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This Hair Section features everything you would like to know about Hair.

Brand New Hair Articles

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Hair: Hair Texture - Details about hair textures.

Hair Profiling - An overview of hair type, texture and related topics.

Hair Profiling II: Hair Texture - Details on Hair Texture.

Seven Ways To Give Your Hair More Texture - Tips on how to create more texture for your hair.

Hair: Adding Bangs - Descriptions of different types of bangs.

Hair Tips: Trim Your Own Bangs - Detailed step by step instructions.

Hair: How To Trim Your Bangs - Abridged version of cutting your own bangs.

Hair Bangs - Types & Face Shapes - Match your face shape to possible bang options.

Celebrity Hair: Bangs & Fringes - Check out celebrities and their bang styles.

Hair - What is hair?  Read this article for answers.

Hair Structures - Hair exists both above the surface of the skin and below it.  Hair can be categories by its detailed structure and by two key divisions or groups.   Read more with this article.

Hair Growth - Hair can only be formed by other hair.  Read how the hair growth cycle works.

Hair - The Musical - Although not related to hair that grows on human, the musical with the name Hair has been a worldwide phenomenon.

Hair As It Ages - Hair changes throughout the life cycle.

Hair Diseases - Hair diseases can be both contagious and non-contagious.

Hair Diseases: Contagious - Find out what the two most contagious forms of hair disease are.

Hair: Life Cycle - The commonly recognized cycles of hair is anogen, telogen and catogen.  Read more in this article.

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Hair Gallery Of Styles

Gallery of Short Hair Styles
Visit our very special gallery of super short styles including latest celebrities.  Are you looking for the perfect hair cut? You just may find it here.

Hairstyles - Female - Short To Very Short

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Gallery of Very Short Hairstyles
Pictures Of Short Hair & Hairstyles

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