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Blowing The Hair Blowout

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Revised Date:  05/18/12 - Original Publication Date: 05/18/12


Hairstylist Getting Ready To Blow Dry Hair

With Blow Dryer


Many people think the biggest danger their hair may face at the salon is from hair color or chemicals gone wrong.  Other fear the razor of the scissors. 

In reality, blow outs can be where many stylists blow it.

Hair guru Barbara Lhotan confirmed that the number one mistake 95% of people just out of beauty school make is with the blow out. 

Barbara noted that even some seasoned hairstylists struggle with creating blowouts for their clients. 

The number one mistake?  Not drying the hair completely.  This may result in desert dry strands on top and wet or sticky underneath. 

Why does this happen?  Some of the most common reasons include:

1.  Not taking time to completely towel blot excess moisture from newly washed strands.
2.  Applying the wrong styling products for the hair being dried and styled.
3.  Rushing through the detangling process or using the wrong detangling tools.
4.  Not separating hair into individual clipped up sections.
5.  Trying to blow dry entire head at once rather than drying section by section.

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To Brush Or Not

Although most blow drying instructions suggest that after hair is towel blotted, prepped with the appropriate styling products, detangled and then separated into sections, it should be dried with a 100% boar bristle round, vent or flat brush.

Blow out stylists recommend dumping the brush completely.  They suggest using fingers and pulling them through damp strands starting at the roots.  After pulling hair through tresses from the roots to the ends, hold individual sections tautly out to one side and continue to direct air up or down the strand. 

Even the smallest round or flat brush can't get as close to the roots and strands as the fingers and if any moisture remains in the hair, it can cause the hair to ultimately frizz.

By pulling hair tautly out a few inches and holding it while using the dryer to direct air to the crown or down the shaft,


How do hairstylists become skilled at blowouts?  It's a make or break hair styling skill which requires lots of practice on both mannequin and volunteer heads.  Learning to do a great blow out is key to a long and successful career as a hairstylist.

A great blowout is so important because when done properly, they can last several days, if not an entire week.  Also, the blowout is the perfect opportunity for a hairstylist to build a bond with their client.   It also gives the hairstylist the opportunity to share styling tools the client can do at home.

The perfect blowout can make any hair client look polished.  A bad blowout is very disappointing.

Original Publication Date:  05/16/12 - Revised Publication Date:  05/18/12

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