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Flowing Hippie Hair - How To Create The Hairstyle

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Flowing Hippie Hair - 
					How To Create The Hairstyle JulietteLewis-5

Image of Juliette Lewis
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Flowing hippie hair at the height of the hippie movement was characterized by long hair with a part right down the middle of the scalp. 

Flowing tresses cascaded down past the shoulders onto the wearer's natural texture, whether it was bone straight or undulating into beautiful wave patterns.

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Hippie Hair is sometimes referred to as Wild Child hair. 

Over the years the wild child/hippie hair look has been adopted by a wide range of celebrities like Juliette Lewis, models and fashionistas.

Flowing Hippie Hair - How to create the look

Whether you decide to start with newly cleansed tresses or day old strands, you will need the proper styling products and hot irons to get the modern Hippie Hair look.

Follow the tips below on damp, towel blotted strands:

1. Detangle strands using a wide tooth comb and separate tresses into 2-3 inch sections.
2. Prep hair with desired styling cocktail of defrisant, leave-in conditioner and styling cream or gel.
3. Spray hair with the thermal protectant of your choice.
4. Spritz strands with a sea spray product to amp up natural waves and texture.
5. Blow dry hair with a long finger diffuser
6.  Use your fingers to encourage natural movement.
7.  Section hair at the nape of the neck into 1" thick sections. 

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Flowing Hippie Hair - 
					How To Create The Hairstyle JulietteLewis-6

Image of Juliette Lewis
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8.  Use a medium barrel iron and run it through the hair in a vertical direction trying to keep the hair straight.  Be careful not to bevel the ends as you iron.  The goal is to create a natural bend.
9.  Continue working from the nape of the neck up to the top of the roots. 
10.  When you've finished ironing your entire head allow it to cool completely.
11.  Bend over at the waist and use your fingers to shake and tousle.
12.  Bend back and arrange hair into desired wave patterns.
13.  Add a tiny drop of shine serum to the palms of your hands and lightly brush over the top of your tresses.  For extra hold spray with a light holding hairspray.
14. To add additional crunchiness spritz with your favorite sea spray product to finish.

Hippie Waves Au Natural

If you want to skip the hot tools and create au natural wavy styles you can opt for braiding your damp tresses.  Depending on the number and tightness of the ultimate waves will determine the placement of your braids. 

Shampoo or wet down your tresses with a water bottle.  For extra hold apply a styling cocktail including leave-in conditioners, defrisant and styling gel, wax, cream or similar product.

Use a wide tooth comb to section hair according to desired braid placement.  Braid hair and tie off with hair friendly elastics.  Allow hair to air dry and then release the hair from the braids when it's completely dry.

Flowing Hippie Hair - 
					How To Create The Hairstyle JulietteLewis-7

Image of Juliette Lewis
All Rights Reserved

Deploy fingers to tousle and arrange the waves in your desired style.

Add Or Subtract A Range Of Fringes

To alter the traditional hippie center parted hairstyle consider adding side-swept or blunt cut bangs.  If you don't like the center part, consider trying out a variety of side or off-center versions. 


If you want to totally rock your wild child hippie style waves you can embellish with a wild head band in a range of motifs worn around the top of your head. 

For a totally authentic look, opt for a tie-dyed version of the headband and don't forget to accessorize with peace signs

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Flowing Hippie Hair - 
					How To Create The Hairstyle
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