Winter Blah's

Winter Blah's

Author: The Short Hair Diva

Date: January 2005


Darlings, what on earth is worse than the winter blahs? The only thing worse is not having some ideas to fight the winter blahs, and fortunately for you, dears, you have ME to help. 

Let’s start, as always, from the top down. If you haven’t already, it’s time to set up an appointment with the best hair stylist you can afford. Get rid of the split ends, the so-so color, the can’t-make-up-your-mind streaks, the listless style—it’s time to shine! So, first on your list should seeing your stylist. Go in armed with some ideas (and pictures, best of all) you think would work for you, as well as ideas for new color or high/low-lights. I cannot stress enough how important this is: if your HAIR looks good, YOU will, as well. 

Moving on down from your hair, nothing sets off that new ‘do like great makeup and jewelry. Be sure that your hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry is flattering to your facial shape. To determine your facial shape, pull your hair back and completely off your face. Take a good, long look. Does your face resemble a heart, a square, an oval, or is it round? Although there are many resources to help you make the most of your facial shape, here are the Diva’s basic face shape tips: 

        For a heart-shaped face, you may want to go with a hairstyle that fills in around your jawline, like a casual flip. Add bangs if you want to draw more attention to your eyes.

        For a square face, you can round out the angularity with a softer hairstyle. Loose curls, for example, are a nice touch, as are wispy side tendrils.

        For an oval face, the world is pretty much your oyster. The oval is a perfect showcase for nearly every type of hair style, long or short. Some suggestions: an asymetrical wedge cut, a shattered shag, or fingerwaves.

        For a round face, you may want to give it some definition. Try bangs to cut down the overall round effect, or “C” curls in front of your ears. 

Now, let’s talk makeup. Winter time is always a good time to try out new looks and new directions. If you’ve been sticking with the same-old, same-old makeup choices, then it’s time to mix it up.

Do yourself a huge favor and get yourself to the makeup counter at one of the malls. During this time of year, they are likely to offer free makeovers to push their cosmetics. Take advantage of an experienced eye with regard to your makeup, but be aware that they will be trying to sell you each and every product they put on your face.

Learn from what they show you, and of course treat yourself to some fab new products. (Darling, it’s tacky not to buy SOMETHING after they have worked on you!) But remember that you can probably still use some of your own makeup. Just pay close attention to the tips they show you.

On to jewelry. The Diva does so love jewelry! But again, go back to the lesson of facial shapes. For example, if your face is round, and you love big, round hoop earrings, you may want to choose a thinner, more airy-looking hoop. It won’t accentuate the roundness the way great, big, heavy, solid hoops may.  

Remember that pearls, unlike diamonds, can be a girl’s best friend when it comes to their unique ability to reflect soft, flattering light. Especially in the wintertime, when skin is subject to dry air and lack of sunlight, a pair of pearl earrings can do wonders for your complexion. And nothing is more ladylike, yet so subtly sexy, as pearls. And don’t just stop at earrings—go for an elegant string of them at your collarbone, or dripping luxuriantly into your cleavage.  

Now, all that said, let’s take another leap of faith and go on to your closet. We won’t get into fashion here, but the Diva knows from experience that over the holidays closets get neglected. Take your fabulous new hairdo, makeup, and jewelry right into the closet and start organizing. Some of the Diva’s favorite tips for “closet surgery” are these: 

        If you haven’t worn it in a year, you won’t. Period. The end. Sell it or give it away.

        If it was an expensive gift and you hated it when you got it, you aren’t going to like it any better now. Appreciate the gesture, but you are under no obligation to keep something you neither like nor wear.

        If you find you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, you need to seriously weed out the things you don’t wear.

        If you can’t get your beloved, worn-for-years leather shoes cleaned and repaired, toss them. Nothing looks worse than tatty shoes. Trust me—it doesn’t matter how much you paid for them, either. All people will see is worn-out, scuffed footwear.

        And here’s the most brutal tip of all: by the time you lose the weight you need to in order to get back into that size 3 pink suede mini, it will be so far out of style you’ll look like an old drag queen. Be who and what size you are. Treat yourself to a few really nice pieces—they’ll make the rest of your clothes look fabulous. Besides, size does not matter; the fit does! 

So that’s it, dears. Take some well-deserved time to send those winter blahs packing. This is the time of year we all need a lift! 

Love from your one and only Diva!

To say the least, it did not a pleasant evening make! Evidently, the Diva is not the only person out there who has questions about hair behavior or hair situations. The following are some of the Diva’s actual emails regarding hair behavior:


What’s in YOUR Wallet?

“Dear Diva, 

My husband is an idiot. He absolutely loves those stupid barbarian-hordes-storming-the-malls “What’s in YOUR wallet?” credit card TV ads. He thinks the long-haired savage look is totally cool, and until now was content to simply enjoy them on TV. 

But no more. He has long graying (and rapidly thinning) hair he normally wears in a neat ponytail, but apparently lost his mind over the weekend with his drinking buddies. He came home with his long hair down, sporting literally dozens of doo-dads hot-glued onto the ends of his hair. The least offensive object was a child’s blue plastic marble ponytail-holder. The most offensive was a cut-off blonde Barbie doll head. His friends decided that they needed to adopt the barbarian horde look, starting with him. 

Now, the man works from home, so an office dress code isn’t a problem. MY problem is that he looks ridiculous! And of course now that he has sobered up, he isn’t all that crazy about dragging all that stuff around in his hair. He put me up to writing to you to get your advice. 

Thanks for any help you can offer.


"I Married An Idiot”


Dear IMAI, 

You’d like my advice? Here you are: offer your husband one of two options: a major haircut or a divorce. (I won’t even tell you what I think of a grown man acting this way!!)  

It’s clearly time for him to put away such silliness and get a man’s haircut. 


The Diva

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