388 Great Hairstyles

Author: Karen Marie Shelton
Book Reviewer

388 Great Hairstyles

388 Great Hairstyles

by Margit Rudiger, Renate Von Samson

Reviewed  May 1998
Review Updated: 3/29/01

This book by Margit Rudiger and Renate von Samson is hot off the presses. It has a publication date of May 1998. How much hotter can you get considering I am writing this review on May 29th, 1998? This is one of those great books that both women and men will love. The women will love it because of the 388 different hairstyle ideas that are beautifully presented. The men will love this book because of all the gorgeous hair that is so beautifully presented. In a lot of ways, this books has so many gorgeous color photographs that is should be classified as an art book rather than a hair book. I can only imagine the major effort that went into this wonderful book.

This book is totally devoted to hair styles. The book has short, medium and long hair styles.  Since Hair Boutique has a special interest in long hair, I have to report that this wonderful book has over 40 different pages of glorious color photographs dedicated to long hair styles.  The models are stunning and I am amazed that the authors of this book were able to find so many beautiful long haired models. Don't get me wrong, the short and medium hair styles that are presented are just as impressive.   Since I have long hair, I always check that out first.

There are literally hundreds of photographs of all three lengths and every imaginable hair color. The title of this book is 388 Hair Styles and there are literally 388 different styles presented. Yes, I counted. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that Hair Boutique doesn't have permission to post some of the photographs that are included. There is an incredible style on page 95 where spiral curlers have been used to turn bangs and hair at the temples into a sexy romantic veil of soft curls.  Hair is braided softly in the back. My mouth was hanging open. Of course I will be trying this amazing style for my next formal hairstyle.

This book is stuffed with ideas for braids, twists, updos, straight shiny long dos and super curly dos. Page 75 has a wonderful double knot where different sections of waist length hair is knotted together and twisted together. It is a style I have never seen before and I have literally thumbed through hundreds of hair magazines over the past 10 years.

Some of the hottest sexiest styles I have ever seen are on page 69 for short evening looks.  I will be ready for next year's prom season with some of these short ideas. This book has hair styles that I have never seen before in my life. All three lengths are evenly represented. In all fairness I have to warn you that this book follows the industry trend of defining long hair as above the waist. I did not find a single long hair style that was longer than about bra length.  I did try several of the styles on my tush length hair and they worked fine. I really loved the twisted knot look on page 75 and I did several of the updos. The instructions are somewhat abbreviated but the photos are pretty clear. I need to warn you to buy this book as soon as possible. In 10 years I have only found a handful of hair books that are well illustrated, beautiful, practical and worth every penny.  Hair books like 388 Great Hairstyles will probably disappear way too fast from the bookstore shelves.  I plan on buying several to keep in my library.

This is the book that will give you new ideas when you are bored with your hair and has every type of look for every type of hair. Do I sound blown away by this book? I am. I think I need to write Margit and Renate a fan letter. If you love beautiful hair you will love this book. I promise.

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Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Sterling (June 30, 1998)
ISBN: 0806994010

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