The Short Hair Diva

The Short Hair Diva

Author: The Short Hair Diva

Date: May 2000


.........never underestimate the power of great accessories with short hair styles! Since your ears are showing anyway, jazz them up with a pair of big gold hoops, or dazzler dangles, clusters of pearls, eye-catching amethyst leverbacks, whatever. 

Short hair also means that your neck is on display, so feel free to put on one of the many styles of chokers. 

Do you have an antique garnet drop necklace your grandmother left you? Put it on with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans! If you own a few strands of pearls, double them up for a multi-stack look.

The possibilities are endless with short hair! Keep watching for new tips!

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Ask The Diva.......


Dear Diva,

My guy Frank is pressuring me to grow my hair long.  I don't have a problem with long hair but my hair is very short now and I don't know what to do.  Should I bite the bullet and take on the Goldilocks Lock for the future?

Help me Diva!



Darling Jane,

Is your man pressuring you to grow your hair long because he just looooooves long hair on women? 

Go buy a long-haired wig, giftwrap it, and have it sent to the S.O.B. If he likes it that much, he can keep on his desk, or wear it himself.

Hugs & Kisses,

The Diva


Dearest Diva,

I have a great new short do.  However, I have a hard time keeping it from wilting at parties.  Any suggestions that will keep my hair looking fresh but not like a helmet head? 

Thank you.



Connie Darling,

To keep your short hairstyle fresh wherever you go, keep a purse-sized bottle of your favorite spritz or spray handy. It also makes a great jerk-repellant at parties for when you want to leave your pepper-spray at home.

Love & Air Kisses,

The Diva


Dearest Diva,

I got my hair cut short and now I am sooooo bored.  I don't know what to do with it.  I have only one look that I can do and that is is.  Help me please.




Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,

Do you think you’re stuck with one look with short hair? Wrong, wrong, wrong! You can achieve many new looks by artfully using a few tricks. 

Depending on your own hair length, try some of these favorites of mine: 

        Using a strong-holding gel, take a small amount between thumb and forefinger. Use the gel to spike up tiny sections of hair.

        Try the same technique using glitter gel.

        Get some tiny colored elastics and make tiny “tails” wherever you like (check out Sharon Stone’s hair in “The Muse!”)

        Use small interesting hair clips—like butterflies—to pinch small sections of hair here and there.

        Try out some hair jewels—sprinkle them throughout your hair.

        Pick up a tube of hair mascara and go to town making streaks of colors (be sure you get temporary coloring!) throughout your hair, or just around the face.

        Use a strong-holding gel, and slick the hair straight back. Put on some drop-dead glamorous necklace and/or earrings.

        If you usually air dry your hair, blow dry it.

        If you usually blow dry your hair, let it air dry.

Be creative! Have fun!

Bah Bye,
The Diva


Dearest Diva,

I really like my new 2000 version of the shag look.  However, my stylist says that I have to come in and have it shaped and trimmed up ever 4 weeks.  What a hassle of time and money.

Do you think I really have to go that often to have my short do kept in shape.  I was hoping I would only have to go every 8-10 weeks to keep the look.




Jennifer My Sweet,

Short hair requires frequent salon visits to keep it in shape. Depending on how fast your hair grows, get it trimmed regularly--anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. 

Don’t allow a good style to go droopy, lank, or haywire; it does more than make your hair look bad, it makes your whole appearance look bad.

Do yourself a favor and bring your calendar in with you on your next salon visit, and set up your appointments for the rest of the year. Doing this will also help you avoid the dreaded my-stylist-is-on-vacation-and-I-didn’t-know-she-was-going syndrome. 

Efficiency counts!

The Divine Diva


Dearest Diva,

I have a short Pixie do.  My boyfriend thinks that I should focus more attention on my makeup.  Except that I never wear ANY.  So what do I do?  I am not sure if I should just slap on some lipcolor or what?

Any thoughts?




Short hair styles automatically call more attention to the face, so make sure it’s presentable. If you wear makeup, be sure that you take the necessary time to put it on right (don’t worry—once you get your routine going, you’ll take 5 minutes to do what used to take you 20). Also, watch those eyebrows, even if you have bangs. Keep them trimmed and/or plucked so they look tidy.

You’d be astounded at the difference a little blush and mascara can make to your whole appearance. Take the time to consult with an expert if you have questions about what kind of makeup to wear or how to wear it. Short hair can draw wonderful attention to your features, so make them count!

Air Kisses,
The Diva

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