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Dermalogica® Launches UltraCalming™ System For Sensitized Skin

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Revised Date:  07/06/10 - Original Publication Date: 07/06/07


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What good are products that treat half the problem?

Dermalogica, the skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, raised this question when new research revealed more than one contributing factor behind sensitized skin.

This finding inspired UltraCalming™, a complete system to help manage the multiple causes behind sensitized, inflamed skin, which can stem from a genetic predisposition towards sensitivity or as a result from environmental assaults.

It’s a hostile world, and the effects of stress, pollution, climatic extremes, medical procedures and even the foods we eat reflect on our skin.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 50% of the American population claim skin sensitivity based upon itching, redness, heat, stinging and dryness – symptoms of sensitized skin that can lead to premature aging.

Sensitized skin may stem from inflammatory responses along with a compromised epidermal barrier. These inflammatory responses include:

Immunogenic inflammation: When skin is under assault, localized skin cells are alerted and activated to fight off the “invader.” This allergic reaction in skin triggers redness, soreness, and itchiness.

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Neurogenic inflammation: Whereas immunogenic inflammation is triggered by the immune system, neurogenic inflammation is triggered by the nervous system.

When an irritant chemical activates nerve sensors, it results in the release of substances that also trigger the inflammatory cascade, resulting in redness, soreness and itchiness.

The good news is that sensitized skin can be treated. The bad news is that, left untreated, the skin’s response can actually result in permanent cellular damage, which can lead to serious skin conditions and premature aging.

All five UltraCalming™ products feature the highly-effective, proprietary UltraCalming™ Complex. This multi-benefit complex includes active ingredients that mediate immunogenic and neurogenic inflammatory triggers for immediate and long-term relief of inflamed, sensitized skin.

It also includes botanicals and peptides that help mimic skin’s natural protective barrier, helping to strengthen skin cell structure against water loss and defend against dehydration-induced sensitization.

True to Dermalogica formulation standards, all UltraCalming™ products are free of known sensitizers like artificial fragrances and dyes, and tackle the challenges of treating sensitized, highly-reactive and recently resurfaced skin.

About Dermalogica®:

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Dermalogica® revolutionized the skin care industry when it emerged into the marketplace in 1986 with innovative formulations, which excluded common irritants, including SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and artificial colors and fragrances.

Jane Wurwand developed the products to better support the advanced curriculum she had developed a few years earlier for The International Dermal Institute, which she also founded.

Beginning with Dermal Clay Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Skin Smoothing Cream and Skin Prep Scrub, which remain among the company’s top-sellers today, Wurwand led the company’s growth from an idea to the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand.

Dermalogica® products are only available in select skin treatment centers on the recommendation of a qualified professional skin therapist in addition to the brand’s concept spaces in Santa Monica, CA; New York, NY; London, England; Berlin, Germany; Auckland, New Zealand; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Mumbai, India.

Dermalogica® is made in the USA, with its global operations based in Carson, just south of Los Angeles.

To learn more about Dermalogica® and the brand’s concept spaces, please visit

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Original Publication Date: 11/13/07 - Revised Date:  07/14/10

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