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Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser On Fire

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Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire UrsulaStephen

Ursula Stephen
Pictured With Rihanna
InStyle Magazine Photo Shoot

Ursula Stephen is a celebrity hairdresser on fire for many reasons.

In 2006 when Ursula Stephen and superstar Robyn Rihanna Fenty came together in a right-place-right-time professional collaboration, the results were literally explosive.

The Bajan (pronounced BAY-jan) Beauty had been pigeon-holed by her record label as the cute beach girl with long caramel waves, posing on the cover of her first CD, Music of the Sun.

Rihanna At 2006 Billboard Awards

At the 2006 Billboard Awards Rihanna honored the pretty, but sexy, beach girl image by sparkling in a little white Zac Posen dress framed by long shiny tresses cascading down to her tush.

While she loved her long hair, Rihanna didn't want to be just another pretty girl with gorgeous hair and a one name handle.  She wanted to be much more. 

The talented singer from Barbados was being compared to Beyonce. She didn't want to be just another copycat.

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna011A

2006 Billboard Music Awards
Press Room

Without her label's prior knowledge or approval, a rebellious Rihanna enlisted the help of Ursula to chop off her long locks, dying them a deep raven black. 

The radical hair transformation took place in Rihanna's LA hotel room before she was set to pose for her next CD cover.

In an act of true celebrity hairdresser/client collaboration, when Rihanna expressed her desire to adopt an edgy version of Charlize Theron in the film, Aeon Flux, Ursula took the scissors and ran with them, in a manner of speaking.

Rihanna's Edgy Bad Girl Hairstyles

Ursula, noted in her circle as a talented visionary image maker, took Rihanna's ideas of how she wanted to change her image and made it a reality.

The Billboard Music Award winner was transformed in whiplash speed from the good little girl from Barbados, to an International singing phenomena, with an edgy "bad girl" look. 

The sizzling new transformation was courtesy of Ursula's scissors and hair color wizardry.

The Rihanna Bob

The hair make-over made Rihanna instantly stand out as an artist, and it helped to seal Ursula's budding reputation as a world class celebrity stylist and makeover maven.

After her drastic haircut Rihanna went on to shoot the cover for Good Girl Gone Bad and the Rihanna Bob, cut and custom colored by Ursula, instantly became a major new hair craze.  The cut will live on forever in the "hot hair" category in the history books. 

Ursula explained "the response to that first Rihanna Bob was completely unexpected."  Even more surprising, photos of Rihanna in her new Bob were literally "plastered everywhere."   It was "totally crazy", but in a very good way.

Rihanna + Ursula - A Match Made In Hair Heaven

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_JIM_8576

2007 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Awards Party
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Ursula and Rihanna met when Ursula was asked, last minute, to fill in styling the beautiful Barbadian's hair on a leg of a performance tour.

The celebrity hairdresser was thrilled by her stroke of luck.  She jumped at the opportunity. 

Their meeting, according to Ursula, "was love at first sight."  The twosome were immediately "comfortable collaborating" on all of the R&B star's wide range of spectacular hairstyles.

Ursula, who had fifteen years of hairdressing expertise under her belt at the time of her meeting with the rising Pop star, was a great match for Rihanna. 

Explaining their hair collaboration Ursula said "Rihanna had lots of great ideas about how to transform her image through her hair."  The music star "continues to communicate her hair thoughts" with Ursula.

Since that first major career changing chop, Ursula has created several additional hairstyles for the dance-pop queen.  Rihanna's edgy hairstyles made her the girl-to-watch for the latest hairstyles and fashions. 

As a result of her success with Rihanna, Ursula became the go-to makeover hairdresser who has transformed several other big name celebrity heads.

Besides their love of collaborating on sizzling new hair styles, the pair shares a mutual "love of fashion."

Rihanna adores wearing an array of stunning new fashions. Ursula "receives her hairstyling inspiration from different textures, cuts and shapes, which blow open her creative juices."

Ursula - Fulfilling Her Destiny

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_JIM_9372

Nickelodeon's 20th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

While Rihanna was busy fulfilling her dreams as a world renowned singing superstar, Ursula was realizing the fruits of so many years working behind the chair as a hairdresser.

The Scorpio from Brooklyn knew from an early age she "wanted to work with hair."

She used to love to play with her mother's long hair as she was growing up.

The beginning of her hairdressing career stemmed from advice provided to her mother from her mom's long term hairstylist back in Brooklyn, New York, where she was born. 

Cosmetology School During High School

Her mom requested help in finding Ursula a high school with an in-house cosmetology program. 

Once a list of schools were located, Ursula and her mom set to work picking a school for the budding young hairdresser to attend.

The determined Ursula had her heart set on one particular school. The Fates were again smiling because she was accepted at the school she really wanted to attend.

Ursula "loved attending Cosmo school at the same time she attended high school."  Laughing, she admitted, "she hated math" all through" Junior High School." 

She "knew studying hair would be much more to her liking."  She was absolutely correct in her analysis.

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_JIM_9348

Nickelodeon's 20th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

By the time she graduated from high school Ursula "was ready to start her hairdresser career." 

She confessed "she felt very blessed" by all the events that transpired making it possible for her to find a great school. 

Developing Trusted Friends

Ursula felt "so lucky to be ale to get her hairdresser training during high school" and not have to "go to beauty school afterwards."

She confided "over the years many hairdressers" have told her how "envious they were they she was able to go to Cosmo school during her high school curriculum."

Another blessing, Ursula shared, came to her in the form "of her cosmetology teacher" who was not only a really great teacher, but "became a trusted friend" and gave "her lots of great advice and guidance." 

In particular, Ursula's Cosmo teacher encouraged her and the other students "to attend hair shows."

At those shows Ursula got a glimpse of all the possibilities the hair world could offer her. 

She was fascinated by the platform artists and their amazing skills. Working in print, on the Red Carpet or other celebrity hair events became a dream she set her mind towards manifesting.

Starting Her Hairdressing Career

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna__JIM_4531

2007 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals

As soon as Ursula was out of school and got her hair license, she was chomping at the bit to work as a full time hairdresser. 

She immediately got a job at a "neighborhood salon in Brooklyn", near where she grew up, and went about the business of "building a solid hair clientele."

An extremely hard worker, Ursula is dedicated to giving her clients "her very best" at all times. 

As a result of her positive attitude, hard work, loyalty to her clients and her hairstyling skills, she soon built a very large book of business. 

As her hair business grew she eventually found herself doing "as many as twenty heads in an average day."

That is an astounding number of hair clients.  Laughing, Ursula agreed.  She also commented how much "she loved all of her clients and doing their hair."

A lot of her very first hair clients stayed with her until she stopped working behind the chair in a salon in order to go on the road as a free lance hairdresser.

Ursula pushed herself very hard to constantly improve her knowledge of the hair trade and did everything from cuts, color and styling to weaves, extensions and wigs. 

Every new hair challenge helped to make her an even better hairdresser.

Chasing Her Dream Of Being A Celebrity Hairdresser

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihannaparty0041

2007 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals

Although there was an element of luck for Ursula in connecting with Rihanna, she knew from those days in school attending hair shows that she wanted to break into working with music or other stars.

She mentioned catching a glimpse of celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves at a hair show (Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson) and wanting to stop and chat with him.  Unfortunately he was "surrounded by people" and she could not get to him. 

She told me he has been one of the celebrity hairdressers "she looked up to" because of his career successes.

After working hard for close to ten years in a salon setting, she decided to spread her wings and start trying to get jobs doing print and related jobs. 

Although she continued to work with as many of her original hair clients as possible, she became a free lancer putting the word out she was available for work in the entertainment business.

Like everything else she does in her life, the dedicated hairdresser made phone calls and sent out inquiries for jobs working with musicians or in print. 

All of her work paid off although she shared how long it took her to get to the right people to make some of her jobs happen.

Electricity Gone Wrong In Paris

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihannaparty0045A

Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad" Album Release Party

I asked Ursula if she had encountered any crazy hair experiences during her travels with her celebrities. 

She laughed and told me she had a "strange hair styling experience in Paris."

The first time she traveled to Paris to do hair she "didn't realize the electricity was so much different" than it is in the US.  As a result, she "wasn't prepared with the right type of adapters for her blow dryers or other hot tools."

As usual, she was doing Rihanna's hair in her hotel room, but "none of the hot hair irons would work."  It took her a few minutes to figure out what was happening.  She "realized the electricity in the room was not working with her hot tools."

In a moment of pure genius Ursula looked over at the roaring fireplace and "realized the fireplace" was filled with "little stones" she could use to create her own personal version "of an old fashioned oven" like the ones once used to heat up hot irons before the introduction of electricity.

She proceed to heat up all her various iron by layering them with the little stones from the fireplace. Ursula then went on her merry way creating her usual incredible hairstyles. 

Using the fireplace was a little bit awkward and "it took a little longer to get the irons to the heat."  However, Ursula was not stopped achieving the hair results she wanted and she had a happy ending.

Laughing about the experience in Paris she said now she "is always very careful to pack all the appropriate converters?  She knows "just in case" the adapters malfunction and there is a fireplace in the room, she always has a good "backup plan."

When I pressed Ursula for other "hair war stories" she laughed and promised she would keep me in mind for any others that develop in the future.

Rihanna's Hair Secrets

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_090988

2007 MTV
Video Music Awards Arrivals

I asked Ursula to fill me in on Rihanna's hair type and texture.

She told me "Rihanna's hair is naturally kinky curly and requires chemical treatments to get it sleek and straight for her edgy short hairstyles."

Before she relaxes Rihanna's hair she "always pre-treats it with a good conditioner to keep it soft and damage free."  Ursula said the superstar's hair "relaxes beautifully."

She also "colors Rihanna's hair" with "semi-permanent color" to protect against damage.  She is currently using two gorgeous shades of color from Sebastian she mixed together for her current stunning hue. 

Rihanna's current colors are Beautiful Brown plus Black Orchid.  The end result is a gorgeous deep blue black shade which makes Rihanna's eyes pop. 

Ursula noted "the downside to using semi-perm color is that it starts to fade after just 3-4 weeks.  At that point she needs "to redo it to keep it rich and glossy looking."

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_090992

2007 MTV
Video Music Awards Arrivals

Since Rihanna and Ursula started working together, Ursula has done the majority of Rihanna's hair styling duties. 

She's always searching for ways to "change up Rihanna's hair", but unfortunately so many people are still "stuck on that original Rihanna Bob."

Because Rihanna's hair is chemically relaxed and colored, Ursula takes special precautions to protect it from any heat styling she might do.  She always uses "a really good leave-in conditioner to prevent frizz" of any kind.

Although she uses a variety of products on the star's hair, she really "likes the Bedhead products.  She loves Manipulator from TIGI."

Rihanna - From Long & Brown To Short & Blue Black

When Ursula first met Rihanna, the star's tresses were a soft brown and long. 

Since that auspicious beginning, Ursula and Rihanna has worked in harmony to change everything about Rihanna's hair from the length and the color to the style.

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_JS020908-362

2008 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Awards Party

Ursula explained "Rihanna is very adventurous, very open, when it comes to her hair." 

She likes to "change up her hairstyles from the length and cut to the color."  Rihanna loves "to go darker and try new accent colors."

Since 2006 when they started working together Ursula has created a wide range of hair designs for Rihanna.  The looks include incorporating extensions, wigs, braids and weaves.

In the process of working with Rihanna, Ursula has traveled all over the world to support her famous client for photo shoots, performances and Red Carpets. 

When we chatted the last time she was getting ready to go to Europe for three weeks, starting out in Poland. 

Although traveling keeps her extremely busy, she still "always goes home to Brooklyn" when she's not working with Rihanna or one of her other celebrity clients. 

She no longer has time to go into the salon, but whenever she can, she squeezes in some of her long term clients.

The Rigors Of Being On The Road

I asked Ursula what it was like working with Rihanna. She obviously loves working with the superstar although it means she is constantly traveling and is crazy busy. I asked if she was having a hard time handling all the hours working and being on the road?

She wisely answered "you commit to whatever job you are doing and you give it your very best." 

Ursula also noted "we are never given more than we can ever really handle."  Regardless whether she is doing more or less work, she just "flows with whatever needs to be done."

When I asked how she was sleeping she chuckled and said "not so well sometimes" but it's "just part of the job of traveling with celebrities."

The Importance Of Basking In A New Look

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_JS020908-358

2007 MTV
Video Music Awards Arrivals

After the first Rihanna Bob was created and was such a huge success, the superstar was chomping at the bit to quickly go with another new hair look because she was so thrilled with all the media attention.

Ursula explained she "convinced Rihanna to wait a little while and get as much mileage as possible out of the Bob hairstyle."

If she "changed it too quickly" Rihanna wouldn't get maximum media attention from the original style.

Rihanna agreed to "wait for awhile before moving to the next hairstyle", which was eventually a short chop, which like the first Bob, also sent the media into a frenzy. 

Two Dramatic Hair Cuts

In between the two dramatic cuts, Ursula changed up the original Bob by adding subtle highlights, applying some edgy layering and using different textures.

With her second much shorter cut, Ursula played with different parts, directing the hair up and off  Rihanna's forehead as well as building a great full side-swept look.

Ursula creates different hairstyles which work with Rihanna's planned fashions or events. She noted "Rihanna is very trusting" of how Ursula does her hair.

The duo continue to discuss all the different options for styles. Rihanna always provides ongoing feedback such as "I like that or not."

Short Hair Is Where It's At

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_OS4Y4465

In Press Room at
2008 Grammy Awards
Los Angeles, CA

Ursula believes "short hair is where its at" for the present time. 

She believes it's very popular and will continue to grow in popularity, partially because of Rihanna. 

She noted "people have fallen in love with her various short cuts, but also because it is up and coming plus so much can be done with it."

When short hair is cut correctly, Ursula contends it "can be very sleek and can offer a lot of different styling and color options."

A Taste Of The Celebrity Hairstyle Life

The spunky Ursula made the decision recently to sign with an agency (MEGA Management in New York) to help manage her career, which is literally on fire.

Ursula's on fire for all the hair work she's done for Rihanna, Keyshia Cole and Saleisha Stowers (America's Next Top Model Winner). 

She has been called upon to provide expert styling tips for InStyle, Essence, Us Weekly and People Magazine. 

Her new publicist, Troy Monaco is fielding non-stop requests for Ursula's time and a wide range of bookings.

Dream Hair Clients

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_OS4Y2176

2008 Grammy Awards Arrivals

I asked Ursula if she had any potential "dream celebrity clients", other than her current batch, whom she loves working with, that she might like to work with down the road.

She thought for a few minutes and then provided me with an interesting list.

Ursula replied she "would love to work with actress Jennifer Garner who she loved on Alias."  She said Jennifer is "so gorgeous" and "looks so great in messy buns."

In addition, she would also "love to work with Miley Cyrus because she is really pretty and she would love to do a makeover with her."

The blonde and beautiful Jenny McCarthy is another head Ursula would love to work with. 

She noted "Jenny is so hot and has an amazing hairstyle" she would love to get her hands into.

Other dream clients would include "Serena Williams, Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Hudson, Joy Bryant,  and Renee Zellwegger" because Ursula "would love trying new styles on Renee's current short crop."

Ursula's Recommended Products

Ursula was so great to chat with.  She has an amazing sense of humor and had me laughing throughout our conversation. 

I asked her what she would recommend hair consumers do to make sure they achieve the same great hairstyles as her famous celebrity clients? 

She commented how important it is to "use the right hair care products to make sure you can achieve consistently great results for any cut or style."

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_KidsChoiceAwds198

2008 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards

Of course "starting with a great haircut is the first step" to a fierce hairstyle but "maintenance is also very important."

Ursula's hairstyling philosophy, "is true whether you're a big name celebrity or an everyday hair consumer."

Ursula is a big fan of conditioning because it adds lots of shine and helps keep damage from hot styling at bay. She's a "fan of curling waxes and likes Elasta QP and Ojon Oil."

Keeping her celebrities looking polished is important and she likes both products for a very polished finish.  As a deep conditioner, Ursula likes "the results of creamy, dense conditioners like that of Bed Head from TIGI." 

She loves her GHD flat iron, because she "travels overseas a lot and it is dual-voltage, which saves her from any more iron-in-the-fireplace adventures."

In addition, she because she has to re-heat the tresses of her clients many times during the course of a day, she like the FHI Hot Sauce because it's "great for creating heat."

Ursula's Thoughts On Weaves & Wigs

In her work with celebrities, Ursula is often required to work with hair extensions, wigs, weaves and different types of braids. 

We discussed micro braids and cornrows and she mentioned playing around with a few different braiding styles with Rihanna.

I asked her whether she worked with human hair or synthetic.  She told me the type of hair she uses "depends on what look you're going after."  

What you do with the extensions or the weave after it's in is just as crucial as choosing the right type of hair. "Too much hair will look fake, like a wig."

Ursula pointed out  "every weave needs to be shaped according to a number of variables including head size and face shape."

Hard Working Celebrity Stylist

Ursula Stephen - Celebrity Hairdresser 
					Fire Rihanna_KidsChoiceAwds204

2008 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards

Ursula Stephen is bright, funny and full of life. She's one of the hardest working celebrity stylists I've ever had the chance to interview. 

Ursula has a great attitude. She doesn't hesitate to mention how blessed she feels and appreciative of the opportunities she's been given. I must confess, I enjoyed every single minute of our 45+ minute phone chat.

Even though she was very busy getting ready to jet off to Praque in Poland for a whirlwind work schedule with Rihanna, she was very patient. 

Ursula took the time to thoughtfully answer all my questions and discuss her work with Rihanna as well as her other celebrity clients.

Summary - Ursula Stephen

What's next for this incredibly talented lady?  The sky's the limit.

Expect to see Ursula rise to the very top of the pinnacle of success. 

Besides the media buzz she's created for her work with Rihanna, Ursula has made news creating fabulous styles for Michelle Williams (of Destiny's Child). 

 She's also been featured in Heart & Soul Magazine and Essence Magazine for the May 2008 Issue.

Expect to see Ursula Stephen wherever you look over the next few months.  She's out there and doing what she does best - great celebrity hairstyles.

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