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Karen Marie Shelton 
Date: 5/28/1999

And The Bride Wore


cake.jpg (15115 bytes)Most of the time I take my task as Hair Link of The Week reviewer pretty seriously.  I am constantly on the lookout for sites that are hair or beauty related that will provide new insights, information or helpful hints for the Hair Boutique visitors.

However, I will confess that the only thing that allows me to retain my limited grasp on sanity is my sense of humor.  One of my favorite Hair Talk Boards is   the Hair Boutique's Bloopers Board.  Over the years I have had my share of bizarre hair experiences that I could laugh about over time.

So when I found And The Bride Wore site purely by accident, I felt like I was finding another form of bloopers site.

I have to admit that I found this delightful site purely by accident when I was researching wedding links for a recent Hair Boutique bridal hair article.  I am not sure even how I got to the site since I was snaking in and out of links a mile high.

Luckily I did find the site and enjoyed every minute of my stay.

This site was also created "on the fly".  The webmaster explains that "while preparing for her own wedding, a dear friend stumbled upon examples of
strange, odd, and unflattering wedding accessories."

The friend kept the strangest of the lot, and they are presented on this award winning site along with the webmaster's friend's delightful comments.

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And The Bride Wore site includes the following categories:

  • Strange Headgear

  • Sleeves Bigger than my Head

  • Dual-Use Wedding Gowns

  • Dear Wedding Lady -- My butt isn't big enough

  • Flower Abuse

  • Groom's Gloom

  • Do Unto Others

  • Bridesmaid's Lament

  • What Were They Thinking

OK, OK, I have to confess that my absolute favorite was Dear Wedding Lady --my butt isn't big enough.  I laughed the hardest at the 62 Buick photo.  

I am not surprised to see that someone actually created a gown with this giant set of fins.  What surprises me is that someone famous didn't wear it.  After all, they seem to gravitate to the most bizarre apparel.  Especially "butt enhancers" for the annual Academy Awards.

Hair Boutique Contributions To The List

I can really relate to many of the photos in the And The Bride Wore galleries.   The Hair Boutique has a few of their own to add to the list.  These include the following:

weddinggallery040t.jpg (2990 bytes)

Oops I forgot to put on my wedding dress....or...does this veil really go with my slip?

weddinggallery039t.jpg (2983 bytes)

I didn't have time to get my nails done, but I did get my legs waxed.


This site is a simple but elegant presentation of the truth that real life is often stranger than fiction.  This small but wonderful site has won several awards over the years include the very prestigeous Cool Site of the Day (they deserved it) and the Short Attention Span Site of the Week, to name a few.


The And The Bride Wore site wins the Hair Boutique's Silver Hair Brush (our version of the best of the best) for Hair Boutique's Link of the Week. 

This site is a wonderful little gem of true-to-life humor.  Any bride suffering pre-wedding nerves should stop and look at the photos on this site to relieve the stress.  You would have to try really hard to look worse.'s Hair Link of the Week 18silvw64.gif

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