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Janine Jarman On Shear Genius - Season Three - Makeover Challenge

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Revised Publication Date: 04/19/11


Janine Jarman On Shear Genius - 
					Season Three - Makeover Challenge JanineJarmon10

Janine Jarman
Shear Genius
Season 3
Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved


Shear Genius is an American based reality television series on Bravo which focuses on hair styling.  The show first premiered on April 11, 2007.

Tonight (February 3rd, 2010) was the premiere of Shear Genius - Season Three.

The basis of the show is pitting hair contestants against each other to create the best hair style.  The contestants are usually restricted in time, materials, and theme. Their hair designs are judged with one or more stylists are eliminated each week, until the winner is determined.

I'm really excited about this season because one of my Hollywood hair idols, Janine Jarman is one of the 12 hairdressers competing for the grand prize of $100,000.

Even more importantly, Janine has the background to do kick some serious hair butt.  Although she is a gorgeous brunette, don't let that fool you.

Janine is an Aries who alternates between being the biggest hearted hairdresser in LA to being fantastic a makeovers.

First Competition - Transform Hair Models From Punk To Polished

In fact, when I interviewed Janine in the past she admitted doing makeovers were her biggest talent.

Imagine my glee when the very first competition on the first show of the third season was a makeover.  As one of the other contestants, Brig, put it, the models for the makeover had "hair crying for help."  Brig fairly described the hair models as having hair that was "flammable, it's lethal, it's quite atrocious."

Indeed, new host, model Camilla Alves said "as you can see, all of your clients have their own unique style.  The hair was big, pink, white and black and crazy.

Janine Speaks For The First Time

Janine Jarman On Shear Genius - 
					Season Three - Makeover Challenge Janine'sMakeoverClient1

From Punk To Polished
First Challenge
Shear Genius
Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved


After Camilla told the 12 Shear Genius contestants "it's your job to take your clients from Punk to Polished" Janine told the camera "I do a lot of that kind of clientele in Hollywood."

Janine said "I'm Janine Jarman and I'm 28 years old and I'm from Los Angeles, California.  At 24 I opened my own salon in the heart of Hollywood (Cuenga Canyon area).  I'm here to get a job done and I'm here to win."

My thoughts?  Go Janine.  I am rooting for her and I hope everyone will see how fantastic Janine really is.

Two Hours For The Transformation

Camilla announced that the contestants had two hours to transform their clients into polished looks.   The key was someone with high fashion and glamour.

Jonathan Antin, the new judge for Season Three told the contestants he would be judging them on three things including technical creativity and the overall transformation of the clients.

The clients were assigned by picking random red scissor boxes.  Janine got #3.  Her client had black spiked hair.

Jonathan Antin said "your challenge begins now and a clock started counting down on the wall as the contestants started working.

Continued below ↓

Working With Glue

Janine Jarman On Shear Genius - 
					Season Three - Makeover Challenge JanineJarmon2

Janine Jarmon
(Front & Center)
Shear Genius
Season 3
Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved


Janine was filmed with her client at the shampoo bowl.  Janine asked "what's in your hair?"  The model said "glue, Elmer's Glue".

Indeed, Janine's model had gigantic spikes shooting out from all angles of her head.  Her hair was black and brown.   Janine laughed and said "oh my goodness."

Janine told the camera "I told her I wanted to create a cut bob with a heavy fringe.  Really classy and beautiful.  And she was 'alright, lets do it.' Janine asked her client "do you have curly hair naturally?"  Her model said "yes".

Janine said "she has the curliest, thickest hair I have ever seen."

Janine told her client "thank you for leaning, because I'm short."  Janine told the camera "I was like yeahhhh and then it was like oh crap."

Jonathan warned the contestant "OK, you have one hour."

Jonathan stopped and talked to Janine and he said "your stripping and you're going to fill and deposit?"  Janine shook her head "yep" and Jonathan said "this is like a triple process color, like a three step color."  Janine agreed "yep" as she continued to blow dry her client.  Janine said "that's why I'm hurrying."  Jonathan "you have a lot of work to do.

Janine was finishing and she said "time was running out so I just took my scissors and cut around it."  The camera caught Janine cutting around the edges with a skillful movement.  Impressive.  Janine said "I didn't know what else to do."

Janine Jarman On Shear Genius - 
					Season Three - Makeover Challenge MakeoverMode1A

From Punk To Polished
First Challenge
Shear Genius
Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved


Although Janine did a beautiful job considering she started with a head of super curly hair full of Elmer Glue, some of the other contestants, Jon, 38, from Nashville, Tennessee did not agree.   At least not verbally.  Jon did speak his opinion.

Off camera Jon said about Janine's makeover "it looked like a brown speed racer helmet to me."

Jonathan said "I was watching you work.  I like where you were going in the middle.  But then, you know, if you look at her bangs, there's some edging and some lines in there.  You know, that angle on a bob, is death."

Jonathan took a comb and demonstrated the edges on the bangs he was referring to and the lines.

Bottom Three Makeover Contestants

When it came time for the announcement of the top three and the bottom three, Janine found herself in the bottom three.

Jonathan said "Janine, your cut definitely left something to be desired.  And your finishing was not clean or polished."  Janine shook her head and was silent, but she handled the criticism with class and dignity.  I was impressed.

Janine said "it was the most awkward feeling I ever felt. I've always been top of the game.  That has to have been one of the first times I was a standout loser."

Janine Jarman On Shear Genius - 
					Season Three - Makeover Challenge JanineJarmon2

Janine Jarmon (Front/Center
Shear Genius Contestant
Season 3
Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved


Jonathan said "OK, so now we get to the fun part.  I made my decision of the top three."

The "mean judge" named Amy, Giacomo, and Brian as the top three in the contest.  The winner of the competition was Amy.


The first Makeover Challenge was very telling and a good kickoff competition for the beginning of the season.

It will be interesting to see how all of the competitors grow through each week's competitions.

In the meantime, everyone at is voting for Janine Jarman.

Be sure to tune in and watch all the competitors as they progress through out the Season.

Never fear for Janine.  She redeemed herself in spades in the next competition, which I will be covering as well with Before and After photos.  Janine is a star and you must watch her.  Be sure to tune into Shear Genius on Bravo/TV every week on Wednesday evenings.

Check your local TV listings for the time or watch online at

Although Shear Genius has appeared in Brazil and China during 2011, there has been no announcements about a Shear Genius - Season 4 in the United States as of this date.

Original Publication Date:  1/26/10 - Revised Publication Date:  04/19/11

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