Prom Hair Accessories & Jewels

Prom Hair Accessories & Jewels

Revised:  02/04/12

Prom 2012  - Prom Hair Accessories

View all our Prom hairstyles by visiting the Gallery and selecting the Prom option on the Style selector.  You can also look under Updo or Formal for additional Prom hairstyling ideas.

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Hottest Hair Accessory For Prom 2012 - 2013 - Is The Jessica Simpson HairDo.  Visit our Jessica Simpson HairDo Page.  Wear any Prom hairstyle you desire by going longer or shorter in an instant with any of Jessica Simpson's Instant Clip-In Extensions.

Prom Hair Accessories

Karen tells you what hair accessories are hot for Prom from barrettes and hair clips to hair snaps and flowers.

Tarina Tarantino

Gorgeous Rhinestone Hair Clips

Jane Bullock, ace report reviews some Gorgeous Rhinestone Hair Clips that would look stunning with just about any prom gown.

An Unusual Prom Look - Hair Snoods: Beautiful Hair Adornments From The Middle Age

Karen reviews the beauty and styles of various hair snoods. She discovered that there are several places right on the Internet where you can look at a large collection of beautiful snoods.  She also discovered that they made beautiful headpieces for dressy events just like Proms.

Prom Dress

Some hints for finding the perfect prom dress, and other ways to make your evening wonderful!

Tiaras For Prom

If you love the Tiara look for Weddings, Proms or other special events, we now have a gorgeous new item in the Marketplace under the combs section. 

Strapless Prom Dress 

Strapless Prom dress (#110)
by Calito

This gorgeous Strapless Prom dress (#110) created by Calito would look simply elegant with a soft French Twist updo, a beautiful necklace and stunning earrings. 

The Hair Boutique is very proud to announce their  formal business partnership with Prom Dress a fabulous site that offers excellent advice on everything to do with Proms.  Stop by and see the new Hair Boutique page and say hello to our friends at Prom Dress.

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