Braids, Dreadlocks & Related Styles

Braids, Dreadlocks & Related Styles

Revised:  02/04/12

Hair Tip - Ashlee Simpson Braids - This article provides tips on how to achieve Ashlee's simple three strand braid that formed a border on either side of her head. 

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Hair Tip - Scarlett Johansson: Blonde & Braided

Steal Scarlett's edgy short braided look with step by step instructions included in this article.

Braids & Bows: The Creative Activity Kit

A new book on braids?  Yes & Karen found it, bought it & tells you all about it.  Read all about it here.

Hair Styling Snippets - Fishtail Braids & Ponytails - How To

This elegant style looks great on medium to long hair & is perfect for a special event like New Years Eve. Brought to by The Hair Boutique, "the most copied hair site on the Web".

Warrior & Goddess Braids Hit The Fashion Runaways

Check out some stunning new photos of the hottest braids from the recent Autumn 1999 fashion shows. Check out why they are called warrior or goddess braids.

Gorgeous Heidi & Tiara Braids Are Hot

The recent Autumn fashion runways had lots of evidence of the renewed popularity of braids, especially the Heidi and Tiara braids.  Learn how to do this newly hot braid in this article.

Easy But Elegant Long Hair Ponytail & Updo Styles w/ Braided Options   

Karen will be the first to tell you that she is always searching for new long hair styles that are quick & easy but beautiful and elegant.

French Braids:  A Classic Look For Long To Medium Hair by Karen M. Shelton

Patricia Coen's classic books, Beautiful Braids and More Beautiful Braids has just recently been reissued.  I snagged a brand new copy and decided it was time for an update on the French Braid style.

The Two Strand Overlap Braid
by Karen M. Shelton

"Karen explains in step by step detail how to create a Two Strand Overlap braid with a fishtail bottom. It looks stunning and would work for long to super long hair and is perfect for any dressy style.

Dressy Hair Styles - Part #2: Hairline Braids (Dutch, Elizabethan & Braided Face Frame)
by Karen M. Shelton

In my humble opinion, a great "dress up" hairstyle for medium to long hair is a hairline braid. My long hair works perfectly in one of the various hairline braids and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the event." More...


Hairstyle News - Latest Looks In Dreadlocks (12/10/99)

Yes, dreadlocks have made it to the International and European fashion runways.  Karen gives you some great photos and a little history on this hot new hair trend.

Karen Interviewed The Knotty Boy Founders & Got The Inside Scoop on  Dreadlocks! (8/2/99)

Karen spent time with co-founders Adrianna Hepper & Andrew Power & discovered how the Knotty Boy Dreadlock Wax came to be.  One of Karen's best interviews ever.  Check it out.  Are dreadlocks in your future?

If You Have Dreadlocks, Braids Or Related Hairstyles Read About Nubian Secrets Shampoo & Scalp cleaner (7/29/99)

After many years of research a new product has been announced. Read about this amazing new product.

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