White Hair Is Not An Age

White Hair Is Not An Age

Author: The Short Hair Diva

Date: July 2002


Hello, darlings!! The Diva understands that life changes often bring a transformation to your hair hues.  One day you may find yourself staring back at a snowy white halo in your mirror.  Have no fear.  Embrace this fabulous new opportunity to embark on a new advantage with your own personal style and fashion signature. After all, La Liz proudly displayed her gorgeous newly snowy locks after her brain surgery.  If a movie star like Elizabeth Taylor can flaunt her beautiful natural haircolor, why not you?

Here’s a simple tip: white hair can be incredibly beautiful on a woman at any age. Do NOT make the mistake of rushing for the nearest hair color to hide a gorgeous shade from nature.

If you must color remember to always choose a hue that brings out the beautiful you. 

Babycakes, rejoice with a head of beautiful snow white and think about how much money starlets have had to lavish on their colorists to even get close to what you can flaunt naturally.  White hair is just a hue, it is not a statement about your age or who you are.

Some definite DO’S: 

1)     Invest in the best haircolorist you can find.  Whether you embrace your gorgeous diamond hue or not, you will need to make sure you have the best hair care products to nurture your hair. 

2)     White hair can sometimes take on a yellow or other tinge.  Investigate color shampoos like Mine Blue Monday and Aveda Blue Malva that are specifically designed to enhance beautiful white tones.

3)  Remember that hair acts as a frame for your face. White hair is a neutral color that does not provide a solid frame and can make your face look too hard or too soft. Compensate with spectacular make-up.

4)     Get a professional makeup consultation and learn how to play up your face to offset your white hair.

5)     Play up your lovely eyes and your fabulous lips.  

6)     Choose bright shades for your lips but keep away from the shocking tones that will brand you a GenXer wannabe.

7)     Re-evaluate your wardrobe and work with your favorite salesperson or personal shopper to add new colors that will enhance your hue.

Some definite DON’TS: 

1)   Avoid yellow tones for your makeup or hair selections. Stick with soft pink or pink based tones. Remember to think soft.

2)   Don't overdo color or blush.  Keep in mind that the contrast between a ruby or bright blush color will be too severe right next to your white strands.

3)     Forget colorful eye shadow and focus on great mascara instead.  

4)     Work close to your eye and never extend beyond or you may find yourself featured in an unflattering photo essay about Blue Eye shadow and other no-nos.

5)     Don't color your white hair at home, at least the first time.  You may wind up looking like a bad imitation of Cruella De Vil. 

So, sweetums, that’s it—remember this parting thought—  nothing makes white hair look more spectacular than a fabulous faux fur.  

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