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Ken Paves

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Don't forget to visit Ken's Healthy Hair page in the Marketplace which features all of Ken's fabulous products.  Our favorites?  All of them. Founder Karen Shelton uses the healthy hair boost up drops (platinum) on her long blonde hair with a special fondness for the ken paves healthy hair daily conditioner.

She also hoards the Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shaping Finishing Spray  and claims it is even better than L'Oreal's Elnett.  Karen has a private stash in her office - but we know where it is....shssss...don't tell.

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To visit Ken Paves Salon - Beverly Hills:

Ken Paves Salon
409 N Robertson Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90048
(310) 499-7122
Advance Appointments required.

Ken Paves is winning accolades for his brand new healthy hair line.  The line includes the sizzling boost up color drops available in a wide range of colors.  The entire Ken Paves healthy hair line is available at in the Marketplace.

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Ken Paves Created Nelly Furtado’s Big Bang Ponytailed Hairstyle At AMAs

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Sophina Brown Natural Curls: Steal Her Hairstyle - Find out how to use the Ken Paves Boost Up Color Drops to adds richness to your hair color like Sophina Brown.

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Ken Paves

Image by Trae Patton
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Ken Paves appeared on Bravo Network's Shear Genius - Episode 105 - "The Competition Gets Hairy".  This episode where Ken appeared as a Celebrity Hairstylist and judge was shown on May 9 on Bravo (10-11 ET)

Known for styling the locks of rock and celebrity royalty, Ken Paves appeared on the show to critique the remaining stylists. Ken Paves, the magical fingers behind some of Hollywood's hottest stars like Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria, was a guest judge on Bravo's "Shear Genius."

"'Shear Genius' helps all of us remember why we wanted to be hairdressers. I believe hairstyling is like any other art, subject to intention and interpretation," said Paves. "I was impressed by the sense of individuality and dedication that each stylist displayed."

Ken Paves: The Man Behind The Celebrity Hairdresser's Chair

Helen (Mom) Paves &
Ken Paves

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Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves pops in with his latest hair scoops on Jennifer Lopez at the recent ACE Awards in New York.  Steal her style.

Ken Paves created The Broadway Bob for Ashlee Simpson's recent appearance at the New York celebration for the musical Chicago.  Steal her look.

10/10/06 Last week Ken Paves had the official opening of his Beverly Hills Salon. We caught up with Ken for all the inside scoops on the event.

10/08/06 Bid on a Complete Hair Makeover from Ken Paves for Charity.  Auction closes on 10/10/06.

Jessica Simpson's Hair Truths & The Beauty Beneath - Karen Shelton shares her very private experiences with Jessica & her hairdresser - Ken Paves.

Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson

Courtesy of MMI Mags - All Rights Reserved

Ken Paves - King Of Hair - Ken Paves is truly a king of the hair world.  Read about his work here.

Helen Paves - The Woman Behind Celebrity Hairdresser
Ken Paves! Meet the fabulous woman who stands behind Ken Paves and provides tremendous support and enthusiasm.

Getting To The Roots Of Hair Guru Ken Paves! Karen shares her observations of this famous celebrity hairdresser after four years of studying him.

Ken Paves' Beverly Hills Hair Salon - Take a peek into this exquisite French country inspired world class salon.

Hair Extensions: Channeling Jessica Simpson - Ken is famous for his hair extension work with Jessica.

Ken Paves:  Hair Trends 2006 - Ken gives his thoughts on upcoming hair trends for 2006.

Ken Paves:  Jessica Simpson Sizzling Red Hair - Jessica goes red and Ken provides her hairstyling secrets.

Ken Paves: Making Of A Celebrity Hair Superstar! What is he really like?  Ken is first and foremost a brilliantly creative artist whose canvas just happens to be hair. What drives this man?  He is driven by his need to help all of his clients, whether Hollywood stars or housewives, release their true inner beauty. He wants women to love themselves and to feel pretty and happy.

Ken Paves Hair Articles

Ken Paves: Bringing Hollywood Home - Celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves brings Hollywood home to Clinton Township, Michigan.

Celebrity Hair Secrets - Insider celebrity hair secrets from Ken Paves.

Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves & Celebrity Stylist Jessica Pasteur

Ken Paves:  Celebrity Hair Scoops - Scoops on Ken's hair work with Jessica, Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Applegate, Nancy O'Dell, Celine Dion, Ashlee Simpson, Minnie Driver, Kirsten Dunst, Lara Flynn Boyle, Calista Flockhard, Victoria Principle, Marley Shelton, Heather Locklear, Carmen Diaz and Lucy Liu to name just a few of the many stellar strands he has transformed over the past few years.

Hair Extensions: Channeling Jessica Simpson - Ken is famous for his hair extension work with Jessica.

Ken Paves:  Hairless In LA

Ken Paves:  Hairless In LA

Ken Paves:  Hollywood Hair Happenings

Ken Paves Hair Care Line - Information on the Ken Paves hair care line Paves Professional Products

Ashlee Simpson: Hair From Heaven - Ken provides a behind the scenes look at Ashlee's latest haircut and her work on TV's popular 7th Heaven.

Ken Paves: Hair Master Behind Jessica Simpson

Ashlee Simpson's Hair Light & Dark:  Ken's insight into Ashlee's color change from light to dark in her own bathroom.

Celebrity Hair: Ashlee Simpson Platinum Blonde - Ken shares insights into Ashlee's platinum blonde tresses.

Christina Applegate - Stellar Cosmo Hair - Ken's behind the scenes look at Christina's hair for her Cosmopolitan cover.

Christina Applegate:  Emmy Award Style- Ken Paves provides details of Christina's Emmy Winning Style.

Christina Applegate: Tousled Curls - Ken's how to duplicate Christina's tousled curly style.

Ken Paves On Eva Longoria's Style - Ken shares secrets of Eva's hairstyles.

Eva Longoria:  Evolution Of A Movie Star! Ken Paves reports on Eva's many hairstyle changes at the 2006 ALMA Awards.

Eva Longoria:  Golden Globes Hairdo - Ken talks about how he created Eva's gorgeous Golden Globes hairstyle.

Ken Paves: Hairless In LA - A peek into Ken's whirlwind celebrity hairdressing life.

Lara Flynn Boyle: The Missing Angel - Ken's work with longtime client Lara Flynn Boyle.

Marley Shelton:  Uptown Girl With Funk Ken Paves shares his hairstyling tips on long time client Marley Shelton.

Nancy O'Dell - Access Hollywood Hair

Ken Paves: Viva Las Vegas - Ken Paves reports on his work with Celine Dion for her famous Las Vegal show.

The Gorgeous Simpson Sisters:  Jessica & Ashlee - Hair Scoops From Ken Paves - Ken Paves shares hairstyling tips of his favorite celebrity sisters.

Jessica Simpson's Mane Man - Ken's hair history with Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson - Intentional Dark Hair Roots! Ken explains the wisdom behind's Jessica's hair roots.

Carmen Electra's Hot New Layered Style - Ken gives the latest hair scoop on Carmen's layered hairstyle.

Carmen Electra: Short Hair Fallacy - Ken shares the truth about Carmen's hair length.

Hair Tip: Paulina Rubio - Glossy Curls - Ken provides inside details on Paulina's tresses.

Quick & Easy, Down & Dirty Updos: 10 Ways To Cheat - Ken shares some styling tips.

Secrets To Adding Bangs - Ken shares secrets about hair fringes.

Ken Paves: Jessica Simpson's Wedding Hair - Ken Paves is featured in Jessica's best selling book about the incredible hairstyle he created for her wedding.

Ken Paves Article News

May 1, 2006 People Magazine

According to People Magazine - on April 15, 2006 Ken Paves coiffed Brittany Murphy who was providing vocals on Paul Oakenfeld's - Faster Kill Pussycat dance CD.  Brittany not only provided sultry songs, she appeared in the video.  Observers noted that the blonde Brittany strongly resembled Jessica Simpson -2004 style. 

Ken Paves Article Links

Ken Paves - Hollywood Hair - Read more about Ken on

Ken Paves - Movie Credits - If you look hard you may spot Ken Paves in the movie The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez.  Check out his many credits on

Ken Paves Interview With CNN - Ken was interviewed in 2002 by CNN about the celebrity hair that he was creating for The Golden Globes.

Ken's fabulousFlawless Convertible Proof Firm Hold Repairing Hair Spray was featured in the October 2005 of InStyle Magazine.  We love the products so much that we order them by the pallets. 

For more info on Ken's Paves Professional line of hair care call toll free (in the United States) at 1-866-469-4247 or visit on on-line store at

Ken Paves:  Renaissance Man - WWD Salon Article - September 2006

Ken Paves - Wikipedia - Brief bio of Ken Paves.

Ken Paves Hair Care Line

Don't forget to visit the Paves Professional Page in the Marketplace which features all of Ken's fabulous products.  Our favorites?  All of them. Founder Karen Shelton uses the Paves Professional products on her long hair with a special fondness (along with Jessica Simpson) for the Red Carpet Mousse, Deep Repairing Conditioning Cream and In The Spotlight Shine Serum

She also hoards the Convertible Proof Hairspray and claims it is even better than L'Oreal's Elnett.  She has a private stash in her office - but we know where it is....shssss...don't tell.

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