René Furterer Hair Care & Styling Product Articles

René Furterer Hair Care
& Styling Product Articles

Revised:  02/04/12

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René Furterer - "A healthy scalp is the secret to beautiful hair." Treat Your Hair To Magnificent Care With René Furterer.

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Easy Fixes For Fried Hair - Summer is prime time for too much sun and surf for your delicate tresses.  Check out the symptoms and the cures including several René Furterer products.

Read our latest hair care product review. René Furterer's Fioravanti Gel defrisant is simply amazing at busting frizz.

Celebrity Hair: Emma Watson's Hair Evolution - Steal Her Hairstyle.  Check out the hair evolution of Harry Potter's female witch co-star including how to use some René Furterer products.

Celebrity Hair: Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky - Steal Her HairStyle. Nikki Blonsky is the new Hollywood It Girl for her role in the highly anticipated HairSpray movie. Steal her hairstyle with René Furterer products

Celebrity Hairstyle: Leslie Mann's Lush Locks On Knocked Up - Steal Leslie's hairstyle with Rene Furterer Products.

Check Post-Cannes Tresses Into Hair Rehab w/ Rene Furterer Apres-Soleil Suncare

Celebrity Hair: Reese Witherspoon Heavenly Style - Steal Reese Witherspoon's Heavenly Hairstyle with Rene Furterer Products.  In this article Karen tells you more about Reese's diving hair and which products you can use to steal her look.

Rene Russo's Red Hair Heats Up The Thomas Crown Affair - Read about Rene's stunning red hair and how it was created.  Check out the reference to Rene Furterer color protection shampoo and conditioning products

Short Hair: Beveled Bob - Read about this gorgeous short bob that is always in fashion.  Check out how to use the great Rene Furterer Products when creating and styling this fantastic Short Hair Cut.

History Of Rene Furterer Hair Care Products - Read the history or this great hair care line.

Glorious Gray, White or Silver Tresses - Check out this article about how to have glorious gray, white or silver strands.  Be sure to check out the Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver Shampoo which was specifically formulated to restructure, protect and gently wash white hair while neutralizing yellow and other dulling tones.

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