Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles

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Miranda Lambert's Glam Side Pony Hairstyle

Miranda Lambert

Hair Quiffs From The 50s - Pile It On - The hair quiff as worn by Kaley Cuoco.

An Interview With JerkyFlea: World Famous Celebrity Hair Critic

Hair Personality - Define Yours!  -  It may be obvious to you, but to some, finding their ultimate hair personality can be extremely challenging.  Although it may be different than your overall fashion and signature scents, your hair type generally tracks with your total image.

Steal Cameron Diaz's Sexy Messy Updo HairStyle.  Yes, it's prom time and you can look gorgeous with do-at-home celebrity styles. 

Hairstyles: Feel Comfortable In Your Own Hair - Ellen DeGeneres shunned a gown for her recent W Magazine cover while honoring her short signature hairstyle explaining she wanted to stay in her comfort hair zone.  Read how to establish your own zone.

Jacqueline Bisset is gorgeous at 62.  Read hot to embrace your inner beauty & look fab like Jackie.

Sandra Bullock:  New Angled Shorter Bob.

Check out Sandra Bullock's gallery of hairstyle transitions.

Winona Ryder Hits The Red Carpet To Promote Her New Film & Her Scrunched Strands - Steal her style.

Hair & Hairstyling Tips: Pam Anderson Long Blonde Hair Icon.

Hugh Laurie - Dr. House's Haircut & Styling Secrets. Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell gives us the scoop on Dr. House's hair.

Short Hair: Jennifer Landon - Emmy Winning Short Tresses - The daughter of Michael Landon score winning short tresses.  Steal her style.

Woman Suing John Barrett Salon for $150,000 for "bad hair day".

Patricia Arquette Gets Married & Rocks A Beautiful Blonde Bob On Medium.

Steal Mandy Moore's Sizzling Pony Loop

Patrick Cameron News - Long Hair Expert

Hair & Hairstyling Tips: Mandy Moore's Short Hairstyles

Read actress Lana Parilla's Short Hairstyle Windfall - Hair Tips & Hair Styling Techniques.  Currently starring on NBC's Summer Hit - Windfall.

CBS Criminal Minds - Hair Raising Behavior.

Short Hair:  Fine Hair - Styling Secrets For Volume Sharon Stone's sizzling hot short hairstyles.

Jessica Simpson - Sizzling Redhead. We have the latest exclusive hair scoops from her Celebrity Hairdresser - Ken Paves.  Check out the behind-the-scenes news on her gorgeous short Lady In Red transformation.

The Women On Fox TV's 24  Check out the profiles of the key female cast members on the current season of 24..

Beyonce Knowles


Paula Abdul
Read this article about Paula, brought to you from the Hair Boutique, "the most copied hair site on the Web".

Christina Aguilera: Hair A Girl Wants

Christina Aguilera - Steal her style.

Christina Aguilera's Hairstyles - Check out her updos.

Jessica Alba continues to kick hair butt
Check out how to steal Jessica's look.

Laura Allen of USA's 4400 came back to earth with a sizzling choppy bob.  Steal her style.

Laura Allen Short Hairstyles (4400)

Gillian Anderson:  Alien Redhead

Pamela Anderson:  Celebrity Hair Secrets

Jennifer Aniston Straight Hair Tips
Jennifer does long silky strands with grace & style. Step by step tips to steal her sleek style.

Jennifer Aniston: A Hot Updo
If you are looking for a hot way to wear your medium to long hair for a special Christmas party, check out this updo with step-by-step instructions.

Christina Applegate
Tousled curls making a splash on Broadway. Step by step tips to recreate.

Christina Applegate
Cosmo Girl Hair

Christina Applegate
Emmy Award Style

Samaire Armstrong's Short Hairstyles

Patricia Arquette Gets Married & Rocks A Beautiful Blonde Bob On Medium.

Jennifer Aspen's Short Bob.  Steal the beautiful short blonde bob of TV star.

Shondrella Avery - Girl Behaving Badly!
This rising star recently showed up her Afro style on the Red Carpet.  Read how to steal her style.

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson


Bangs & Fringes Celebrity Style

Cynthia Basinet - Check out this former Ford model's sassy red short shag w/tips on how to steal it.

Cynthia Basinet- Short Hairstyles

Mischa Barton

Kylie Bax

Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars - Hair Flashbacks

Annette Benning's Short Hairstyles

Beyonce's braid decorated updo. Step by step instructions.

Beyonce Knowles: Pretty Ponytail - Step by step instructions.

Halle Berry's hair styles - short, medium and long. Check out the article about Halle's short hair from her Academy Award days.

Short Hair: Halle Berry's Classic Cut

Halle Berry's Classic Cut.

Halle Berry's Short Hairstyles

Jessica Biel told InStyle Magazine that she has a hard time blow drying her hair straight.  Read about her hair traumas.

Michael Bolton In His Early Mullet Hairstyle
Check out the article on the famous Mullet hairstyles and see a great photo of Michael Bolton.

Lara Flyn Boyle
Missing Angel.

David Bowie In His Mullet
David Bowie is famous for his Mullet that he sported during his Ziggy Stardust days.  This article has a great photo of Mr. Bowie Mullet.

Jordana Brewster was fab in The Fast & Furious - steal her winning style.


Dean Cain is a Phyto Celebrity
Read about Dean & his favorite Phyto products & his new movie.

  6/28/06 Patrick Cameron News - Long Hair Expert

Tom Cavanagh Showcased Male Hair & Accessory Trends on CBS' Love Monkey

Angela Christian - Curly Strands Read about how to style naturally curly medium or short hair.

Glenn Close's Short Hairstyles

Rachel Leigh Cook
Rachel had a stunning hairstyle as a Prom Queen Wannabe in "She's All That".  Read about Rachel's do and how to recreate your own version of a elegant, but hot Prom style.  Perfect for medium length hair or longer.

Marcia Cross - Ruby Haired Housewife
Marcia has every hair in place both off and on the screen.

Elisha Cuthbert's Gallery Of Hairstyles

Adrianne Curry
Reality Hair Highlights.


Dean Cain is a Phyto Celebrity

Tyne Daily
Smashing gray strands.

Geena Davis - Presidental Hair
Celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell shares some secrets of the new Commander In Chief's power hairstyles.

Ellen Degeneres aka she-who-dances

Ellen Degeneres:  Celebrity Hairstyles

Drea de Matteo - Hair Secrets
Long lush curls & waves.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz
One of her most prized possessions is a hair accessory that was a gift from her mom.  Check out Cameron's tresses & get tips to recreate.

Cameron Diaz
One of her most prized possessions is a hair accessory that was a gift from her mom.  Check out Cameron's tresses & get tips to recreate.

Mini Ponytails For Short Hair Worn by Cameron Diaz


Celine Dion
Check out the inside scoop on Celine's hair from celebrity hairdresser - Ken Paves.

Eliza Dushku & Her Tru Calling
The former Buffy The Vampire Slayer villian has her own show set in a morque.  Check out her hair.

Portia de Rossi
Portia de Rossi has gorgeous long blonde hair and she knows how to wear it many ways from ultra conservative to loose and soft.

Portia de Rossi
Legally Blonde Beauty.

Carmen Electra's Hot New Layered Style
Carmen Electra - Short Hair Fallacy

All About Eve
Eve is the gorgeous red-haired queen of the Rap world.  HairBoutique.com has a report about Eve's hair preferences directly from her stylist, Suzette Boozer.  Read Kate Patterson's great interview about Eve.  Courtesy of Phytotherathrie.

Revised 9/21/07 Eve: The Many Hairstyles Of Rappin Star!


Calista Flockhart.

Daisy Fuentes. This gorgeous Latin beauty is famous for her long and luscious strands. 

Daisy Fuentes Hairstyles

Eileen Fulton
As The World Turns & Her Hair

Nelly Furtado Karen reviews her various hairstyles & her hot new look.

Nelly Furtado Gallery.


Jennifer Garner - Blonde & Pregnant!
Season Five of Alias premiered last night with a series of new wigs for Jennifer along with a new storyline involving her real life pregnancy.

Jennifer Garner Kicks Some Hair Butt!
This recent winner of the Golden Globes for Best Actress is famous for her dizzying area of hairstyles, wigs & looks.  Read about Jennifer's hair & costume changes in this article. 

Steal Jennifer Garner's Prom Chignon
Karen tells you how w/ detailed step by steps.

Bob Guiney - Bachelor #4


Alyson Hannigan's Short Hairstyle

Alyson Hannigan shines on How I Met Your Mother.

Alyson Hannigan has arrived in a recurring role on UPN's Veronica Mars on Tuesday nights (9:00 - 10:00 PM ET/PT) with a hot new look to match her new rich bitch character.  If you loved Alyson on Buffy, you won't want to miss her on Veronica Mars.

Angie Harmon returns to NBC for Fall 2005 in Inconceivable Steal her lush locks.

Goldie Hawn & Scarlett Johansson - Blondes Had More Fun At The Golden Globe Awards. The secrets of

Teri Hatcher
From Superman's sidekick to Desperate Housewife.

Alyson Hannigan: Short Red Hair
Alyson has left the world of Vampires behind and has jumped to Veronica Mars to guest star.

Jennifer Love Hewitt:  Blunt Red Bob
Read about Jennifer's hot new classic bob style.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Shining Star

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Ghostly Waves
The former star of Party of Five returns for a ghost buster series that has all the makings of a hit!

Paris Hilton - Hair Scandals
The latest scandal involves rumors that Paris is suffering from serious loss as the result of excessive use of hair extensions? Check out this article & get more of the the Paris hair scoops.

Lauren Holly with Short Hairstyles


JerkyFlea: An Interview With World Famous Celebrity Hair Critic

Scarlett Johansson - Blonde & Braided
Step by step tips to steal Scarlett's style.

Short Hair: January Jones - American Blonde Beauty.  Steps to steal her style.


 Kate Winslet Hair
An entire section dedicated to the British actress who won the Academy Award in 2009.

Her hair has been pink, platinum and now orange but her voice is what always gets the most attention.

Jean Louisa Kelly's gorgeous natural curls.  
TV Actress from Yes Dear has great hair.

Jean Louisa Kelly's Short Hair Ringlets!

Anna Kournikova's Long Pony - Secrets Of Instant Long Hair.  


Honey Labrador Short Hairstyles

Evangeline Lilly
ABC's Lost girl with gorgeous waves and curls. Steal her look.

Lucy Liu
From Angel to Judge - Hair Secrets.

6/15/06 Lucy Liu Goes With A New Short Classic Bob. Read the scoop on Lucy's new do directly from her celeb hairdresser.

Lindsay Lohan with Short Hairstyles

Eva Longoria
Award winning Housewife tresses.

Heather Locklear
Takes big hair to the Red Carpet for the premiere of her new movie. Check out the step by step instructions to steal her style.

Jennifer Lopez gets a major chop.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' perfect spiral curls
Elaine from Seinfeld is back on NBCTV with the hot new show - Watching Ellie.  Read how to copy her fabulous chunky curls.


Evangeline Lilly
ABC's Lost girl with gorgeous waves and curls. Steal her look.

Allison Mack - Short Haired Sassy Blonde
Steal this Smallville's star style.

Allison Mack's Short Hairstyles

Taryn Manning's Short Hairstyles that range from Short Bobs to Short & Curly Hair.Short Hair Wedding Styles.

Vanessa Marcil: Celebrity Hairstyles - Las Vegas

Grant Marshall - Hockey Player - Goes Platinum
Read how Grant is in the running for the newest Hockey Hair god with his new do. Also, check out Hockey Hair.

Chase Masterson's Short Hairstyles

Martina McBride: Short & Sassy Style
Steal Martina's latest short but sassy look.

6/17/06 Paul McCartney - The Nice Beatle Turns 64 & Still Has His Hair.

Rose McGowen - Haircolor Magic - The Ongoing Evolution of Paige Matthews Halliwell

6/17/06 Katharine McPhee. Long & lush American Idol tresses.  Steal her style & get details on her lovely long hair look.

Eva Mendes
This Cuban beauty has hair that is full and luscious.  Steal her style.

Debra Messing's Secrets Of Luscious Curls & Waves

Alyssa Milano's Short Hairstyles

Radha Mitchell - Radha Mitchell is starring in the sizzling new film - Silent Hill.  Check out her hot blonde short bob w/tips on how to steal it.

Sienna Miller goes for a chop.

Katherine Moenning (L Word) Short Hairstyles

Demi Moore - Hair To There & Back
In GI Jane the beautiful brunette actress literally shave it all off.  In 2003 she reappeared after being MIA with her own waist length strands.  Now she has gone a little shorter with more body and waves.

Mandy Moore

6/26/06 Steal Mandy Moore's Sizzling Pony Loop

Kathryn Morris - Short Tressed Trend Setter
Karen tells you how to get the Cold Case stars hot short shaggy ribboned look.

Alanis Morrisette 

Brittany Murphy


Thandie Newton - Curly Hair Style Star - Natural curls worn in a chic but easy twisted updo.

Nicole Richie's Hair: Sassy Updo - The petite blonde Nicole understands how to take a classic nape hair twist and make it her own in an instant.  This articles demonstrates Nicole's nape twist. 

Belo Nock - The Clown With Big Hair.


Nancy O'Dell
Gorgeous Hollywood hair.

Sandra Oh:  Grey's Anatomy

Kelly Osbourne Kelly has morphed through a dizzying array of short hairstyles & colors.  Check out this gallery of her looks.

Sharon Osbourne:  Foxy Hair At 50+
An Ode To Sharon Osbourne

Karen is addicted to Sharon's show & waxes poetically about the lovely Mrs. Ozzy.


Read actress Lana Parilla's Short Hairstyle Windfall - Hair Tips & Hair Styling Techniques.  Currently starring on NBC's Summer Hit - Windfall.

Mary Louise Parker's Fabulous Updo For The Golden Globes
Robert Hallowell graciously shares all of his step-by-step styling secrets for his styling of Mary Louise.

Mary Louise Parker's Tresses - Stage Actor's Hair.

Sean Paul has blazin braids that are his trademark.  The Dancehall/Hip Hop Dean is also sitting at the top of the charts.  Check out his new photo gallery.

Ken Paves
Hair wizard behind Jessica Simpson.

Visit the Ken Paves page to see all the articles on HairBoutique.com about Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves.

Frankie Payne - Celebrity Hairdresser To The Stars

Pauley Perrette - NCIS - Hair From Goth
Pauley Perrette plays Abby on CBS' hit series NCIS.  Read how to copy her style.

Caleigh Peters

Ellen Pompeo - Grey's Anatomy

Natalie Portman takes it all off for a new movie role.

Laura Prepon- That 70s Show Redhead -
If you love Donna on That 70s Show then steal her look.  Karen tells you how. 

Jaime Pressly's Hair - My Name Is Earl
This blonde beauty rocks her style and her color both on and off the screen.

Reality Hair Makeovers - America's Next Top Model
Tyra Banks guides a stable of wannabe models through major hair makeovers every Wednesday Night on UPN (8-9 ET/PT).  Read about the reality of what happens with the contestants.


Ving Rhames - Bald Is Beautiful - Kojack Is Back
Ving Rhames takes on the famous police detective in a remake that premieres Friday, March 25 on USA Network (9-11 ET - all rights reserved).

LeAnn Rimes has a hot career that is going strong w/a recent nomination for Favorite Female Country Artist. Steal her latest soft curly twist.

Nicole Richie's Gorgeous Nape Twist - Perfect for Prom. Read more.

Kelly Ripa Is A Hair Goddess
Read about Kelly Ripa & her beautiful blonde locks.

Doris Roberts - Beautiful gray tresses.

Lisa Rinna - Short Sassy Signature Hairstyle

Lisa Rina's Short Hairstyles 

Sara Rue - Less Than Perfect doesn't apply to her gorgeous cinnamon strands. Celebrity stylist Robert Hallowell has the scoop.

Rene Russo & Hairdresser Lucie Doughty Read how Lucie keeps Rene's hair looking gorgeous.

Paulina Rubio
This award winning Mexican pop star has natural curls.  Even better she hangs out with Jessica Simpson.  Read the scoop on her tresses.

Rene Russo
Rene is the hot new hair look for 1999.  Her rusty red locks cut in a sexy new style has people talking about how to get the same look. Karen gives you the scoop on who is responsible.

Meg Ryan -The Evolution Of !
From lush long curls in Another World, Top Gun & When Harry Met Sally to her famous shaggy bedheaded bobs in You've Got Mail & Addicted to Love, Meg has continually delighted us with some of the hottest hair looks around. 


Katee Sackhoff - Short Sassy Strands from Battlestar Gallactica.  Steal her style.

Jane Seymour, Cher, Jaqueline Bisset - Long Hair For Women Over 40 - (Originally published in 1998) Many people still believe that older women should have short hair. However, Jane Seymour, Cher and Jaqueline Bisset have proven that women over 40 can look stunning with long locks. Karen examines the history of women with long hair over 40 and provides some answers.

Kyra Sedgwick stars in the TNT series - The Closer
Read about the funny wigs that Kyra & the rest of the hair team wore at their Friday night theme parties.

Marley Shelton:  Uptown Girl With Funk
The maestro of lightening hair changes, celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, recently joined stellar forces with spectacularly beautiful Marley Shelton to make smashing new short hair history.

Ashley Scott - Our latest Gallery Images

Nicolette Sheridan:  Blonde & Desperate Housewife - Steal Her Look.

Alicia Silverstone - MISS Match shows off her gorgeous blonde tresses.

ABC Bachelorette #3 - Jen Schefft offers a hidden viewing interest that transcends love and romance. 

Ashlee's Simpson's Short Hairstyles

Ashlee Simpson joins the celebrity braid brigade.
Ashlee Simpson's Hair - Light & Dark
Ashlee Simpson - Hair From Heaven

Ashlee Simpson is fighting personal demons with a new CD and platinum blonde tresses.

Channeling Jessica Simpson! Check out the Before & After photos of a hair extension makeover.

Jessica Simpson - Teams up with Redken.
Jessica Simpson - Dark Hair Roots For A Reason
We got the scoop right out of her hairdresser's mouth.  Ken Paves spills on Jessica's dark hair roots.
Jessica Simpson's Haircolorist - Rita Hazan Chats about blonde moments.
Jessica Simpson's Mane Man.

Jessica Simpson - Sizzling Redhead. We have the latest exclusive hair scoops from her Celebrity Hairdresser - Ken Paves.  Check out the behind-the-scenes news on her gorgeous short Lady In Red transformation.

The Gorgeous Simpsons:  Jessica & Ashlee
Ken Paves - Hair wizard behind Jessica Simpson.
Rita Hazan - Celebrity Colorist

Celebrity Hair Secrets: Jessica Simpson

Britney Spears:  Celebrity Hair Secrets

Courtney Thorne-Smith's Blonde Tresses - According To Jim  This blonde actress went from a sizzling Melrose Place role to a housewife and mom.  Regardless, her blonde tresses still rock.

Molly Sims heats up the set of NBC's Las Vegas.  She also has a long and versatile range of hairstyles.  Check them out & steal her look.

Joss Stone - Long Haired Celebrity - She is a woman of soul with gorgeous long locks.

Sharon Stone - Short Hair Icon Check out her gallery with her best short hairstyles.

Sharon Stone:  Fine Hair - Styling Secrets For Volume.

Sharon Stone's Gallery of best Short Hairstyles.

Donald Sutherland The legendary actor plays bad boy Nathan Templeton in the the sizzling new Commander in Chief.

Darryl Sydor - Hockey Hair
Hockey Star Darryl Sydor shows that he is a hot new fashion leader with his new edgy blonde do.


Amber Tamblyn is sizzling in Sisterhood Of Traveling Pants - Steal Her Straight style.

Audrey Tautou - Dark Haired Actress On The Rise
Currently starring in The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks, Audrey is famous as Amelie.

Elizabeth Taylor
Smashing gray strands.

Charlize Theron's Short Hairstyles

Michelle Trachtenberg
Buffy's little sis.

Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman started a craze for hair knots.  Read this article about "Knots Are Hot" and check out the great photo of Uma with her own version of the hair knots.

Donald Trump's Cotton Candy Comb-over & make some radical new style suggestions.  


Alexa Vega - Evolving Hairstyles This young actress is a hair trendsetter.  Check out her hair evolution over the past 4 years.


Caitlin Wachs - First Daughter On Commander In Chief
This rising star recently showed up her Afro style on the Red Carpet.  Read how to steal her style.

Becky Walhstrom rocks as Joan of Arcadia's Grace Polk
Karen explains how Grace's hairstyle has helped to define and transform her character.  

 Kate Winslet Hair
An entire section dedicated to the British actress who won the Academy Award in 2009.

Linda Wang Interview
HairBoutique.com's Karen Shelton spent over 1 hour chatting live with Linda, the charming, funny actress, beautiful Pantene hair model and special lady.  Read all about Linda, her hair and her dedication to acting.  (Photo credit: Bill Morris) Check out Linda's gallery of some of her best photos.

Celebrity Hair: Reese Witherspoon wins for Heavenly Hair & gets ready to Walk the Line as June Carter Cash.

Reese Witherspoon - Beautiful As A Brunette
Reese is willing to dye for her art and has morphed from blonde to ruby red and now chocolate brown.  Check out Reese's thoughts on being a brunette.

Reese Witherspoon:  Heavenly Style

General Celebrity

American Idol: Where new talent met great hair
Check out Karen's notes on the tresses of the winners and losers.

Bangs & Fringes Celebrity Style

From Brunette To Blonde
Reese, Ashlee Simpson, Mary Kate & Meg Ryan have all ditched their blonde hues for brunette locks.  Check out some brunette hair color tips.

Celebrity Hair Lookalike Makeovers:  Beyonce

Celebrity Hair News Lighter, Longer, Honey Colored & Softer For Spring 98.  Go back in the time machine to 1998 trends & compare to current trends.

Celebrity Hair Secrets:  Britney, Jessica Simpson & Pamela Anderson

Celebrity Male - Hair Style Secrets: Hair secrets of Brendan Fraiser, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay & Nick Lachey.

Celebrity Inspired Short Hair Read about Actress/Actor hair & the short tresses hiding underneath all those extensions.

Celebrity Sisters - The Power Of Different Hair color & Styles
Paris & Nicky, Ashlee & Jessica, Mary-Kate & Ashlee are all celebrity siblings searching for that special difference. 

Don't Judge A Celebrity By Their Hair Roots
Jessica Simpson, Jaime Pressly and Sarah Jessica Parker sport dark roots on purpose.  Read why.

Halloween Hair Meets Rock Stars
Dress up as Brittany or Janis Or Joss Stone.

Hair Loss Issues After The Baby Is Born?
What do celebrities do after the baby is born & they suffer hair loss challenges?  Read this article for some of their secrets. 

Mini Ponytails For Short Hair  Even if you have short strands you can wear the hottest ponytail styles.  Go for a Mini Ponytail like Cameron Diaz wears.

Prom Romance For 2005-2006 Season
The recent European runways featured romance.  Check out this gorgeous gown & matching updo.

Pregnancy: Chic Celebrity Style
It must be in the water in Beverly Hills since so many stars are currently expecting their own little starlets. 

TV & Special Event Hair

AMA awards captured some good hair trends from the likes of Shania Twain, Mariah and Christina.  Check out the photos & her observations.  Hint: long locks are back in force.

America's Next Model Contestant Channels Tyra Banks.

American Idol: Where new talent met great hair
Check out Karen's notes on the tresses of the winners and losers.

CBS scores with Math, Murder & Good Hair on new Numb3rs Drama Series. 

CSI Miami:  Brains, Beauty & Great Dos

CBS Criminal Minds - Hair Raising Behavior.

Emmy hair
Check out some award winningincluding Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Jean Smart and Stockard Channing to name a few of the stars that are covered.

The Women On Fox TV's 24  Check out the profiles of the key female cast members on the current season of 24.

Llama Love
What do Oprah, Johnny Cash, William Randolph Hearst and hundreds of American has in common?  Read this article to find out.

Make Friends With Your Face
The face shapes and hair tips of the ladies from Friends.

Grey's Anatomy - Hospital Hair Happenings

Hair At The 2002 Academy Awards
JLo was there and so was Julia Roberts.  Check out the images.

That 70s Show Hair Happenings

The Ladies Of Las Vegas
NBC has a hit plus a team of lovely ladies including Molly Sims, Vanessa Marcil, Nikki Cox, Marsha Thomason and Cheryl Ladd.

Prom Hair: The O.C.'s Prom Hairstyles. Read what all the OC girls wore & how they did their hair.

Oscar 2004 Hair - Behind The Scenes & Predictions

Celebrity Hairdressers

Nanci Cascio: Celebrity Hairstylist On The Move

Louise O'Connor is a celebrity stylist on the edge

Celebrity Hairstylist Jose Eber: Messenger Of Beauty creator of Farrah's wings &  wash n wear hair.

Celebrity Hairdresser's Tips: Blow Drying Your Hair! Tips from Ken Paves, Robert Hallowell & Barbara Lhotan.

Celebrity Stylist Robert Hallowell provides the inside sequel hair scoops & styling tips for stars Lucy Liu, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Jessica Parker...to name a few.  

21 Flavors Of Blonde
John Paul Mitchell cranks up the blonde to chase away Winter Blues.

Angelina Jolie
Kelly Carlson
Kelly Ripa
Renee Zellweger
Winona Ryder

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