Hair Color

Hair Color

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Hair color offers an instant change to anyone's look.  The changes can range from simple and subtle to major and dramatic. 

Hair color can also impact hair texture since it will instantly add volume to thin, fine strands and may impact curls and waves in some cases.  When done properly, hair color can make hair softer and easier to care for or to style.

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NAHA Haircolor Winner
Adriana Balea
Toronto, ON
Photographer:  Babak

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Hair Color Extension Secrets - Hair color extension is an important aspect of having gorgeous hair hues.

Hair Color Disasters

Brassy Haircolor--What Can I Do To Correct This? Some HairTalk feedback on brassy hair color challenges.

Hair Color Disasters: How To Recover - The original article with tips on how to recover from a hair color disaster.

Hair Color Woes & Fixes:  What to do when your hair color doesn't turn out the way your dreamed.

Common Hair Color Problems & Fixes - Check out some common hair color problems and fixes.

Haircolor Horrors?  Read this informative article to deal with horrendous hues, whether you got them at home or at the salon. 

Non Toxic Haircolor If you color your hair & worry about allergic reactions or other dangers read this informative article.

Home Hair Color

NAHA  20 Haircolor Finalist
Sue Pemberton
Henderson, NV
Photographer:  Kevin Rolly

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Hair Coloring Tools - This article includes a list of the basic hair coloring tools you will need if you color hair at home.

This amazing product also works well to amp up natural hair color hues while making hair amazing soft and shiny.  Ken's celebrity clients like Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria use the revolutionary color drops on their own tresses.

Home Hair Color Do's & Don'ts  Read this informative article that gives an overview of different types of home hair color.

Hue It Yourself - Your Easy Guide To At-Home Haircolor - There are two things you need to know before choosing a haircolor: the type of product you want and the specific shade. It's the latter that's most limiting when it comes to home haircolor.

Professional Haircolor On A Budget - Master stylist and color expert Barbara Lhotan pointed out "there are many tricks that experts can use" to create stunning hue transformations" with much lower maintenance requirements.  

Professional Haircolor On A Budget - Read tips on getting professional hair color on a budget.

Thinking of A New Hue? Read this great 411 on Haircolor before you take the plunge.  Recently revised for current info on the hair coloring scene.

Men's Hair Color

Men's Hair Color Tips - What men need to know about hair color.

Haircolorist Secrets To Extending Colored Hair Life - 8 Tips To Keeping Hair Color Looking Gorgeous

Hair Color Trends

NAHA  20 Haircolor Finalist
Chrystofer Benson
New York, NY
Joseph Cartright

Courtesy of PBA
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Hair Color Trends For Fall 2008 - Read some new hair color trends for 2008.

Haircolor Basics: Hair Lighteners - Professional hair color lighteners were created with a basic purpose in mind.  The goal?  To lift dark hair to light by diffusing natural melanin present in the hair's cortex.

Hair & Hairstyling Trends: The Look For Spring Hair 1998 - Adding brightly colored hair stripes were hot for 1998.  To address this sizzling trend, hair mascaras were introduced by many major hair and cosmetic companies including Dior & Aveda.

Haircolor Basics: Hair Pigment Categories - Hair color experts study the theory of color pigment.  It is only through understanding hair pigments and correct color formulations that the correct color can be chosen and applied to hair color clients.

Curly Hair & Hair Color - Secrets You Must Know - If you have naturally curly hair you probably already know that you possess the most fragile hair type.   Which means your hair is more prone to damage from the application of chemicals such as bleach, straighteners, perms or hair color. 

Hair Color:  A Colorful Review - Victoria Wurdinger gives the skinny on the history of hair color to the current time.

Jennifer Lopez: Spectacular Hair Color - Check out Jennifer Lopez's hair coloring secrets from her celebrity Hair colorist, Rita Hazan.

Haircolor Basics: Hair Pigment Categories - This article explains hair color levels as well as hair pigment categories.

Revised:  Hair Color Tips: Understanding Laws Of Haircolor - This was the first article of its kind and was originally published on the Web in 2000.  It has been updated but the basic great tips remain the same.

Haircolor Basics: Hair Lighteners - Lightening products are used to lighten the hair to the desired shades.  Read more about these professional hair color formulations.

Blonde Hair

NAHA  20 Haircolor Finalist
Silas Tsang
Ottawa, Ontario

Courtesy of PBA
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George Papanikolas - Celebrity Hairdresser: Fade To Blonde - The amazing haircolorist is now the head haircolorist at the tony Andy LeCompte salon in LA.  Call George for a hair color appointment at 1-323-547-2347.  Please tell him Karen at sent you.  I am a huge fan of George and his work.

Blonde Hair:  21 Flavors Of Blonde - Paul Mitchell creates sizzling blonde shades.

Beautiful Highlights - Hair Highlighting Tips - Talk to ten hair consumers who are addicted to highlights and you will probably get ten different reasons why each person loves their highlights.  Check out this article about highlighting, low lighting and other techniques.

Blonde Legal Beauty Portia de Rossi Although Ally McBeal is saying farewell in May, Portia's long blonde tresses will never be forgotten.  Read how to re-create her twisted faux dread style. 

Going Blonde Naturally Karen provides formulas for using herbs to lighten your hair.

Platinum Blonde

Hair Color Trends: Pretty In Platinum Blonde

Dallas Stars Grant Marshall Goes Platinum Read how Grant is in the running for the newest Hockey Hair god with his new do. Also, check out Hockey Hair.

Hockey Hair Dallas Star Darryl Sydor shows that he is a hot new fashion leader with his new edgy blonde do.

Short Hair: At Home Color Advice

Jessica Simpson - Dark Hair Roots For A Reason - We got the scoop right out of her hairdresser's mouth.  Ken Paves spills on Jessica's dark hair roots.

Don't Judge A Celebrity By Their Hair Roots - Jessica Simpson, Jaime Pressly and Sarah Jessica Parker sport dark roots on purpose.  Read why.

NAHA 20 Haircolor Finalist
Silas Tsang
Ottawa, Ontario

Courtesy of PBA
All Rights Reserved

Stylist/Colorist Violet Volovik Wins Goldwell Contest Violet created a winning entry with a stunning school girl bed head look that is young and fun.  Read more about Violet and check out her gorgeous style.

Creative Color Gives Your Traditional Style A Kick Zano Salon's artistic team modernizes classic looks with today's color choices.

EC Mode's Revitalizing Shampoo A great tool to fight oxidation that can wreck your perm, beautiful new hair color or other chemical treatments.


ARTec's Color Depositing Shampoos ARTec wins Stylist Award for the Second Year.  Read all about ARTec's Color Depositing Shampoos.

Goldwell's Topchic Haircolor Goldwell takes home Stylist's Award For 2002. 


Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) Dana Scully has left the XFiles forever but her famous cinnamon red bobs will live on.  Read how Scully's hair changed over the nine seasons of the X-Files & how to steal her finger fluffed curls in her finale appearance.

Rene Russo - The Red Hot "Look" - Rene Russo took her movie role so seriously that she went from long and blonde to short, layered and multiple shades of red.  Rene went to the best and her hair reflected it.  Read about Rene's red hot look for 1999.

Hair Stencils If you want a truly unusual hair look consider playing with your own custom designed hair stencils to get dramatic to edgy looks.  Karen tells you how in her latest article.

How To Find A Great Colorist The wants to say a very special thank you to colorist Andre Nizetich of Andre's salon, in San Pedro, CA. (310-547-1168).  Andre was very kind to spend several minutes discussing hair coloring and providing insight into our new article. 

Hair Color Through The Ages Visiting hair expert Victoria Wurdinger gives us all the scoops on hair coloring history and trends.  Read this great article that provides a review of hair color through time.

NAHA 20 Haircolor Finalist
John Simpson
McDonald, PA

Courtesy of PBA
All Rights Reserved

Cancer and Hair Dyes....Is There A Connection? Karen reviews the various findings which conclude that hair colorists and people who use dark permanent dyes may be at the highest risk. 

Linda Tripp Gets A New Haircolor & Style Linda trip spent hours in a hot, trendy Beverly Hills Salon and emerged with a brand new cut and color.  She looks like a brand new lady.  It is amazing what great color and style will do.

A Colorful Review  Victoria Wurdinger provides some great insights into the history of hair coloring and gives a scoop on some new coloring techniques that are on the horizon.

An Interview With Master Colorist Henry Amador - Part Deux  Henry continues to evolve with his haircolor art.  Check out his latest journeys with color.

An Interview With Color Master Henry Amador  Henry is the inventor of a unique, one-of-a-kind hair coloring technique that is closer to a Master's work of art than just about anything else. After Henry explained how he makes a quilt of colors that is woven into a client's hair I was ready to sign up for his next quilt making session.

Coloring Faqs For Curly Hair - Karen examines the common problems that people with naturally curly hair face with using hair color.  Sometimes the color is darker & duller, sometimes it fades and sometimes it just doesn't turn out anything like you would expect.   Read this article for the reasons why people with curly hair experience difficulties with hair coloring.

Gray Hair

Color Your Grey Or Not?- Best Of Hair Talk #4  Edited by Karen M. Shelton - Men have always been considered "distinguished" with gray hair while women have been marked as "getting older".  When your gray starts to show, do you color it or not?  This is a popular topic at both The Hair Talk and Hair Politics boards.  This Best of Hair Talk shows some common thoughts on the topic.

Resistant Grays:  Friend of Foe? Should you banish your gray?  It may not be as easy as it seems.  Read this article to get the scoop.

Hair Color

Hair Color Tips From William - by William, Introduction by Karen M. Shelton - "We are very proud to present this first article from one of our Hair Talk regulars.  William is a professional with extensive knowledge about hair coloring.  If you have any interest in coloring your hair or have had problems with coloring in the past, you must read William's article.  We are sure that he will save many from "orange" hair.  Thank you William." 

Best of Hair Talk - William Talks About Hair Color - by Karen M. Shelton - "The second in our Best of Hair Talk series features our hair color expert William with lots of great facts about hair color." 

Making Your Hair Color Last - Whether you have your hair professionally colored or you use a home hair coloring kit, you probably want to make your hair color last as long as possible. Karen Shelton tells you about several things you can do to maximize your newly colored locks so that the color remains deep and vibrant as long as possible."

Black Hair

Senscience Color Effects Hair Mascara - Jane Bullock reviews her use of the Senscience Hair Mascara.

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