accessory trends for 2004 Prom season. 

Prom - Prom Hairstyles: French Twist

Look at this updated version for Prom 2004.  You may not recognize it.

Prom - An Easy Sassy Updo

Whether you decide to let your hair down or go with an updo style, this article gives you ideas for a sassy updo that is ideal for medium to long hair that is coarse or medium to thick.  Accessorize with gorgeous barrettes or hair gems.

Retro Big Hair Styles For The Prom

Big hair is making a huge comeback on the fashion and celebrity runways.  If you want to go retro for the Prom, give big hair a whirl. Whether you go for a traditional beehive, a bouffant or a combination of an up/down style the options are limited only by your imagination and your willingness to tease your hair into a tower of strand submission.

Prom Hair - Easy Knotted Style Updo

Tie a few knots and you have this great Prom style. This style works great for medium to longer locks.

Prom Hair - Easy Updo For Medium To Long Hair

Whether you're getting married, competing in a beauty pageant, going to a Prom, Homecoming or have a very special night out on the town, sometimes a quick updo recipe is helpful to have in your back pocket.  This article provides several easy updo tips.

Elegant Curled Updo

This dressy hairstyle is an elegant updo that combines a sleek front with chic curls and loops that are carefully sculpted and pinned close to the head to give a sleek but elegant look. Perfect for medium to longer locks.

Jeweled Crown Twist Style

This style is easy to create and works great for just about length of hair or texture from short to long, thin/fine to thick hair.  Great way to instantly dress up short hair or enhance a softly curled longer style. 

Uneven Loop Braid

This style is elegant, beautiful and different. Work for medium to longer locks. Perfect for Prom. 

Put Your Best Updo Forward

Information with photos of various dressy Prom styles for medium to longer locks.

Check out some helpful tips on how to dress up short hair for any event from Prom to a Wedding.

Elegant Up/Down Dressy style

Check out our latest updo for Prom 2006. It combines elegant hair rolls topped off w/ beautiful hair jewels. Great for medium to long hair.

Many of the more elegant updo styles start or finish with a ponytail.  Read this article to get ideas for your Prom style.  Ponytails are hot for 2003 and can be worn as the ultimate dress-up style for any hair.

String Pulled Braided Chignon

This hot string pulled chignon can work for short, medium or long hair.  Created by the Paul Mitchell artistic hair team it is a great style that can work for just about any dressy hair event.

Twisted Elegance

This gorgeous twisted style can work on hair that is short to long and most textures.

Sassy Updo

This style is ideal for medium to long hair that is coarse or medium to thick. Accessorize with glittery hair gems, elegant filigree barrettes or glitter gel.

Easy Knotted Style  

Our fav stylist, Barbara Lhotan, has released a new book - 5 Minute Fun Finishes.  She has graciously shared one of her latest knotted styles just in time for the Holidays and 2003 Prom Season.

Hair For Dancing 

Jane Bullock gives you the 411 on hairstyles for different styles of dancing from Ballroom to the Prom to the latest rock moves.

Hair Stencils: Spin Up Your Prom Hair With Color, Glitter & Jewels

If you want a truly unusual hair look consider playing with your own custom designed hair stencils to get dramatic to edgy looks. This article tells you how to create your own look that no one can copy.

Hair Straightening For Proms: The Temporary Way

Karen gives the scoop on getting it straight for all those curly folks that want a new look for their Proms.

Hair Zigs & Zags:  Mastering Zig Zag Parts

Punch up your updo or hot new style with zigzag parts or hair sections.  Read this article to get some great new styling ideas. A perfect way to really create a very unique and beautiful Prom style that is all your own.

Prom Hair Countdown - Great tips for awesome Prom hair! Revised

"Whether you are a Prom bound male or female, these Prom hair tips will help guarantee the look you want".  Karen provides a countdown of what you should do when you want to have hot Prom hair.

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